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Chapter 2096: Soul Fusion Isn’t Easy

Zhao Hai sat under the Hundred Spirits Tree inside the s.p.a.ce. In the air around him were figures that looked exactly like Zhao Hai. These figures were also sitting down and closing their eyes. Between these figures and Zhao Hai was an invisible line.

Zhao Hai recalled the method to combine the clones and the main body. It doesn’t seem to be difficult. Zhao Hai only needs to take back the soul strand that he had invested.

However, soul fusion isn’t as easy as it looks. If Zhao Hai uses his own method to collect his soul strand, then the autonomy of the separated soul strand will disappear. It would only become part of Zhao Hai’s soul. It wouldn’t help Zhao Hai in controlling his clone.

According to the methods of the True Spirit Realm, after Zhao Hai collected his soul strand back into his man soul, although the two would be combined, the collected soul strand would have a certain degree of autonomy. If Zhao Hai’s soul was the operating system of a computer, the soul strand would be the software installed. Their uses were different. There was no way to replace the main operating system. Without the operating system, the software wouldn’t install.

This made it difficult for Zhao Hai because of his clones. If he used this method, then it would be akin to a computer installing a thousand software at the same time. The only outcome for this was the operating system cras.h.i.+ng from being overloaded. Zhao Hai was also afraid that fusing a thousand clones into his body would have adverse effects on him.

What Zhao Hai needed to do right now was adapt little by little and slowly fuse with his clones only by one. This would reduce the load on his soul.

After a.n.a.lyzing multiple cultivation methods, Zhao Hai finally started his soul fusion in earnest. With a command, the closest clone to Zhao Hai was pulled in and merged with his body.

When the clone disappeared into his body, there was no change in Zhao Hai’s expression. However, he was extremely nervous. He was now trying to keep the autonomy of the soul strand that he absorbed.

To be honest, this wasn’t easy to do. The soul strand originally belonged to Zhao Hai. Moreover, Zhao Hai’s soul was immensely powerful. The moment the soul strand entered Zhao Hai’s body, his powerful soul immediately began to a.s.similate it, planning to absorb it in its entirety.

What Zhao Hai needed to do right now was to control the strength of his soul so that it wouldn’t completely absorb his clone’s soul strand. He wanted to maintain the soul strand’s nature.

Zhao Hai felt that this task was more difficult than separating a strand of his soul. He compared it to how easy it was to cut off one’s finger, but it was more difficult to connect it. And it would be much more difficult to ensure that the finger would keep its own consciousness. 

After a long period of time, Zhao Hai’s soul had finally stabilized. The soul strand had completely merged into Zhao Hai’s soul while maintaining its unique nature. Only then did Zhao Hai relax.

However, there was a problem. Zhao Hai felt that there were two souls in his head. Although there was no conflict between the two souls, it was still a strange feeling. He sat in place adjusting to the two souls. He slowly separated them into two types, the primary soul, and the secondary soul.

After some time, Zhao Hai opened his eyes. His eyes became clearer and bright compared to before. This was because his soul has become more powerful than before. Moreover, after the repeated process of adaptation, his soul became more refined. 

Zhao Hai exhaled and looked at the rest of the clones sitting in mid-air. His eyes flashed a proud look. He has never been more confident than now. He believed that he would definitely be able to receive all one thousand clones into his body.

With the success of the first fusion, the second fusion became easier. Zhao Hai absorbed a clone into his body. Then he combined the soul strand into his main soul.

The time for soul fusion became shorter. Then the third clone, fourth clone, fifth clone, were absorbed by Zhao Hai and fused into his main body. His soul strength increased repeatedly.

When Zhao Hai absorbed his 100th clone, he had to stop. It wasn’t because there was an issue with his soul. His soul has adjusted to the soul fusion method. The problem this time was with Zhao Hai’s body.

Zhao Hai’s body was very formidable, so it wouldn’t have any minute problem. But this time, his body wasn’t able to adapt to the hundred-fold strengthening of his soul. Zhao Hai felt that he was a balloon on the point of bursting. 

Zhao Hai was aware of how special his body was. If it was other people, they would have already exploded from the overload of soul power.

What needs to be done right now is for Zhao Hai’s body to adapt to his new soul. He didn’t dare fuse any more clones to his body. 

After waiting for his body to adjust to his new soul, Zhao Hai let out a long breath. Then when he looked at the clock, he couldn’t help but be stunned. It took him a year to completely digest the 100 clones.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but bitterly smile. It seems like having plenty of clones also has its downsides. It would take several years before he would reach the Soul Fusion stage.

Thinking that he hasn’t seen Laura and the others for a year, Zhao Hai immediately called them over.

Before long, Laura and the others entered the s.p.a.ce. Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Thanks for coming. How is the outside world?”

Laura smiled and said, “It’s doing good. Little Tie’s cultivation is progressing well. He’s currently at the late stage of Rebirth. His progress is very fast.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “How about my Masters? Are they well?”

Cai’er replied, “The Yin Yang Elders are doing good. But I can see that they’re worried about you. They didn’t expect that you would seclude for one year. Young Master, did you break through to the Soul Fusion Stage?” Cai’er couldn’t help but glance at the clones sitting in mid-air.

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “I only achieved 10 percent. I have fused 100 clones into my body. I didn’t expect soul fusion to be this difficult. I’m afraid it would take me several years to break through. Right, when you go out, tell my masters that I’m doing fine. I will go out several years later. This way, they won’t worry all the time.”

