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Chapter 1119: Giant Centipede

Those yellow centipedes were all distributed on the periphery of the battlefield, condensing a giant yellow s.h.i.+eld that surrounded all the black centipedes and the human cultivators inside. It seemed to be preventing the human cultivators from escaping. The yellow halos on the horns would launch yellow crystal silks at the human cultivators inside the light s.h.i.+eld.

If those human race cultivators were accidentally entangled in the yellow crystal silks, although they would not suffer any injuries, their movements would be greatly affected.

In addition, this giant yellow s.h.i.+eld could seem to absorb the natural spirit. The spirit inside the light s.h.i.+eld was decreasing quickly at an alarming speed.

“It turns out that the source of the fluctuations comes from these yellow centipedes.”

At this moment, Liu Ming had already hid his aura with Che Huan Totem. He was surprised by the situation in front.

The black centipedes rushed toward the human cultivators at a very agile speed and used the sharp claws and mouthparts that spat the green corrosive liquid to attack them.

Compared with the densely packed giant centipedes, the human cultivators appear to be much fewer. There were only about 40 of them.

Everyone was dressed in gray with a gray cloth belt tied to their foreheads. At the moment, they were surrounding a 30 meters tall gray stone pillar.

A lifelike lizard pattern was engraved on the stone pillar.

A white-haired old man in a gray robe was floating above the stone pillar. He constantly launched symbols into the stone pillar, and circles of gray ripples spread out and shrouded the human cultivators.

Under the gray ripples, everyone was covered with a faint gray light. It should be some kind of mystic art that enhanced defense.

Huh? Totem mystic art!”

Liu Ming glanced at the gray stone pillar in surprise.

The old man in a gray robe was around the Real Pellet State intermediate stage. He was obviously the leader of this group of cultivators. In addition, there were 5 Crystallization Period cultivators, and the rest were Condensation Period cultivators.

Among the human cultivators, most people had several bulging cloth bags around their waists. They took out handfuls of gray sand from the bags and condensed sharp cones or other weapons to fight the black centipedes.

In addition, there were 8 burly Condensation Period physique cultivators wielding a pair of iron fists with gauntlets and launching gray fist forces to stop the black centipede from approaching.

Liu Ming observed for a while, and he couldn’t help but feel a little surprised.

The black centipedes were about the Condensation Period, but the weapons condensed by these gray sand could only leave shadow white marks on their carapaces or knock them away without doing any damage.

Only 5 of the Crystallization Period cultivators were able to break through their defenses and kill them completely.

In comparison, the melee combat attacks of the 8 low rank physique cultivators were more effective. The fist force could crush the black centipede into meat paste.

It was just that the number of physique cultivators was too small, and their cultivation was too low to play a big role.

In addition, these black centipedes were extremely agile. When they found that they were no match for these physique cultivators, they switched their targets to the other cultivators.

In addition, Liu Ming also found that the injured black centipedes would also brutally devour other immobile and more severely injured ones. After swallowing, they not only recovered their injuries, but they also became more ferocious. Their aura was also stronger after devouring.

As the spirit inside the light s.h.i.+eld continued to decrease, the attack of the human cultivators became weaker and weaker. Several cultivators died in the blink of an eye, but the number of black centipedes was only reduced by 20%.

Fortunately, those black centipedes would be slowed greatly after getting into the range of the gray stone pilar’s ripples, so the human cultivator would not be completely defeated for a while.

“Elder Qin, we have been trapped here for almost half a day. Our several attempts to break through also failed. Now that the spirit is getting thinner, I’m afraid we won’t be able to survive long.”

It was a young man with thick eyebrows at the Crystallization Period who spoke. He held a small gray triangular flag in his hand, and gray sand mist constantly came from his waist bag and condensed into dense gray sand.

Although these sand arrows were not weak and could directly penetrate the hard carapace of the black centipede, most of them were dodged.

“We can only defend as long as we can. Once we are separated, I’m afraid we will die faster. These insects are somewhat similar to the army of mortals. They have great cooperation. We won’t have the chance to break through.” The white-haired old man in a gray robe said.

As he launched symbols into the stone pillar, he released Divine Thought to keep an eye on the battlefield. Once a human cultivator was in danger, he would launch a gray chakram to help.

