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Chapter 672: The calamity befalls

Edits by akshaythedon

“His Highness the Crown Prince! His Highness the Crown Prince is back! Brothers, don’t let these **** demons run away!” The entire Soaring Dragon City was full of cheers as people shouted excitedly.

People’s heart was a very strange thing. Just a moment ago, the soldiers and commoners of Soaring Dragon City were being slaughtered by the demon soldiers almost one-sidedly. However, once Long Yi appeared, they actually cheered and shouted to not let the demon soldiers flee from the city. One could well imagine the position of Long Yi in the heart of civilians and soldiers. One could even say that his position was a level higher than even the Blue Waves Emperor. They all were convinced that, as long as Long Yi was here, these terrifying demons would not be able to withstand.

“d.a.m.n!” Blood Demon Diluo hatefully gritted his teeth. In the final moment, he unexpectedly fell short.

Along with the army of G.o.d Race emerging from the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage and joining the battle, the situation reversed. The one-sided ma.s.sacre of Demon Race came to a halt. Just the appearance of Long Yi had greatly reduced their morale. They were forced to retreat again and again and were beginning to suffer heavy casualties.

Diluo resolutely made the decision to retreat after a.s.sessing the situation.

The entire city cheered in joy. The soldiers looked towards Long Yi’s group and gave a military salute. As for the commoners of various races, they practically prostrated.

Long Yi slowly floated down in front of his parents and wives. Before he opened his mouth, Dongfang Wan rushed over and tightly hugged him while crying. Her tears soaked his clothes.

“Mother, don’t cry.” Long Yi patted the shoulder of Dongfang Wan. His heart was also sour. Looking at the entire Soaring Dragon City that had turned into a pile of debris, his heart ached immensely.

“Smelly kid, if you were a tiny bit late, then you would have never seen your mother again.” Dongfang Wan backed out from the bosom of Long Yi and scolded. When she turned around, she discovered that her daughters-in-law were agitatedly holding their tears. If she hadn’t rushed into the bosom of her son, then they might have already rushed over.

“This son is unfilial and frightened Father and Mother,” said Long Yi.

“Well, you haven’t met my daughters-in-law for such a long period of time, go and have a good time with them.” Dongfang Wan pushed Long Yi and pulled Ximen Nu away who wanted to have a few words with his son.

Immediately, Long Yi was drowned in fragrance. Outside the crowd, Ximen Wuhen smiled, quietly watching from the distance. Elf Queen looked on with a complicated expression. At that time, Niur who had transformed into a roughly ten or eleven years old little girl pouted in dissatisfaction, “So hateful, don’t crowd my father, Niur has yet to hug him.”

Suddenly, Long Yi’s expression greatly changed. Without saying a word, he disappeared into the thin air in the midst of numerous women.

“Something must have happened,” Leng Youyou said to other stunned sisters.

At that time, Xiao Yi closed her eyes and muttered an incantation. Then, she suddenly opened her eyes and felt dizzy as an image appeared in front of her.

“Not good, big sister Xiangyun and others are in danger,” Xiao Yi hastily told about the predicament and flew away.

The women were startled. Nangong Xiangyun, Sibi, and Nalan Ruyue carried the flesh and blood of Long Yi. If something happened to them, then that would be a big matter. All of them simultaneously chased after Xiao Yi.


“Bang!” Li Qing was sent flying as he vomited a mouthful of blood. The phantom of G.o.d beast behind him also dissipated.

Barbarian Bull was angry. He jumped high and brandished his Greenstone Ruler that was dazzling with golden radiance.

Behind these two people, there were Nangong Xiangyun and the other two pregnant women. Among them, Nangong Xiangyun had a big belly. She didn’t dare to move recklessly, fearing she would hurt the unborn child in her stomach. As for Sibi and Nalan Ruyue, they gritted their teeth and released magic spells to support the two battling to protect them. In front of these two people, there were over ten high-level demons. They were attacking madly. They wanted to kill these two people and capture those three pregnant women of Long Yi.

“These three women have Long Yi’s flesh and blood. If we capture them, then that would be a great contribution. Quickly kill these two people.” One of the high ranking demons shouted loudly.

The ferocity of these demons’ attacks increased. They were clearly using all their strength. In this underground pa.s.sage they had accidentally discovered, they had already killed several hundred people. Although they had already received the orders of Blood Demon Diluo to retreat, they still took a risk because there was a chance to acquire a huge contribution in front of them. If they successfully captured the three women, then their ranking would definitely soar.