Laura and the others nodded. As he looked at everyone, his gaze stopped at Julie and became surprised. He said, “Julie, did you reach the Clone Stage?”

Right, Zhao Hai found that Julie has broken through to the Clone Stage. This was a pleasant surprise. Julie was the first of Zhao Hai’s wives to reach the Clone Stage.

Julie smiled and said, “I just broke through to the Clone Stage. This is my clone.” After a wave of her hand, another Julie appeared on her side.

Looking at Julie’s clone, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “What are your plans? Do you want to create a few more clones and then perform soul fusion?”

Julie smiled and said, “In any case, I have nothing else to do. I might as well spend the time cultivating.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “That’s also good. I can tell you my experiences. My method of soul fusion isn’t easy.”

Laura and the others accompanied Zhao Hai inside the s.p.a.ce for a while. They told Zhao Hai about everything that happened outside in the past year. In general, nothing important happened in the True Spirit Realm. Ghost cultivators didn’t make large movements. Their activities even lessened, to Zhao Hai’s surprise.

After resting, Zhao Hai resumed his cultivation. Compared to his first session, the second session went faster. Zhao Hai also got used to the process of fusing his clones to his main body. His body was also beginning to catch up to his soul’s improvement.

In this case, Zhao Hai no longer needs to stop after fusing 100 clones. His efficiency has increased.

After fusing his 500th clone, a year has pa.s.sed for Zhao Hai. With his current speed, it would take him another year to finish.

Zhao Hai met with Laura and the others once more and asked them about the True Spirit Realm’s matters. This time, something huge truly happened. And it had something to do with the Tyrant Blade Sect. The b.u.t.terfly Sect managed to find a Ghost Cultivator among their disciples. Moreover, this Ghost Cultivator was one of their inner disciples.

The reason the b.u.t.terfly Sect suspected that there was a Ghost Cultivator in their sect was because of Hu Jilong’s matter. Hu Jilong used a throwing knife laced with corpse poison to defeat Li Fei. It was impossible for Hu Jilong to use corpse poison, so this raised the Tyrant Blade Sect’s suspicion. The Tyrant Blade Sect met with the b.u.t.terfly Sect in secret to express their thoughts. Then the b.u.t.terfly Sect began an internal investigation. And after two years, they finally discovered a Ghost Cultivator in their inner sect.

This discovery caused an uproar in the True Spirit Realm. Various sects began their own investigations. They didn’t want Ghost Cultivators to infiltrate their sects.

This wave of investigations confirmed everyone’s suspicions. All major sects found Ghost Cultivators hidden inside them. These Ghost Cultivators were extremely fierce. After being discovered, they immediately killed themselves. As a result, although they were able to find the spies, the sects weren’t able to get valuable information.

The Tyrant Blade Sect also performed its own internal investigation. Truthfully speaking, the sect investigated earlier than the b.u.t.terfly Sect. However, they did their investigations in secret. While the other sects were just beginning their investigations, the Tyrant Blade Sect was already finished. The sect found a total of five Ghost Cultivators, one of them was even an elder. Although the elder didn’t hold much power, the fact that they reached their position was scary in itself.

Because the Tyrant Blade Sect started their investigation early and in secret, the Ghost Cultivators they found weren’t as lucky as the others. These spies didn’t know that the entire realm was searching for infiltrators. After being discovered, the Tyrant Blade Sect used their own means to control their five spies. Therefore, they weren’t able to kill themselves.

The Yin Yang Elders strongly requested the spies to survive. The Tyrant Blade Sect neither tortured them nor interrogated them. This was because the Tyrant Blade Sect has been waiting for Zhao Hai to conclude his seclusion. As soon as Zhao Hai was out, the five spies wouldn’t be able to lie even if they wanted to.

As for the actions of the major sects, Zhao Hai didn’t say anything. The last time the Ghost Cultivators appeared, the entire realm should have already taken action. But in the end, because of the long period of peace, the sects didn’t react. Although they checked for a while, they found nothing, so they stopped their search. It was the typical thunder without rain.

Now that the sects finally reacted, Zhao Hai thought that they were a little late. The Ghost Cultivators should have achieved some of their goals and were preparing to make their move. But Zhao Hai also believed that since the spies had been found, the Ghost Cultivators would have to delay their operation. The sects were at their highest level of vigilance. If they made a move at this time, they would undoubtedly meet with heavy resistance.

Besides the matter with the Ghost Cultivators, nothing else happened in the realm. The Tyrant Blade Sect had some small problems. Disciples who went out for a trial were being ambushed by the Divine Armament Sect, which ended in some disciples getting killed. This caused a huge anger within the sect. Several small-scale conflicts occurred between the Tyrant Blade Sect and the Divine Armament Sect. The only reason the conflict didn’t evolve further was because the Purity Origin Sect was in between the two. Nevertheless, the Tyrant Blade Sect took a few heavy bites, causing losses to the Divine Armament Sect.

After Laura and the others left, Zhao Hai conducted his final session of soul fusion. He now felt a sense of urgency. He knows that Ghost Cultivators were plotting something. With the huge action of the major sects, the Ghost Cultivators were bound to retaliate. When the time comes, the next great war would occur. Zhao Hai needed to be strong enough to preserve his survival. 

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