Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 4141: Clouds Follow Dragons and Wind Follow Tigers (40)

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Chapter 4141: Clouds Follow Dragons and Wind Follow Tigers (40)

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Mr. Huyan was so fast that he was definitely better than them.

Uncle Yan and Uncle w.a.n.g stared at Mr. Huyan, and Uncle Yan narrowed his eyes. “Put the prince down!”

Patriarch Huyan didn’t beat around the bush. He tossed Yan Yu over. “Catch.” And the force he used was terrifying!

Both Uncle Yan and Uncle w.a.n.g exerted all their strength and almost lost their footing. However, even if they did catch Yan Yu, his face went ghastly pale. He covered his chest with both hands and only calmed down after a while.

“Let’s go!” Without another word, he led the others away.

These people were indeed from the Yan manor. They left without asking any unnecessary questions.

People of the Junwu Empire were over the moon.

Was the person who wanted to destroy the Junwu Empire finally leaving? However, Yan Yu stopped after a few steps.

Everyone held their breaths as soon as he stopped. What was it now?

Yan Yu looked from the crowd to Feng Wu and smirked. “Do you think you’ve won? No.

“Patriarch Huyan is here to protect you, but remember this: the empire is more powerful than you think!

“And you, Patriarch Huyan.

“Sacred Mu Cliff used to be so powerful that all forces trembled in fear, but now that Master Mu is gone, is it still the same? I hope you’ll behave yourself and don’t bring Mr. Wuya any trouble!

“I’ll be back in a year!

“The day I come here will be the day the Junwu Empire falls.”

Before that… Yan Yu had a cold look in his eyes. It seemed that they really could work on the Sacred Mu Cliff now.

Disciples of the Sacred Mu Cliff were in the Junwu Empire and were protecting a girl, who had the same Divine Phoenix Blood as Master Mu. That was a very big deal, and the princess would be interested.

Of course, the Yan manor wasn’t enough to handle the Sacred Mu Cliff. They had to get the princess involved.

Yan Yu gave Feng Wu a long look, left a one-year promise, and left with the others.

They left promptly, leaving behind a mess after the battle.

An idea struck Patriarch Huyan, and he said to Feng Wu, “Take care of yourself! ”

“What about you?” Involuntarily, Feng Wu took Patriarch Huyan’s arm. Patriarch Huyan said, “It’s urgent. I’m afraid I can’t stay.”

Patriarch Huyan left as quickly as he came as if he had never been there. But because of him, the Junwu Empire remained intact. Otherwise, it would have been wiped out already.

After that, many people realized how important it was to have a capable cultivator.

Today was supposed to be Feng Wu’s birthday, but after everything that had happened, no one was in the mood to attend the banquet anymore. They all left.

Lady w.a.n.g, Feng Sang, and the others saw the guests off.

Only Emperor Wu, the empress dowager, and a few others left behind.

Emperor Wu looked into Feng Wu’s eyes. He knew better than anyone else that if it hadn’t been for Feng Wu, Patriarch Huyan wouldn’t have arrived. The Junwu Empire would have been in ruins by now..

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Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 4141: Clouds Follow Dragons and Wind Follow Tigers (40) summary

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