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The cause of Song Baicheng's death still remained a mystery.

Official police reports had deduced that he died of a cerebral haemorrhage. This caused the officers to rule out murder as a possibility. Xia Lei had already expected this and had gotten some information about Song Baicheng's wife from Fan Fan. Her name was Liu Hui, an ex-special force agent before serving under Ling Han as his bodyguard. Song Baicheng had courted her and they got married.

Xia Lei was certain Liu Hui had something to do with Song Baicheng's death.

A person of Ling Han's status wouldn't do the deed themselves. Ordering someone beneath them was much more likely. In this case, it happened to be Liu Hui in this case. Song Baicheng would not have expected an attack from his partner, which explained the lack of evidence and peaceful death. How unfortunate.

Based on Fan Fan's information, Xia Lei was sure about the ident.i.ties of the culprits. Sadly, there was nothing much he could do with it. The investigation was paused while the research on the silver piece of metal was halted as well.

The blood on the metal provided him with information on how he might be able to visit the ancient realm. But that was only a small piece of it and not the whole chainmail. Plus, he wasn't entirely sure he was bold enough to take that step. If there was such chainmail, where could the rest of it be? Xia Lei was hungry for an answer.

Although said research was temporarily paused, plans for new material research projects were soon made within the Thunder Horse Organization. Xia Lei had invested one hundred million dollars into this project, with the person-in-charge as Li Youdon.

Two days later, he had a guest.

“Boss, you have a guest from South America,” announced Yelena as she entered Xia Lei's office. She'd call him Director Xia in the presence of outsiders.

Xia Lei, who was busy studying AI technology, lifted his head to look at her. “A guest from South America? Did he mention who he was?”

“I asked but he didn't answer.”

“I see. Where is he now?”

“I had him and his people wait in the parlour. Would you like to meet him now”

“Yeah, sure.” Xia Lei left his seat to exit his office.

What he saw as he entered the parlour shocked him.

On the couch sat a fat brunette man. He looked young, presumably not more than thirty years old. His baby face was adorned with freckles, making him seem approachable.

Behind him stood four women.

They blue-eyed blondes who shared the same tall, slender physique. They were all s.e.xy Caucasians. Their heights were the same too, standing at about 185cm tall as if it was on purpose. Their amazing body proportions were accentuated with the black leather outfits they wore! But that was not the most shocking thing. The women on the man's left were twins as were the women on his right! Together, the four gave off an illusion that they were cloned from two identical females, just like the cloning technique Sun Wukong, the Monkey G.o.d was known for.

Xia Lei couldn't help but stare at the fat brunette and his pair of twins.

“Mister Xia, are you looking at me or the ladies behind me?” questioned the fatty calmly. He had a faint smile on his lips and spoke in English

His hair colour was of the standard Scandinavian range, and he was speaking in a language not typical of the South American region. This confused Xia Lei as to his origins.

Xia Lei entered the room to sit opposite the fatty. “Do you know me?”

The fatty replied, “The Western media portrayed you as a mad scientist from China. I've read my fair share of those, so how could I not know you? Are you not aware of such articles?”

“No, I'm not that interested in media.” Xia Lei continued, “Since you know who I am, I'll spare you from my self-introduction. Who are you?”

“I'm just a mere businessman who wishes to purchase your weapons.”

“Well, that's the only thing you can get here.” Xia Lei's left eye twitched subtly mid-sentence, his gaze pierced through the fatty's clothing to land on his right chest. There was a cross-shaped tattoo that consisted of four arrows on it.

That was the Knight Hospitaller's signet, which all its members had on their body.

He averted his gaze to stare at the four women behind him, scanning across their chests slowly. Aside from their round bosom, he found the same tattoo on their chests.

The Knight Hospitallers had finally arrived.

Yelena entered the room bringing tea for Xia Lei.

When Yelena decided to stay behind, Xia Lei quickly instructed her to leave.

She nodded and left.

“Speak, who exactly are you?” Xia Lei repeated his question.

The brunette paused before he answered, “Your sight sure is powerful. Alright, my name's Arthur and I'm a member of the Knight Hospitallers.”

“Why isn't Mister Walton here?”

“My presence is sufficient.” Arthur stared directly into Xia Lei's eyes. “Let's not waste time, bring me to our sacred relic.”