In the midst of demonic qi, Li Qing and Barbarian Bull groaned and were sent flying, then the highest-ranking demon excitedly roared and reached out his hand towards Nangong Xiangyun. Li Qing’s eyes became cold and used his Ice Sword, crazily condensing cold qi.

Upon seeing the claws of this demon, Nangong Xiangyun held her stomach and retreated. When her back touched the wall, she closed her eyes and screamed, “My husband, save us!”

Suddenly, seven-colored radiance flashed. The cold qi condensed by Li Qing using his life force was broken, and shortly afterward, a miserable scream resounded. Countless cracks suddenly appeared all over the body of that demon who was trying to grab Nangong Xiangyun, and then he broke into pieces.

“Your husband came, why’re you still not greeting?” Nangong Xiangyun fell into a familiar warm bosom and that familiar voice of Long Yi entered her ears.

Nangong Xiangyun opened her eyes and saw that bad smile as well as that warm and gentle black pupils she missed a lot.

“My husband!” Sibi and Nalan Ruyue sighed in relief and happily rushed over.

“Young Master!” “Boss!” Injured Li Qing and Barbarian Bull also called out.

Long Yi patted the shoulder of Li Qing and Barbarian Bull. If Li Qing had used that move, although he would have become powerful for a short time, he would have expended a lot of life force. After this event, even if he didn’t die, he would have turned into a waste.

At this time, Xiao Yi and others caught up. They saw over ten demons standing still while Nangong Xiangyun and others were safe and sound. Only then, they sighed in relief.

That very day, those captured high ranking demons were imprisoned in a special area by the soldiers of Blue Waves Empire and cut piece by piece until only their skeletons were left. Then, they used their skulls to make lanterns.

A cold wind blew. It was already before dawn. The entire Soaring Dragon City was covered in a layer of snow-white frost.

Long Yi stood in the imperial garden and watched the night sky with a frown. He replayed the matters that happened these days in his mind and tried to discover something.

Long Yi took out a pearl from his s.p.a.ce ring. He gently rubbed it while pondering. This pearl made him feel calm. Therefore, he always took it out whenever he was concerned.

Suddenly, the pearl s.h.i.+ned brightly. Moreover, it trembled in his hand.

Long Yi was startled. Soon after that, his eyes lit up and he looked around. He saw Xiao Yi watching the pearl in his hand in surprise.

“Is it her?” Long Yi was stunned. Fate was so ingenious. This pearl was originally given to him by a divine zombie he encountered during the adventure convention of Sea Race, saying he should find his lost daughter who was sealed during the War of G.o.ds and Demons 100,000 years ago.

Long Yi spread out his palm, causing the pearl to slowly fly up. When it reached a certain height in the air, it transformed into a light and entered into the glabella of Xiao Yi.

“Ah…” Xiao Yi screamed and her entire body emitted dazzling light as she floated up.


Sometimes, a faint cold qi dispersed, and sometimes, it condensed. The blood pool below continuously splashed. Suddenly, a deep sigh reverberated throughout the Doomsday Valley and a blood wave that was more than ten meters high appeared on the Jade Blood Cold Pond. Cold qi surged, shooting outside the Doomsday Valley. That cold qi transformed into sparkling and translucent ice crystals.

After a long period of time, the b.l.o.o.d.y waters of Jade Blood Cold Pond parted and a huge figure slowly walked out. He was none other than the Heavenly Demon King who was in seclusion. His facial features were still the same. However, his head was red as if stained with blood.

“Hahaha, as this king said before, I will definitely return one day,” the Heavenly Demon King laughed. No one knew why he was addressing himself, but he clearly paused for a while.

Outside Doomsday Valley, Blood Demon Diluo, Emotion Demon Naweiqi along with hundreds of high-ranking military officers were waiting. They sensed a strong momentum from this place and understood that Heavenly Demon King had come out of seclusion.

Suddenly, a blood-red color enveloped the entire Doomsday Valley and a red shadow flashed. Then, that dense baleful aura and killing intent instantly sent Blood Demon Diluo, Emotion Demon Naweiqi and others demons flying while vomiting blood.

All demons fell to the ground and looked up. They saw over a hundred meters tall Heavenly Demon King floating in the air. A strange blood-colored mist was surrounding him, and his mighty power made them not dare to look at him a second time.

“Your subordinates welcome Your Majesty, congratulations on making a breakthrough.” All demons greeted loudly from the ground. However, Emotion Demon Naweiqi looked somewhat absentminded. Her expressions seemed somewhat complicated.

Heavenly Demon King waved his and blood qi covered them. Immediately afterward, all their injuries were instantly healed. Now they understood how terrifying the current Heavenly Demon King was. That Hegemon G.o.d Long Yi alone was not enough.


