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Chapter 267: Battling the Earth Spirit Realm

Jiang Chen naturally fully took in their unconcealed looks of greed.

“Since these two idiots really want to die, then I’ll fulfill their wishes. Who cares about how great their backers are and if the consequences come cras.h.i.+ng down on me afterwards!”

Jiang Chen had also hardened his heart. These people had provoked him time and time again. No matter how even tempered Jiang Chen was, there was still a limit to his temper!

The border incident had been due to the Precious Tree Sect and the Northern Palace becoming greedy and wanted to rob him of his Goldwing Swordbirds. Now it was a matter of the guilty party filing the suit first!

Iron Dazhi made a grasping motion with his hands and a halberd appeared in his hands.

The halbert was jet black, with only the edge honed to a harrowing white. One glance at the spirit power embodied within the halberd and the patterns etched on it was enough to know that it had undergone many forgings.

Jiang Chen’s Da Yu bow was a four times refined spirit weapon.

He detected from this halberd a spirit aura that wasn’t inferior to the Da Yu bow at all. In fact, it was even slightly superior.

“This halberd is at least a four times refined spirit weapon, if not even more.” Jiang Chen concluded.

The aura between the halberd and Iron Dazhi was united together as a spirit aura field formed around him. With the effect of the spirit aura field in the empty air around it, piercing sounds rang out continuously as a result of friction.

A strong aura whirlpool continued to form.

Iron Dazhi waved his halberd, the white edge drawing a harrowing curve in the air and giving rise to snowflakes of spirit aura in the air.

“Law enforcement disciples, hear my order. You’re in charge of the spirit creatures. Remember, take them alive if you can. Zhou Yi, you’re in charge of capturing Tian Shao and that woman. If you meet any resistance, kill them without hesitation!”

Iron Dazhi pointed his halberd forward as his aura locked onto Jiang Chen.

The halberd roiled up an air current like an electric snake, hurtling it forward.

Jiang Chen snorted angrily as his arms shook and the nameless saber behind his back flew out of its sheath like an ancient beast breaking free of its cage, whistling in a long howl.

This howl was like a tide of wolves, churning formlessly towards Iron Dazhi’s aggressive air current.

When the two formless powers crashed into each other, the nameless saber froze briefly in mid air.

In that instant, the entire blade seemed to have awakened as eye piercing splendor emanated from it, rippling out with radiant brilliance.

In the span of that moment, the nameless saber was like a slumbering ancient deity that had been roused from deep sleep, its strength increasing more than tenfold.

The light from that brilliance actually made Iron Dazhi’s halberd whine lowly.

This circ.u.mstance seemed to be a hungry wolf running into a male lion that was more than ten times stronger than it, making it lower its head and whine in both fear and submission.

Even Jiang Chen hadn’t antic.i.p.ated this scene, not to mention Iron Dazhi.

‘How is this possible?!” Iron Dazhi saw that the aura from Jiang Chen’s blade had suddenly exploded and even overcome his most prized Black Dragon Halberd!

One had to know that his Black Dragon Halberd had been refined five times by a master refiner.

In terms of weapon quality, Iron Dazhi’s Black Dragon Halberd would help him rank at least within the top five of the young geniuses in the sect.

All of this was naturally because he had a good grandfather.

As the first of the esteemed elders, Iron Long was an existence that was second to only the sect head, if one set the old forefather of the sect aside.

It was a natural thing to him to garner some advantages for his grandson.

Zhou Yi was also greatly astonished to see this happen.

“Senior brother Da Zhi, this kid’s blade is a bit strange!”

Iron Dazhi smiled coldly, “It is indeed a peerless divine weapon. However, to possess a divine weapon with insufficient strength is a crime in itself”

“Jiang Chen, it is your honor from your past life to be able to be slain by my Black Dragon Halberd.”

Iron Dazhi’s tone was icy as his body suddenly leapt into the air, the spirit aura that he’d spent a long time gathering started ravaging mercilessly with the force of mountain torrents as his body moved.

In that moment, furious waves and eddies raged in the air above the Jiang manor.

“Black Dragon Tearing the Heavens! Jiang Chen, die!”

Jiang Chen had the feeling of enormous waves reaching for the skies and a mountain crus.h.i.+ng him as Iron Dazhi unleashed a blow that he had spent a while nurturing, accompanied by the strength from the ferocious halberd.

“Young master Chen, be careful!”

Tian Shao also sucked in a breath as he saw this frightening aura from his position near the door.

If it hadn’t been for Zhou Yi’s death lock on him, he would’ve cast all concerns aside and rushed to Jiang Chen’s aid.

However, he also knew that even without Zhou Yi, he would be sent flying by the power from this halberd.

The halberd swung again as the fierce spirit power was twisted and sent cras.h.i.+ng towards Jiang Chen.

The look in Jiang Chen’s eyes was electrifying as his heart was as calm as water, entering a state in which he was impervious to desires and pa.s.sion.

He grasped the nameless saber as a frightening gleam shot out of his eyes and the power within his spirit ocean completely infused the nameless saber.


