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Published at 25th of March 2020 11:45:05 PM
Chapter 1702: 1702

Chapter 1702 (Raw 1714): Born of a Calamity

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The Holy Son Ming Xuan showed a smile on his face as he flung his hand, tossing that young cat-eared girl heavily into the wall . Some blood leaked out of her mouth .

“Your pair of Black Star Cat Eyes are really pretty good . With the opportunity from a fate with Buddhism, you can actually see my heart . That is something that even the Temple Abbot of the Profound Light Sect could not discover . ”

As the Holy Son Ming Xuan slowly walked over, his warm and gentle appearance turned exceptionally scary in the eyes of the young cat-eared girl .

“Speak . Did you see a white-clad bladesman with a grave and stern face? If you don't speak, I'll dig out your eyes,” Ming Xuan said with a smile, as though he was joking .

“I can figure out the answer from your eyes . Tell me, where is he?” Ming Xuan asked, still smiling as he stepped forward .

However, just at this moment, a tree root shot out from the ground and swung towards Ming Xuan at lightning speed .

The Holy Son Ming Xuan's expression changed slightly as he moved back in haste, narrowly dodging .

Then, he threw a palm strike that shattered the tree root into countless wood shards scattering everywhere .

However, in the next moment, more than a hundred tree roots shot out from the ground . Every tree root was a sharp, lethal weapon . They continuously grew and tangled with each other, forming a flood dragon that charged at Ming Xuan .

“Star-Venerate-level Fiendish Demon?”

The Holy Son Ming Xuan frowned slightly . It looked like the rumors were true . There was indeed a Star-Venerate-level Fiendish Demon in this Buddha Seeking Platform .

However, it seemed like this Fiendish Demon suffered from some kind of restraint, unable to bring out its full strength . Just the strength displayed so far was insufficient to force Ming Xuan to back off .

A string of Buddhist prayer beads appeared in his right hand, held between his middle and index fingers . The dangling Buddhist prayer beads formed a hand seal as he thrust his hand forward .


A Buddha image sitting on a lotus platform appeared behind Ming Xuan's back . This figure held Buddhist prayer beads in the same way and threw a palm strike .

Before the boundless, mighty force, the terrifying flood dragon made from tangled tree roots suddenly shattered into wood shards that filled the air and fell like snow .

The Holy Son Ming Xuan stood in the middle, looking outstandingly graceful, exuding an indescribable air .

At this moment, the young cat-eared girl was already standing on top of the wall, looking indifferently at the Holy Son Ming Xuan . Once she entered the temple, no matter how strong the other party was, she would not fear him .

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“Evil Buddha Holy Son, leave . Don't contaminate this Ancient Cloud Temple with the filth behind you,” the young cat-eared girl said coldly, not showing any expression on her face .  

The Holy Son Ming Xuan smiled and said, “Interesting . Born out of a calamity, the naturally impure Fiendish Demons can actually consider themselves the master of the temple . ”

“Buddha gives consideration to all life, having a fate with all things . Anyone can become a Buddha . You merely look good on the outside but are ruined on the inside . To think that you use an evil method to temper your physical body . I really would like to see how you will eliminate your physical body and be reborn, gaining a Dharmic Body . ”

The young cat-eared girl showed neither joy nor rage . She merely looked at the Holy Son Ming Xuan with some disgust in her eyes .

“You are debating Buddhist principle with me? Unfortunately, I do not have the time to debate with you . I'll use an even faster method . ”

The Holy Son Ming Xuan smiled faintly and thumbed through the Buddhist prayer beads in his hand gently . Then, he chanted scriptures . “I have heard Buddha say, all living things sinned . The Buddhist doctrine is without boundaries, purifying the and following the flow of karma . Nature will not be exterminated…”

“You want to purify me?”

The young cat-eared girl revealed a mocking, cold smile . This person was too naive, trying to purify her . One would need to be at least a Cloud Sea cultivator to do so .

However, in the blink of an eye, the young cat-eared girl's expression changed drastically . The scripture echoed by her ears, entering her sea of consciousness and the depths of her soul .

She felt irritable for some reason . Her bright, pure black eyes slowly filled with scarlet .

The Holy Son Ming Xuan was not trying to purify the young cat-eared girl . Instead, he was trying to use the scriptures to dig out the innately filthy bloodline of the Fiendish Demons .

The Fiendish Demons of the world were formed by obtaining Immortal Qi after the Immortal Epoch was destroyed . This was what “born of a calamity” meant .

