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Chapter 1176 - The Side Effects of Complete Evolution

Shentu Tianyin’s white pyjamas looked gorgeously enticing under the candlelight. There was a subtle peek of his favourite lingerie hiding beneath the fabric. Her clothes for the night had done nothing to hide her wonderful curves, showing off her most beautiful regions. Added with her regal deposition, her s.e.xiness was unmatched.

The only thing out of place was her New Balance sneakers that she had worn in the morning. No slippers were prepared in this room for them. This was not at all weird as the villagers here could not afford to throw away their tattered slippers. Hence, how would it be possible for them to provide those to the couple?

Despite that, Shentu Tianyin looked like Aphrodite. Through her magic, the shabby bed in the room was turned into a flower bed. A few sheets of banana leaves had now become its lining in place of the filthy bedsheet. There were a lot of flowers decorating the headboard, they were unnamed but lovingly colourful. The flowers had exuded an amazing fragrance that helped purified the mouldy scent. It smelt wonderful.

The fresh flowers, beautiful woman and a banana leaf-lined bed had turned Xia Lei giddy inside. He walked over and smiled. “Wow. Where did you get these leaves and flowers?”

Shentu Tianyin replied, “There were a few banana trees not far from this house. I found the flowers there too. A female villager had helped me out when I went to get these.”

“This is so much better.” Xia Lei plopped onto the bed. The banana leaves were soothingly chilly.

Shentu Tianyin came to the bed and joined him. She laid on her side and studied his features, gaze focused with subtle excitement. However, she was an expert with control. Shentu Tianyin had no plans to dive straight into the main agenda. She wished to enjoy every minute of the process.

Xia Lei s.h.i.+fted and laid on his side, returning her gaze. Shentu Tianyin had her eyes glued on his eyes and features but Xia Lei was looking at the exposed skin peeking through her collar, her flat abdomen and her unblemished long legs. The opposite s.e.xes really were built differently.

“I’m so glad you’re back. I’ve been waiting for this day for a very long time.” Shentu Tianyin murmured languidly.

Xia Lei flashed her a toothy grin. “If I don’t return, you’d be made to wait for G.o.d knows how long. Why are you putting yourself through this? With what you can offer, even the European princes would be attracted to you…”

Shentu Tianyin clamped her palm over his lips. “I don’t want to hear things like that. You wouldn’t keep me waiting forever. I know you well, I was your wife. As long as you still think of me, you will not bear to see me live painfully. Even if you don’t return to me now, you’ll eventually return in the future that I’m willing to wait for.”

Xia Lei felt his heart clench. Was there even a future waiting for him? It was because he saw no future for himself that he agreed to give her a child. If he wasn’t going to do this now, he’d never have a chance to realize her wish. Shentu Tianyin had yearned for a child and his death was not going to help. Xia Lei had no heart to see her live out her remaining years in isolation.

“How was your discussion?”

“Everything is settled.” Xia Lei replied, “I’ve given Said some money to rent a few cars. They’ll be flanking us until we get to Kano City. Once he’s done with preparations, we’ll move out in the morning after tomorrow.”

Shentu Tianyin suddenly lurched forward and placed a light kiss on his forehead.

Xia Lei was stunned.

Knock knock knock.

Said’s voice rang from behind the door. “Mister Song, we’ve brought dinner for you.”

Xia Lei went to answer the door, only revealing his head through the gap. “Thank you, Mister Said. I’ll take it from here.”

Said was sharp enough to have guessed something. He smiled and then pa.s.sed the tray to Xia Lei. “When you’re done, just leave the plates inside the room. I’ll retrieve them tomorrow.”

“Alright. Good night, Mister Said.”

“Good night, Mister Song. Have a pleasant night.” Said turned around and left.

Xia Lei locked the door and brought the tray to the bed.

There were two plates on it. Each had a piece of cooked potato, a pile of rice and some kind of meat. It was roasted to near perfection with a crispy crust and juicy insides. It was considerably luxurious for a meal here since the villagers needed to accommodate faraway guests. By their living standards, they were offering the best things to Xia Lei and Shentu Tianyin.

“Are you hungry? Come, let’s eat,” said Xia Lei.

