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Chapter 1120: Crush

The remaining low rank cultivators were not so lucky. Although they wanted to try to channel their spiritual weapons to escape, the black human-faced giant centipede had already rushed over and spurted green gas at them.

The sizzling sounds came one after another!

Before those low rank cultivators had time to run out of the green gas, they all wailed and melted away.

The woman in the gray robe at the Crystallization Period was a little slow. The purple spiritual gourd had lost spirituality when contacting this green gas. She fell straight from the air.

Before she could use another spiritual weapon, a dozen yellow crystal silks had entangled her.

Seeing this, the nearby black centipedes swarmed and swallowed her before she could even scream.

After the human-faced giant centipede did all this, it looked at the distant horizon with a ferocious gaze.

That was where the Real Pellet State, the old man in a gray robe, fled. The lizard phantasm had already turned into a gray light, followed by numerous black and yellow lights, but there was some distance between them.


The giant human-faced worm roared wildly in the sky, then it bent and bounced off the ground, chasing the old man in a gray robe.

The speed was as fast as lightning, much faster than the old man in a gray robe!

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s heart moved. He also turned into a black light and followed up.

As a result, not long after he left, there was a horrific squeaking sound from the hills miles away.

Immediately afterward, the yellow and black giant centipedes that were several times more swarmed out from the rolling hills in the distance. The number was so huge that it could cover the sun

At the front, the 3 giant silver centipedes of300 meters tall had reached the Celestial State!

In the distance, the old man in a gray robe found the giant human-faced black centipede getting closer and closer behind him, and he was horrified.

Judging from this speed, within 10 minutes, he would be caught up!

The old man in a gray robe made up his mind and stopped. He turned around and spurted a small cauldron that was wrapped in silver flames. It became house-sized instantly.

The old man in a gray robe waved 1 hand and turned the cauldron immediately turned upside down, and a gray sand mist rumbled out of it.


As the old man grunted, the sand in the sky quickly condensed into 20 gray boulders the size of grinding discs and arranged into a giant stone array in the air.

As soon as the stone array appeared, the human-faced black centipede was already a few hundred meters within the old man. It was still charging viciously.

A hint of surprise flashed in the old man in a gray robe’s eyes. He didn’t expect this human-faced giant centipede to be so vicious. He hurriedly made a gesture!

A loud rumble!

More than 20 gray boulders connected to each other in mid-air, turning into a gray stone puppet of 30 meters high. It waved both fists at the menacing centipede.

A deafening noise came!

The gray stone puppet couldn’t damage the giant centipede at all. Instead, under the black flames of the giant centipedes, the giant fists shattered inch by inch. Then, the giant centipede rushed through the chest of the stone puppet and shattered it.

A humming sound!

The human-faced black centipede slammed into the giant silver cauldron with rolling black flames, knocking the giant cauldron into the old man in a gray robe chest.

After making a m.u.f.fled groan, the old man in a gray robe stumbled and flew back, spurting blood along the way. He seemed seriously injured.

After the human-faced centipede succeeded, it let out a giggling laughter, then it rushed forward, wanting to tear the old man in a gray robe into pieces!

The old man in a gray robe was extremely weak in aura. Although he made gestures quickly and channeled the silver cauldron again, there was still a hint of despair in his eyes.

At this moment, a few hundred meters away, a burst of purple sword lights came from the swarm of black and yellow centipedes.

Amidst the crackling sounds, nearly a hundred black and yellow centipedes were turned into dust in the crisscrossing sword lights.

The human-faced black centipede turned around with a murderous glance.

At this time, under the flash of purple sword light across the sky, 36 purple sword lights emerged and converged into a purple flying sword.

A figure shrouded in black air appeared in a flash, stepping on the purple flying sword, then the person shot toward the giant human-faced centipede at a high speed.

The human-faced black centipede flicked its body and released black flames, then it went at the purple flying sword in a black light stream.

There was a loud earth-shattering noise!

Under the impact of the black light stream, the purple flying sword was reflected away.

The black light faded, revealing the ferocious human-faced black centipede. The next moment, the giant centipede suddenly turned around with a distorted face!

A black figure emerged behind it with a fluctuation, then a fist wrapped in black air smashed on the human-faced black centipede, and a fist filled with black energy smashed onto the huge body of the giant human-faced worm at an incredible speed.

A loud bang!

The human-faced black centipede was thrown back 30 meters by the fist. The black carapace was deeply dented, and strands of gray blood ooze out.

Before it could react, a figure faded out elusively amidst a whistle sound, then another fist with black air came.


The human-faced black centipede roared strangely, and the black flames all over its body turned into a substantial black s.h.i.+eld.

Bang“, the fist landed on the s.h.i.+eld, causing it to tremble with brilliance. White cracks appeared on the surface instantly, but the attack was blocked.

The figure seemed to have expected it. He barraged the black s.h.i.+eld with both fists.

This black figure was naturally Liu Ming!

After practicing h.e.l.l Bone Secret, his physical body was already extremely tough. When he formed the real pellet last time, his body was even reshaped by the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder. Now, regardless of speed and strength, they had reached a shocking level. Even the high rank physique cultivator was no match with him.

As the dull impacts sounded, the black s.h.i.+eld collapsed after just 2 seconds.

The human-faced black centipede showed a hint of horror, then it gave up defending and swiped toward Liu Ming with the 2 rows of sharp claws.

“Court death!”

Liu Ming sneered, then he disappeared in a flash.

After the human-faced black centipede missed the swipe, it changed direction and swiped behind.

A few tearing sounds!

A black figure was pierced by the claw lights, but the figure turned into thin air. It turned out to be just an afterimage.

At this moment, a burst of tiger roars came from above the human-faced black centipede.

Liu Ming appeared and launched a house-size black tiger head phantasm below.


The human-faced black centipede burst out blood mist under the hit. It fell heavily into the ground, stirring up circles of yellow dust.

Liu Ming flicked the sleeve and blew away the yellow dust. The situation below was immediately seen clearly.

The headless corpse twitched on the ground a few times before dying completely.

Liu Ming didn’t say much. He slapped his shoulder, then a green bull phantasm emerged in mid-air.

The green bull phantasm seemed extremely excited. It couldn’t wait to spit out a green air, wrapping the headless corpse and swallowing it.

The green bull phantasm smacked its tongue after that as if it wasn’t enough. After shaking a few times, it only dissi[ated into green light dots.

From the appearance of Liu Ming to the killing of the Real Pellet State human-faced black centipede with terrifying defense, it took only 8 seconds. Without using any magic weapon, he crushed it into a meat paste with bare fists. The old man in a gray robe who had regained his posture was a little stunned.

“Since sir is fine, let’s get out of here first. More insects are coming from behind.” Liu Ming glanced at the old man in a gray robe and said calmly.

“You are right. I’m very familiar with the environment here, so let me lead the way.” The old man in a gray robe only came back to his senses and said with great joy.

“Your internal organs and aura must have been injured by the black centipede just now. Why not take my flying boat.” Seeing this, Liu Ming released a white jade boat and leaped up.

“Since it’s sir’s invitation, then thank you for that!” There was a hint of hesitation in the old man in a gray robe’s eyes, but when he thought of the strength that the other party had just displayed, he immediately cupped his fist to thank and landed on the flying boat.

Liu Ming did not say anything else. After launching a few symbols at the jade boat, it dashed forward.

TL: Black centipede, didn’t Liu Ming face similar creature before? The h.e.l.lish-insect? Aren’t they from a different realm.

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