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Chapter 2027 – Obscure Experts

When Cleansed Rue and the others saw Youlan and felt the powerful pressure she radiated, they could not help their surprise. No matter how they looked at it, a Level 61, Tier 2 player with three pieces of Epic Equipment should be well- known.

The highest level players in G.o.d's Domain's various empires had only reached Level 61. Even the Dark Night Empire only had five of these experts.

“She must be one of Zero Wing's hidden peak experts,” the Tier 2 female Cleric from the Hundred Flowers Palace said through the team chat.

“I agree. With her level and equipment, she is definitely on the level of Zero Wing's Fire Dance,” the middle-aged Tier 2 Berserker agreed, nodding.

The rest of the team nodded, as well.

G.o.d's Domain's various Guilds generally hid some of their power, including the Hundred Flowers Palace. However, unlike Zero Wing, the Palace hadn't hidden an expert as powerful as Youlan. Reserving such an expert would be a waste.

But when they considered Zero Wing's stealthy presence in so many locations, they realized that it wasn't strange to hide a peak expert.

When they remembered the eight new h.e.l.l Tanks sitting in the Residence, as well, gooseb.u.mps erupted across their arms.

They had learned some details about those h.e.l.l Tanks, and they knew that each tank was the equivalent of a mobile Defense Turret. Moreover, the h.e.l.l Tanks' defensive and melee capabilities were far beyond Defense Turrets', yet eight of these tanks were stationed within Zero Wing's Residence.

“Alright, enough. Let's prepare to enter Zero Wing's Residence. Don't forget that you represent the Hundred Flowers Palace! Once we're inside, do not do anything that would sully the Guild's reputation!” Cleansed Rue said, expressing her dissatisfaction with her teammates' actions. After lecturing her team, she followed Youlan into the Residence.

As a Residence within a Guild territory, Zero Wing's Residence was far more s.p.a.cious than those normally found in NPC cities. Not only did the Residence have far more facilities than normal, but it's Mana density was even higher than elsewhere. It felt pleasant just to walkthrough the Residence's halls. The Hundred Flowers Palace's members also discovered a change to their Double EXP bu什 acc.u.mulation bars, located directly beneath their experience bars.

“Amazing! Players can actually acc.u.mulate the Double EXP buff so quickly here?!”

Although players would start to acc.u.mulate the Double EXP buff the moment they entered Zero Wing City, they could only acc.u.mulate 20% after a 48-hour stay. However, players would acc.u.mulate 30% after resting in the Residence for the same amount of time. Visiting the Residence was 50% more effective than just visiting the city. Even in first-rate Guilds, very few players enjoyed such an astounding acc.u.mulation rate. After all, a Guild Hall only had a limited number of Private Rooms, and only the Guild's expert members were usually allowed to rent the rooms for GCPs.

acc.u.mulate 20% after a 48-hour stay. However, players would acc.u.mulate 30% after resting in the Residence for the same amount of time. Visiting the Residence was 50% more effective than just visiting the city. Even in first-rate Guilds, very few players enjoyed such an astounding acc.u.mulation rate. After all, a Guild Hall only had a limited number of Private Rooms, and only the Guild's expert members were usually allowed to rent the rooms for GCPs.

As Cleansed Rue and her companions entered the Guild Hall, yet another spectacular scene greeted them.

Zero Wing members filled the first-floor hall, all of which were Level 57 or higher. These players' levels were on par with first-rate Guilds' expert members. Furthermore, even if they ignored the Giant players, there were hundreds of Tier 2 players in the hall.

The number of Tier 2 experts within Zero Wing City was almost half as many Tier 2 players in Hundred Flowers Palace.

Quite a few NPCs also moved around the hall, making up roughly 30% of the first-floor hall's occupants.

“This isn't a joke, right?! Judging by the number of NPCs here, easily 4,000 NPCs visit this Residence each day! Only about 600 NPCs visit our main headquarters to commission Guild Quests per day!” The Tier 2 Cleric stared with wide, shocked eyes when she saw the number of NPCs milling about the hall.