“You'll get it. But not now,” said Xia Lei. Are s.h.i.+fted his gaze to the four blondes behind Arthur. “Are the women behind you trustworthy?”

“Yeah, you could trust them.”

Xia Lei insisted, “I think it's better for them to leave. I don't want them to eavesdrop on our discussion.”

Oddly, Arthur smirked. “Mister Xia, are you sure you want them to leave?”

“What do you mean?”

“It's a known fact that you love pretty ladies. Our Archbishop himself had me bring them to you. They're holy virgins, their body and soul are of the highest purity. You can have them as long as you…”

Xia Lei interrupted him. “Enough, I'm not interested.”

The four beauties would have been a good strategy against seventy per cent of the world's male population. But Xia Lei wasn't going to take the bait. He needed their mercenaries, not their women! The thought of a holy organization offering women in exchange for an artefact was nonsensical.

Arthur waved his hand slightly.

The four blondes moved from behind the sofa to approach Xia Lei slowly. The slender legs wrapped in black leather moved dynamically, their round behind slightly bouncing with each step. The motion accentuated their curves shamelessly, even teasing unspeakable things. It was seduction at its finest. Their waist joints twisted ever so lightly with each step, looking so flexible as if they had no bones. Their full b.r.e.a.s.t.s bounced gently in tandem, its rhythm enchanting.

They stopped directly in front of Xia Lei then turned around slowly. Steadily, they bent their delicate waists to present him with their attractive They then flaunted their behinds for him to admire. The sacred genitals started to show its outline as the PU leather stretched across it. The whole scene was unbearably erotic.

Though it was seduction, their actions didn't feel cheap. Instead, they gave off a sophisticated impression, an aura that was acquired from their holy upbringing.

“I could even get them to strip if you'd like. I can guarantee that you'll be enjoying the finest females on Earth. You could experience what it is like to be a king.” Arthur continued to convince him.

“Enough!” roared Xia Lei.

The four ladies glanced at Arthur, to which he gave another wave to cue their return. They were completely expressionless from start to finish.

Arthur uttered, “Why don't you state your price? But let me make it clear that we're not wealthy like you are. Our money comes from the support of our wors.h.i.+ppers. I hope that you'll bear that in mind to initiate something reasonable.”

“I don't want women, I don't need your money either.”

“Then what do you want from us?”

“I'll just be frank.”

Xia Lei continued, “I need your help to capture someone and to locate a certain organization's headquarters.”

Arthur furrowed his brows. “Who? What organization is it?”

Xia Lei proceeded to answer. “The FA organization, the person I'm after is a member as well. Her name is Dark Mona and I've already prepared all the necessary information and details.”

“Wait!” Arthur quickly halted Xia Lei. “I think you've got it all wrong! We're not mercenaries, we're a religious organization!”

“Religious organization?” Xia Lei cackled. “I don't think that's the case. Your people plotted to murder me in Italy. They even managed to track me when I escaped to France. Your capabilities are what I need.”

“No!” Arthur rejected vehemently. “Absolutely not!”

“No? Then there's no point talking this out with you anymore,” said Xia Lei as he gestured to the door. “You may leave now.”


Xia Lei stood up from his seat. “You're left with no choice. The only way to get your sacred relic is to fulfil my request. I'll give you time to consider it, you may come to visit me again with an answer.”

“Wait.” Arthur followed suit.

Xia Lei turned to face him.

“I'm aware of FA organization's existence.” Arthur's gaze was piercing. “Tell me, why should we do something so risky for you? Your request might land us in grave danger.”

“I'll tell you why once we achieve an agreement.”

Arthur explained, “I can't be the sole decision-maker of something so big. I'd need to talk to Sir Walton himself. I'm sure he'll call for a meeting before I could relay to you of our final standing.”

“I'm not in a rush anyways. You may come after your people made up their mind,” a.s.sured Xia Lei.

“By the way, we didn't manage to book a hotel room. May we stay a night at your place?”

“Sure, no problem. I have plenty of rooms at home. I'll have them ready for you.”

“Thank you,” responded Arthur.

Xia Lei slid out his phone to dial a number, walking away from the room while he said, “Qin Xiang, please bring my guests to the Peace Mansion. Please take good care of them, they're valued guests.”

Qin Xiang's voice came through faintly. “Good care? You're asking me to install tapping devices, right?”

Xia Lei smirked. “Yeah, that'll do.” Previous Chapter Next Chapter

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