The fourth form of the Vast Ocean Current Splitter -- Soaring Dragon!

The man was as if a dragon, and the blade a tiger!

This strike that was as if a soaring dragon and pouncing dragon roiled up a long line of light from the blade as it cut through the air like a comet dragging a long tail behind it.


The treasure of a blade and the halberd collided into each other as if they were fated rivals.

Sparks flew in all directions as rings of spirit power rippled and shot out in all directions.

Jiang Chen’s body backed up a few steps beneath the momentum of this force and was caught neatly by the Goldwing Swordbird beneath him. His feet flexed as he pushed off the Swordbird, leveraging its strength.

He took in a deep breath and sent his strength into the blade again, speaking heroically, “An earth spirit realm pract.i.tioner is just that huh? Iron Dazhi, eat this!”

The awakened nameless blade was filled with a solemn killing intent like it was a starved ancient monster choosing its meal.

Jiang Chen was sensing precisely this enormous killing intent. His entire being had melded into the blade’s intention and had become one with it.

In this marvelous moment, Jiang Chen could even feel the blade’s breath. A breath that seemed to indicate it was alive and had emotions.

They were breathing with one lung and beating with the same heart.

The blade’s killing intent was Jiang Chen’s, and Jiang Chen’s killing intent was the blade’s.

In this wondrous instant, the two were one and couldn’t be differentiated from the other.

Jiang Chen had miraculously grasped the unbelievable realm of man and blade becoming one.

The blade’s momentum was like a wave, resplendent beyond imagination!

Light from the blade flashed like lightning, whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh….

Jiang Chen had struck eighteen times in the span of one breath. Each stroke followed the previous one without pause, orderly in their pace.

The eighteen times melded into one strike with a perfect rhythm.

“Wave Slash, cleave!”

Jiang Chen roared and sent this perfect slash down towards Iron Dazhi’s head.

Iron Dazhi hadn’t thought that Jiang Chen would be able to take his premeditated blow.

He was an earth spirit realm pract.i.tioner. The strength of fifth level spirit realm and his Black Dragon Halberd -- he’d wanted to crush Jiang Chen with absolute power.

He’d thought that Jiang Chen would be powerless in the face of the halberd’s aura. If he met it head on, he would’ve surely had his bones breaking, meridians snapping, and even be invaded by spirit power where he stood and exploded spontaneously!

If he didn’t meet the blow head on, the mysteries of the “Black Dragon Tearing the Heavens” was such that it was like a black dragon devouring all in sight, never resting until it had torn the opponent to shreds.

He’d never thought that the strike in which he was extremely proud of would be dissipated by Jiang Chen!

According to the intelligence related to him, he was at most first or second level spirit realm.

With Iron Dazhi’s strength of the fifth level spirit realm, there was a full three or four levels of difference. That was a full category difference that no martial technique’s mysteries would be able to offset.

However, Iron Dazhi had miscalculated.

The most maddening thing was, he didn’t even have time to get enraged. Jiang Chen didn’t even need to adjust his breathing as he counterattacked with a flip of his hand.

The blade’s aura churned like a wave, utterly exquisite in its style and fierce in its presence, holding the bearing of a master of a blades.

Although this kind of layered wave attack wasn’t something that Jiang Chen had invented, it was definitely the first time that Iron Dazhi was seeing it.

Even he didn’t dare underestimate this aura.

It looked like it was just slicing through the air, but if he didn’t handle it well, it was likely that even an earth spirit realm genius like him would fall to this blow.

In his dejection, he waved his halberd again to meet this tyrannical blow.


The two weapons once again clashed together.

Iron Dazhi felt his chest grow heavy as he backed up uncontrollably, like a great wave had rammed into him.

Jiang Chen had no strength to strike out again after delivering that blow.

Iron Dazhi suddenly felt his brow grow hot and discovered traces of blood flowing down his hand when he wiped away at his forehead.


His face changed drastically.

He’d blocked this blow alright, but when the frightening aura spread out, its traces had still been enough to injure him.

Although it was just a small wound, the sight of his hand specked with blood was telling him unequivocally that he was the weaker one!

He’d also underestimated his opponent. He hadn’t thought that Jiang Chen, at the third level spirit realm, would be capable of boasting superior martial techniques, mental arts, and spirit ocean even when he was two levels below Iron Dazhi.

Jiang Chen’s strength would actually not lose out to a fourth level spirit realm pract.i.tioner at this point.

Add to that he had entered a marvelous mental state of the dao of blade, becoming one with the nameless blade.

Although he had brought to bear only less than a tenth of the nameless blade’s potential, it was enough to treble the force behind Jiang Chen’s blow.

This made his strike completely on par with that of a fifth spirit realm pract.i.tioner.

Iron Dazhi was a bit caught off guard in his surprise, causing him to still be swept up in his remnants as he hadn’t fully dissipated the aura behind this blow.

“Jiang Chen you animal, you did indeed hide your strength. Good, very good! It looks like you won’t know your place in life if I don’t bring out my true abilities!”

Iron Dazhi had been utterly enraged by Jiang Chen’s provocation.

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