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Chapter 1121: Chedi Mountain

Above the flying boat, Liu Ming stood with his hands behind his back and released Divine Thought to investigate the situation within a radius of hundreds of miles.

Speaking of which, he always felt that the giant centipede he had just encountered was a little familiar. It seemed to be somewhat similar to the h.e.l.lish-Insect Clan monster among the 3 monsters he had seen at the Tianmen Convention.

According to Ye Jiong from the Nature Work Sect, the h.e.l.lish-Insect Clan was not from the Middle Sky Continent race, but some kind of powerful alien race in another plane.

However, based on appearance alone, he still couldn’t be sure that these centipedes were really the h.e.l.lish-Insect Clan. If that so, it would be a bit terrible.

Thinking of this, Liu Ming’s face became uncertain.

In the corner of the flying boat, the old man in a gray robe who was by rescued Liu Ming didn’t say a word. He couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy.

This was the southern wilderness, and Liu Ming’s dress didn’t look like a cultivator in the southern wilderness. He didn’t know what the purpose of saving him.

Just when the old man in a gray robe was hesitating, Liu Ming finally stepped down from the front deck of the flying boat and asked indifferently,

“Looking at your dress, you should be a member of a sect, right?”

“Senior is right. I’m Qin Yifan, the elder of the Sand Morph Sect in this southern wilderness. May I know senior’s name!” The old man in a gray robe hurriedly answered while cupping his fist.

With the strength that Liu Ming previously demonstrated, the old man felt awe in his mind.

“Sand Morph Sect? I’m Liu Ming, Taiqing Sect.” Liu Ming replied with a slight smile.

“It turns out that sir is from the Taiqing Sect, 1 of the 4 ancient sects. No wonder you have such astounding strength! Thanks for saving my life.” The old man in a gray robe heard Liu Ming say “Taiqing Sect” 2 words, and he nodded in amazement.

“I came to this southern wilderness to travel this time. Speaking of which, how did you encounter these monsters here?” Liu Ming laughed, then he changed the topic.

Haiz, I received an order from the sect to take some of my disciples to the Chedi Mountain to join others, but I didn’t expect to be besieged on the way.” The old man in a gray robe said with a sad expression.

“Chedi Mountain!”

Hearing this, Liu Ming’s eyes flashed. Although he was not familiar with the southern wilderness, he had stayed here for decades. He still knew a little about most places in the southern wilderness.

Chedi Mountain was a large sect in the middle of the southern wilderness- the location of Chedi Sect. The mountain was surrounded on both sides with steep terrain. It was easy to defend and difficult to attack. A rare treasure land in the entire southern wilderness area. It was also the center of the entire southern wilderness.

“I have been to the southern wilderness many times in the past, but I have never seen and heard of these giant centipede-like insects. Where do they come from?” Liu Ming asked solemnly.

“It seems that sir has just arrived this place. These insects don’t belong to the southern wilderness at all, but they came out of the s.p.a.ce fissure in a desert in the southern wilderness not long ago. They are extremely ferocious. Whether it is human cultivator or beastkin cultivator, they are all dead when encountering them. Several major forces in the southern wilderness suffer heavy losses, and many of the smaller tribes and sects were directly extinct almost instantly.” The old man in a gray robe did not dare to hide anything from Liu Ming.

“Although these giant insects are not weak, the leader is only at the Real Pellet State. Wouldn’t it be too absurd if it can wipe out an entire sect?” Liu Ming was shocked and couldn’t believe it.

“Sir doesn’t know that the species of giant insects are far from what you have seen before, and the number should be calculated in millions. There are even more powerful giant insects, which are unstoppable by ordinary tribes and sects. This time, we rushed to Chedi Mountain under the order of the great elder in my sect. A few Celestial State cultivators there were gathering people from all forces to discuss a countermeasure. The disciples I brought were all dead, so I really have no face to report this news to my sect master. If sir can come with me, our force will be benefited from it. In addition, except a few areas, these strange insects are wrecking havoc in most of the other places. Even if sir has outstanding skills, you may still be in danger.” The old man in a gray robe sighed a few words, and he suddenly changed the topic.

Hearing this, Liu Ming pondered.

He had no intention of getting involved in the southern wilderness affairs, but Chedi Mountain happened to be on the only way back to the Taiqing Sect, and he was also somewhat interested in this kind of centipede monster. With his current strength, as long as he didn’t encounter an overpowered enemy, he was confident to escape from it.

The old man in a gray robe was a little uneasy.

After all, he failed to complete his mission, so he would be punished when he returned. If he could get a Taiqing Sect’s powerhouse like Liu Ming to join, his merits and demerits would be even.

“Well, since that’s the case, I’ll follow you.” Liu Ming finally nodded.

When the old man heard the words, he was naturally overjoyed. Compliments came out of his mouth continuously.