Blue Waves Continent. People had already begun to restore the damaged facilities. Life also had returned to its track. Now that Long Yi had returned from the Divine World with the army of G.o.d Race, all the people of Blue Waves Continent were feeling happy. Demon Race was no longer any threat to them. Presumably, that calamity had already pa.s.sed.

“Crimson blood has enveloped the entire world. Hereafter, the boundaries of Divine and Demon World unclear, undead creatures breaking out of their restraints, all races slaughtered; chaotic dark and light; doomsday ahead.” Xiao Yi floated in the air. Her entire body was shrouded with a layer of faint golden light. One could vaguely see a hint of starlight on her glabella. With her eyes closed, her red lips moved as she uttered word by word.

Ximen Nu, Dongfang Wan, Long Yi as well as his wives looked solemn upon hearing the prophecy of Xiao Yi. Their complexions had become unsightly. The seal on the body of Xiao Yi was already broken, and from that pearl, she had also learned of her true ident.i.ty. She, indeed, was a G.o.ddess. What’s more, she was a G.o.ddess possessing a unique innate skill to divine. After her seal was broken, her prophecy technique had already reached the true G.o.d level.

“It seems the calamity has just lifted the curtain,” Long Yi indifferently mentioned his thoughts.

And as if to verify the prophecy of Xiao Yi, just after two hours, the clear blue sky suddenly became blood-red, and a shadow began to shroud the sun in the sky. In addition, a baleful aura ripped the sky apart. A huge pressure immediately broke the spirit of many people.

“Undead creatures? Specters? It is just like the Extreme Yin Day.” Looking at the sun for a long time, Long Yi said with a bitter smile.

“Is there something that caused the sky to become like this?” Beitang Yu asked in confusion.

“There might be, but I don’t know where. Now, prepare to fight,” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders.

When the sun was completely corroded by the darkness, a gust of cold wind whistled. The ground cracked, and countless undead creatures climbed out, attacking every living creature that fell on their eyes.

This kind of scene was not limited to Blue Waves Continent. Blue Moon Continent, Dragon Island, as well as Undersea City, all had turned into Undead World. Even Divine World where undead creatures didn’t have any foothold was also surrounded by undead creatures, and now, the brilliant sun of Divine World resembled the dark sun of Demon World.

Long Yi immediately discovered that his undead magic was ineffective. Moreover, these undead creatures seemed to be under the control of someone. He knew that this matter was serious. The true doomsday calamity had started.

“Although I am not certain where the source is, I guess it should be in Demon World.” Looking at Niur who was crazily devouring undead creatures, Xiao Yi spoke.

“I also think so,” responded Long Yi while considering whether he should go to Demon World or not.

Long Two brandished his blood-red Death Scythe and a row of undead creatures fell in front of him. Then, he absorbed the dense death qi. In this Undead World, he was the master. However, after a short while, the red light in his empty eye sockets strangely flickered for a few times, then he stood in a daze and the undead creatures around submerged him.

A strange chanting voice had penetrated into Long Two’s consciousness. He struggled, but his consciousness slowly fell into a deep sleep.

At that time, Long Yi felt as if his left hand was burning. He spread out his palm and saw that that blood-red skull mark at the center of his palm had become somewhat darker.

Long Two brandished his Death Scythe and killed undead creatures again and easily entered the region shrouded by the holy light. He was the only undead creature here who was not restricted to enter here.

He then mechanically walked to the front of Long Yi’s wives and stopped. At that time, the red lights in his eye sockets suddenly flickered. He raised the Death Scythe to his own neck with great difficulty. Immediately afterward, he trembled, and the red lights in his eye sockets became quiet. All of a sudden, he grabbed the neck of Nalan Ruyue who was nearest to him.

This sudden and unexpected move of Long Two caught everyone off-guard. No one had ever thought that Long Two would attack people on his side because no one had regarded him as an undead creature, rather as an honest person.

“Long Two, release Yue’er!” Long Yi shouted and his chaos divine power instantly locked the s.p.a.ce.

Unfortunately, although he locked the s.p.a.ce, Long Two could still move freely like before. He didn’t even hesitate and disappeared with Nalan Ruyue in the next moment.

Long Yi’s fury soared. Long Two had actually betrayed him; this was something he was unable to believe. But after thinking calmly, he guessed that Long Two should’ve been controlled by someone else using some kind of undead technique. Although he already possessed some semblance of consciousness, when all was said and done, he had yet to shed off his undead body completely.

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