Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 4139 Clouds Follow Dragons and Wind Follow Tigers (38)

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4139 Clouds Follow Dragons and Wind Follow Tigers (38)

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

Even the empress dowager felt that she had to look up to the girl. What was wrong with this world? The empress dowager was so frustrated that she didn’t know why.

Meanwhile, everyone was shocked by what Patriarch Huyan said. Feng Xun and Lady Northern Feng had already come back.

Lady Northern Feng turned to Feng Xun. “Wh- what’s going on?”

Feng Xun was elated. He then turned to Lady Northern Feng and said, “I know that. Patriarch Huyan really treats Xiao Wu very well. When we went to Northern Yan, we lived in his tower. Even the king of Northern Yan couldn’t enter it at will.”

Lady Northern Feng was pleasantly surprised as well. “Good, good.” She was worried that Patriarch Huyan was only joking. If that was the case, what would happen to Xiao Wu?

Meanwhile, Yan Yu stared at Patriarch Huyan and suddenly said, “If you’re protecting this girl, fine. We won’t touch her, but you can take her with you.”

What was that supposed to mean?

Although Yan Yu didn’t say it explicitly, everyone understood what he meant.

“So, Patriarch Huyan is only protecting Feng Wu?”

“What should we do? What about the Junwu Empire?”

“Didn’t Yan Yu mean that Patriarch Huyan should take Feng Wu away? Are the rest of us going to die?!”

Many people were so agitated that they burst into tears.

What should they do?

What should they do?

Right now, everyone looked at Feng Wu as if she was their savior. Even those who didn’t like Feng Wu before now looked at her expectantly.

“Help us… Feng Wu is our only hope now…”

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Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 4139 Clouds Follow Dragons and Wind Follow Tigers (38) summary

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