However, Liu Ming just smiled slightly, then he changed gestures slightly. After the Daiyue Jade Boat changed direction slightly, it rushed in the direction of Chedi mountain.

Half a month later, on the endless southern wilderness plain, Liu Ming stood at the front of the flying boat and looked out.

A towering giant peak in front gradually became clear. On both sides of the peak was a continuous low mountain range.

Looking from a distance, near the giant peak, escape lights of various colors were busy entering and exiting. On the platform of the mountainside, crowds of people with different costumes gathered densely. At first glance, there were at least tens of thousands of people.

Liu Ming had only seen such a spectacular scene once or twice during the Taiqing Sect’s conference. From this point of view, this giant insect invasion was indeed no trivial matter.

Not long after, the Daiyue Jade Boat reached a hundred meters in front of the mountain and stopped.

There were boulders piled up on the mountain platform in front. On both sides of the boulders, the southern wilderness cultivators in the same costume were standing neatly. These cultivators had red sharp blades in their hands and were standing there with serious faces. When they saw Liu Ming and the old man appeared, they looked over with vigilant eyes.

“Mr. Liu, we’re here. Please wait a moment.”

As the old man in a gray robe said, he lightly tapped a bulging cloth bag around his waist, and a stream of gray fine sand rolled out from it, marking the symbol of a mountain in the air.

Not long after, 2 tall and burly human cultivators flew out and greeted them directly.

“Brother Qin, why did you arrive late? Your Senior Yao of the Sand Morph Sect has been here for a long time. Where are the rest?” One of them stopped in front of the flying boat and said to the old man in a gray robe, then he glanced at Liu Ming in doubt.

These 2 were also Real Pellet State cultivators.

Haiz, don’t mention it, I suddenly encountered a large number of giant insects on the way. Thanks to this sir, I was able to escape.” The old man in a gray robe hurriedly bowed back and replied embarra.s.sedly.

Hearing this, the 2 muscular men showed a strange look, then they looked at Liu Ming more. The one who spoke even returned a kind smile.

After talking a few words, Liu Ming put away the jade boat and flew to the platform with the old man in a gray robe. They flew up the mountain under the guidance of the 2 burly men.

After 10 minutes, Liu Ming and the old man appeared in front of a seemingly ordinary stone temple while the 2 burly men disappeared.

After the old man in a gray robe spoke to several guards in front of the stone hall, 1 of them immediately returned to the hall.

After a while, they walked straight into the stone hall under the lead of the guard.

As soon as Liu Ming entered the stone hall, he saw 4 cultivators sitting on the main seats in the center of the hall, faintly exuding the cultivation of the Celestial State.

In addition, there were more than 10 Real Pellet State cultivators who were like the old man in a gray robe sitting on both sides. Some were closing their eyes and resting and some were whispering with each other. They weren’t bothered by their arrival at all.

Liu Ming glanced over the 4 people in the main seats, and a trace of doubt flashed in his eyes. After all, this southern wilderness area was so large, there must be more than these 4 Celestial State cultivators.

But when he thought about it again, he understood the reason. Although there were many Celestial State cultivators in this southern wilderness, most of them belong to a few huge forces. They just had to send a few representatives to this place.

The one sitting in the center of the stone hall was a middle-aged man in a gray robe wearing a jade crown and a serious face. He should be a grand elder of the Chedi Sect.

An old man with hanging eyebrows on the left was dressing in the same robe as the old man in a gray robe. He was whispering to the middle-aged man with a jade crown. He should also be from the Sand Morph Sect.

On the left was a man with a lion face. Liu Ming had heard Qin Yifan mention on the road. He man was the deputy valley master of the Sky Beastkin Valley, s.h.i.+ Hou (lion roar).

On the right was a golden-robed woman with green hair. Although Liu Ming didn’t know who she was, he felt a bit familiar.

They exchanged glances for a fleeting moment, and nothing happened.

“Qin Yifan, why are you the only one here this time? Where are the rest of the disciples?” When the old man with hanging eyebrows saw Qin Yifan coming in, he asked in a deep voice.

“Reporting to Elder Yao, we were besieged by an army of giant insects and almost all died. Thanks to this friend’s help, I was able to survive.” Qin Yifan lowered his head, honestly. Really replied.

Oh, this friend looks a little unfamiliar to me, may I ask your name?” The old man with hanging eyebrows didn’t blame Qin Yifan after hearing that. Instead, he inspected Liu Ming carefully. After confirming that he was at the Real Pellet State, he asked with a half smile.

“Junior is Liu Ming. I’m from the Taiqing Sect. I happened to travel here and encountered Mr. Qin by chance.” Liu Ming bowed slightly and replied calmly.

Hearing the ident.i.ty of Liu Ming, the middle-aged man of Chedi Sect and the lion-faced man of Sky Beastkin Valley were all startled slightly.

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