However, even as the Real Pellet State powerhouse, with such frequent attacks, he also gradually became tired.

“Fortunately, with the blessing of Elder Qin’s Sand G.o.d Totem, we can still have a chance to stand here and talk, but these low rank disciples have already exhausted in both spiritual power and physical strength. I’m afraid they won’t survive long!”

Beside the young man with thick eyebrows, another Crystallization Period woman in a gray robe said with a gloomy face while channeling a green hourgla.s.s spiritual weapon.

“Elder Qin, it’s better to distribute those upper grade spirit stones that should be s.h.i.+pped to the Alliance, then we can maybe survive for a while. If we can survive until someone comes, maybe we can still be saved.” The young man with thick eyebrows suddenly said so.

“You’re right! If we die here, these spirit stones can’t be delivered to the Alliance too.” The old man in a gray robe frowned at first, but after thinking about it, he sighed and raised one hand. Several bags of spirit stones were dispatched to the 5 Crystallization Period cultivators around the stone pillar.

Those Crystallization Period cultivators each took a bag and quickly distributed the upper grade spirit stones to the surrounding low rank disciples.

Immediately, everyone held an upper grade spirit stone in their hands to replenish the exhausted spiritual power.

Under the supply of these spirit stones, everyone’s morale had been boosted. In a short period of time, it seemed that these centipedes wouldn’t be able to break through the defense of the human.

“Totem art, could this be… the southern wilderness! But even in the southern wilderness, I have never seen such strange insects before.”

Just as these people were discussing, Liu Ming was also in a state of uncertainty. He was considering whether to help, but the next moment, he glanced at the side of the yellow centipedes.

At this moment, a spiritual pressure that was stronger than the Real Pellet State old man burst out below the yellow centipedes.

With a loud noise, the ground over there split apart. A long black shadow jumped out of the fissure.

Liu Ming squinted!

It was actually a giant black centipede-like insect that was more than 30 meters long. It looked roughly similar to the rest of the black centipede, but its head had a distorted human face!

This giant insect had a dark carapace all over its body and emitted a circle of black halo. As soon as it appeared, the yellow centipedes around seemed to be greatly impacted, and they took a few steps back.

“Kill, kill… kill them all!”

The human face of the giant black centipede shouted a human language that was not very fluent, then it slashed forward with 2 rows of sharp claws.

In an instant, a loud whistle sounded!

Dozens of dense black wind blades were launched toward the human cultivators. The black centipedes that couldn’t dodge in time were slashed in half.

The old man in a gray robe was shocked to see this. He hurriedly changed gestures. Ripples from the gray stone pillar stopped and turned into a giant gray sand s.h.i.+eld.

After a burst of m.u.f.fled rattling sounds, the gray sand s.h.i.+eld was breached. The dense wind blades immediately surged in.

In an instant, screams came one after another!

How could the human cultivator at the Condensation State resist the piercing attacks of these black wind blades? They were all slashed into pieces after the black light flashed past.

The initially crumbling human defense formation immediately collapsed.

The remaining 20 or so Condensation State human cultivators were terrified. They didn’t care about resisting any further and fled in all directions. Even the five Crystallization Period cultivators were no exception!

In the blink of an eye, only the gray stone pillar was left in the middle and the old man in a gray robe was floating above.

Naturally, the black centipedes wouldn’t let these human cultivators leave.

For a time, there was a series of miserable screams.

Half of the remaining 20 or so Condensation State cultivators were drowned in the menacing army of black centipedes in the blink of an eye.

The old man in a gray robe in mid-air looked dreadfully pale, but he quickly chanted and launched a series of symbols into the stone pillar.

After the loud rumbling, the stone pillar suddenly rose from the ground. A lifelike giant lizard phantasm emerged from it. It spouted a gray light, wrapped the old man and rushed far away!

After the young man with thick eyebrows at the Crystallization Period repelled several giant black centipedes, he threw the triangular flag forward and uttered the word ‘blast’.

With a loud noise, a mushroom-shaped gray light cl.u.s.ter emerged, shrouding the dozen giant black centipedes.

Immediately afterward, he released a silver flying boat and flew in the other direction.

The other 4 Crystallization Period cultivators also rushed out of the siege by self-destructing their spiritual weapons. Many giant black centipedes and giant yellow insects were chasing after them.

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