Despite that, Shentu Tianyin climbed back onto the bed. Her gaze was hot. “Let’s just have it later.”

Xia Lei retorted, “But the dishes will go cold.”

That earned a dramatic eye roll from Shentu Tianyin. “Do you think I’m in the mood to eat something now?”

Xia Lei walked over with a smirk. “Then what do you wish to have for dinner?”

“Well, what say you?” Shentu Tianyin brought out an antidote vial from the flowers on the headboard. It took Xia Lei a solid moment to process it. “H-how did you get ahold of that?”

Shentu Tianyin answered, “Yuyan told me about it. She was the one who gave me the antidote too.”


She had gotten everything ready. What else could he say?

The alluring moonlight outside the window and breeze that sent the trees into a gentle dance had provided them with ambience.

The pa.s.sion had died down like decreasing tides and the two of them fell into silence.

Xia Lei brought the plates to the bed and gave one to Shentu Tianyin.

She held up the potato and took a huge bite. Truthfully, she was starving after a round of hard work. She needed to replenish her energy.

Xia Lei mirrored her and picked up the potato. Weirdly, he tasted nothing and felt no appet.i.te. He stopped and carefully swallowed the mouthful of root vegetable. He took another bite. The sensation had remained- Xia Lei had lost his sense of taste and his appet.i.te. After half a potato, he even felt nauseous. He actually felt like vomiting!

The man was suddenly reminded of the time when Zhu Xuanyue was recuperating at the Peace Mansion. She had never once eaten normally. After swallowing the final AE capsule, he had not felt any resistance towards food until now. It seemed like as he continued to evolve, Xia Lei was starting to steer away from regular sustenance!

The last AE capsule had triggered the final leg of his evolution. His powers would grow stronger and his body was changing at the speed of light. Following that, was the emergence of a series of side effects. The final form of mankind was without a physical body. If there was no longer a need for a body, was there even a need to feed?

Oh, c.r.a.p. He wanted to eat humans!

The thought caused beads of cold sweat to form along his spine.

He had thought that he could suppress his urge to feed on humans through willpower. However, there was a bigger concern. If he was not going to feed like Zhu Xuanyue, Xia Lei would eventually cease to exist. At that point, would he be able to suppress the desire?

“What’s the matter? Do you not like the taste?” Shentu Tianyin smiled and studied him. “I think it tastes pretty good. Perhaps I was too hungry.”

Xia Lei regained his composure. He attempted to take in another bite but the thought alone was nauseating. He followed, “I’m not that hungry. Here, you can have it. I don’t think I can finish this.”

“Alright. I’ll help you with the potato.” Shentu Tianyin took away the potato in his grip.

Xia Lei was curious. “Since when did you take a liking towards potatoes?”

Shentu Tianyin replied, “I need to replenish my energy so we can go for round two.”


She laughed. “I heard from somewhere that having two rounds of s.e.x in a particular interval will increase my chance to be pregnant with twins. I’d love to try that out. Perhaps it might even happen if I’m lucky enough. One son and one daughter… It makes me happy just by thinking of it!”

Xia Lei chuckled lowly but his heart had sighed with melancholy. At this rate, when would he start feeding on humans? Would he last till the day Shentu Tianyin gives birth?

“Oh, that reminds me. If I do happen to be pregnant with twins, how will you name them as a father?” Shentu Tianyin asked while she munched, her question a little incoherent from the chewing.

Xia Lei said, “Haven’t I thought of names long ago? You asked the same question on our wedding night. You had always wanted twins. I answered that our son would be named Xia Yang and our daughter would be named Xia Yue.”

Tears clouded her vision. “You… You actually remembered.”

Xia Lei replied softly, “I’ve never forgotten anything about you.”

Shentu Tianyin made a small noise, abandoning her potato to lunge into Xia Lei’s embrace. “Then surely you remember that I’ve asked the doctor and they told me that having two rounds of s.e.x within the same hour would increase my chances of bearing two children, right?”

Xia Lei chuckled. “Of course. Or else, what are we doing now?”

Shentu Tianyin snuggled her face deeper into his chest. But it was not out of bashfulness, she just couldn’t take it any longer.

The wind outside blew stronger and the branches began to sway wildly as noises resonated.

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