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Ye Ying laughed bitterly and said, "Lan'er says that she can't grow if she were to remain in the World Destruction Mercenaries. She wants to go out and learn through experience. She'll return once she has grown stronger. Since this was her choice, let her be. Lan'er is very intelligent. Even if she was faced with danger, she'll find a way to escape."

Actually, Ye Ying has always understood that Gu Lan would leave this place someday.

However, he never thought that this day would arrive so soon.

"Uncle Ying, even Lan'er is motivated to advance herself now. We can't fall behind either." Ye Ying's gaze slowly grew serious as he spoke, "I want to open up a devil's drill for everyone in the mercenaries' unit! On this mainland, if one does not grow stronger, one can only become a stepping stone for others!"

"Leader, your objective is..."

Ye Ying smiled and his grim features filled with determination.

"I want to turn the neighboring cities around Green Maple City into the World Destruction Mercenaries' territory!"

He wants to turn the neighboring cities around Green Maple City into the World Destruction Mercenaries' territory?

Uncle Ying was a little surprised. This goal... Seems somewhat challenging.


A woman was resting under a large, old tree. Faint traces of light were filtering down from the lush tree branches, enveloping her bamboo-green robes.

"It's been two days since we've left Green Maple City. I don't know how much further it will be to Main City. Yu'er, do you still have the map that Ye Ying had given us?"

The woman turned towards the crippled young man and quirked the corners of her lips.

"Mm, it's with me."

The young man smiled shyly. His features were extremely delicate and His limpid eyes were like pools of water which could reflect one's figure. The only unfortunate thing was that such a perfect young man had lost an arm. His entire left sleeve flapped emptily in the wind.

"It seems that Main City is still pretty far away."

Gu Ruoyun smiled gently as she accepted the map which the young man had handed to her. "It's alright, we don't need to rush to Main City so soon. After all, perhaps I'll find what I need along the way."

Based on Gu Ruoyun's current level of strength, if she wishes to hurry on towards Main City, she could just take to the skies and fly right over.

However, she had not made the journey for the sake of Main City alone. Her main purpose was to find the medicinal herbs needed for refining the Fleshbone Regeneration Pill to help Xia Linyu!


Suddenly, Gu Ruoyun sensed tremors coming from the Ancient Divine PaG.o.da within her body and was surprised. "What's happening to the Ancient Divine PaG.o.da? No, I must go in and have a look."

Just as her spirit was about to enter the Ancient Divine PaG.o.da, a ray of light flashed in front of her and smacked her mental energy away.

It was as if a protective screen had appeared between her mental energy and the Ancient Divine PaG.o.da, preventing her from entering its threshold!

"All of you, tell me what's going on inside the Ancient Divine PaG.o.da!" she frowned as she asked. Her voice carried a sense of anxiety.

The Ancient Divine PaG.o.da was more than just her protective charm.

Most important of all, her friends were still inside!

After a long pause, Yunyao's graceful voice rang out from within her soul. "Master, don't worry. It's Zixie, he's going through a breakthrough! During this breakthrough, he shouldn't be disturbed by anything from the outside world, not even a single sound. Otherwise, this breakthrough will fail! The Ancient Divine PaG.o.da had understood Zixie's situation and automatically placed a protective screen between the outside world and itself! That means that you, Master, won't be able to communicate with the Ancient Divine PaG.o.da nor can you enter it."

Even though Zixie was in a coma, due to the existence of their contract, he could sense Gu Ruoyun's every action! This time, however, he must not be disturbed at all. Hence, the Ancient Divine PaG.o.da had automatically put up a protective s.h.i.+eld between him and all forms of communication!Does this mean that if Qianbae were to.... ( • )( • )ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ) with Gu Ruoyun, he could sense it too? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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