Aside from player count and strength, a Guild's prosperity relied on the number of Guild Quests it received from NPCs each day. Not only did these commissioned Guild Quests bring in a significant amount of income, but they also awarded a lot of benefits to the Guild members that completed them.

Over 70% of the high-ranked quests the Hundred Flowers Palace's members received were commissions from the NPCs that visited the Guild Residences.

Even the Guild's expert players fought to complete high-ranked quests.

“No, that's not it! Look over there! Some of these NPCs are n.o.bles!” a Tier 2 Ranger with sharp eyesight said as he pointed to a handsome, weH-dressed man nearby. Two maids followed the man around.

“Even Baron ranked NPCs commission Zero Wing for quests?” Cleansed Rue's heart skipped a beat when she inspected the handsome man with her Identification Skill.

There was a ma.s.sive difference in G.o.d's Domain between n.o.ble NPCs and ordinary NPCs.

NPC n.o.bles rarely reached out to veteran first-rate Guilds like the Hundred Flowers Palace for quests. When they did, these quests were typically quite important and yielded valuable treasure. Moreover, those quests were from ordinary NPC n.o.bles.

She had never seen a ranked NPC n.o.ble commission the Hundred Flowers Palace to complete a quest.

There were currently more than 30 ordinary n.o.ble NPCs in Zero Wing's hall, in addition to two Baron ranked NPCs. Every one of these n.o.bles stood in line to request Zero Wing's help with a quest. It was unbelievable.

Once Cleansed Rue and the other upper echelons from her Guild finished gawking, Youlan led them to the Guild Leader's office on the Guild Hall's top floor.

Two NPC guards stood before the Guild Leader's office, and both were Level 80 NPCs. Although they stood by the door quietly, their auras made Cleansed Rue and her companion's hearts palpitate.

“They actually use Secret-Silver Personal Guards to guard an office?”

The Hundred Flowers Palace's members were speechless when they saw the two Personal Guards.

Nowadays, the various Guilds had allotted some of their focus to searching for and nurturing Personal Guards. Even so, the number of high-ranked Personal Guards the Guilds had actually found was pitifully low. Most of the Personal Guards the various Guilds employed were merely Bronze rank. Mysterious-Iron Personal Guards were as rare and valuable as a piece of Epic Equipment. As for Secret-Silver rank…

The Hundred Flowers Palace had only obtained three Secret-Silver Personal Guards thus far, and only because it had gotten lucky. The other first-rate Guilds generally only had one or two. These Secret-Silver Personal Guards were valued as priceless treasures and wouldn't be given any responsibility. Rather, Guilds would instruct them to focus on improving their strength and levels.

Yet, Zero Wing used two Secret-Silver Personal Guards to guard an office…

Under Youlan's lead, Cleansed Rue and her entourage entered the Guild Leader's office.

A cloaked man sat behind a desk within the office. A dozen or so expert players stood beside him, including Silent Blade[l], Stubborn Bone, Remnant Cloud, Graceful Moon, and Seven Light. The lowest leveled player among them was Level 61, while the highest had reached Level 62. Every one of these players wore Level 60 Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold Equipment, and some even wore a piece of Epic Equipment. When Cleansed Rue sensed these players auras, she felt the threat of death loom over her. Their auras were no less intense than Youlan's.

After crossing the threshold and sensing the powerful auras of the dozen or so Zero Wing members, the several Hundred Flowers Palace upper echelons stumbled to a halt, not daring to take another step into the room.

“Are you kidding me?!”

“These people are all Zero Wing members?!”

As the Palace's upper echelons gazed at Silent Blade and the others, whom they had never heard of before, they lost any and all confidence. Now, they only felt an immense pressure.

“Welcome to our Residence, friends from the Hundred Flowers Palace. I've heard that you have something you wish to discuss with me. May I know what it is about?” s.h.i.+ Feng, who sat in the Guild Leader's seat, asked Cleansed Rue and the others.

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