However, after the Immortal Epoch was destroyed, the six paths of reincarnation no longer existed . The world plunged into chaos, and the Immortal Qi was already no longer pure . No Fiendish Demon could shake free from the contaminated Immortal Qi in their bloodlines .

The serious cases would appear berserk and live for killing, unable to escape it no matter what .

This was the original sin of the Fiendish Demons: born of a calamity, innately impure .

The young cat-eared girl turned increasingly scary . A thick layer of scarlet light covered her entire body, looking exceptionally strange .

She roared and used her willpower to the utmost to jump off the wall, no longer daring to block the Holy Son Ming Xuan .

He withdrew his hand and snorted coldly . Heavy disdain flashed on his face .


The Holy Son Ming Xuan forcefully knocked down the gates and barged in . He swept his gaze around, trying to sense Xiao Chen's location .

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However, there was a will here that could not be disobeyed, interfering with the Holy Son Ming Xuan's Mental Energy and preventing him from finding Xiao Chen .

“This Divine Vein powerhouse must have opened at least six veins . Otherwise, the lingering will would not be this strong,” the Holy Son Ming Xuan muttered to himself .

Then, he shook his head, choosing to give up . He looked around and said coldly, “Stop hiding and come out . Let's settle this in one go . ”

Right after the Holy Son Ming Xuan spoke, the stone table in the yard changed shape, eventually taking the form of a humanoid stone monster .

Three unremarkable stalks of gra.s.s swayed on the ground before turning into two cold and quiet girls in their prime . A handsome man holding a sword walked out of a bamboo grove in the distance .

Three black birds descended from an old, withered tree and turned into three strange men covered in feathers .

“This place does not welcome you . Please leave,” the stone monster said in the human tongue with a harsh tone .

“How noisy . ”

The Holy Son Ming Xuan waved his hand and sent out an intense, piercing Buddhist light, which blasted the stone monster into countless stone shards that fell to the ground .

The other Fiendish Demons charged at the Holy Son Ming Xuan at the same time without saying a word . They surrounded him and launched their attacks .

The stone shards on the ground slowly gathered . The stone monster had not died yet .

On the other side, the young cat-eared girl showed a pained expression as she did her best to suppress the berserk aura in her body . She arrived at the back of the temple, above an ancient wall, her body radiating a scarlet light .  

Withered roots draped down the wall . This was where the Star-Venerate-level tree spirit was .

“Grandpa Tree, the people with the heart of innocence and the heart of darkness both appeared as prophesied by the ancient Buddha . ” The young cat-eared girl spoke with much difficulty as she leaned against the wall, showing a pained expression .

An aged face appeared on the wall, and a few willow branches descended, soothing the young cat-eared girl's irritable heart .  

“That Evil Buddha Holy Son drew out all of the fiendish blood in your body . This will end your life, just like the prophecy says . Now, it depends on your choice . No matter whether you choose the bladesman with the heart of innocence or the Azure Lotus Holy Daughter's emanation body, they can resolve your calamity . ”

Finding the advice strange, the young cat-eared girl echoed, “The Azure Lotus Holy Daughter's emanation body?”

The Azure Lotus Church was born of Daoism and Buddhism . It was a huge faction with many believers and followers . However, Daoists and Buddhists did not accept them . This so-called emanation body was similar to the incarnation of Daoism but also somewhat different .

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The emanation body was born of the emotions of the world—joy, rage, grief, and happiness . Its character might be completely different from the true body's, and the emanation body and the true body did not seem like they were the same person .

It was rumored that the Azure Lotus Church's ancestor had three thousand emanation bodies, all of them cultivating in the world at the same time . When all three thousand emanation bodies simultaneously gained the Dao and merged with the true body, the Azure Lotus Church's ancestor could gain a supreme Great Dao .

The aged face on the wall explained in a deep voice, “That would be the woman that arrived with that bladesman . No matter who you pick, you can resolve this calamity . ”

The young cat-eared girl nodded and said, “I understand . ”

After thinking for a while, she arrived at an answer and quickly left this place .

Grandpa Tree had already reached the limits of its lifespan and could not fight at full force . It would not be able to block that Evil Buddha Holy Son . If the young cat-eared girl remained here any longer, she would only attract disaster over . That was not what she wanted .

In front of the Wisdom Hall:

w.a.n.g Ce was on the verge of death . He held his sword and did his best . However, the many monks covered his body in injuries . Zhen Xuan did not even make a move .

“Unbendable Might!”

w.a.n.g Ce used the Confucian Mantra once more . However, he was horrified to discover that his righteous Qi did not strengthen at all .

“Unbendable Might! Unbendable Might…” Panic appeared on w.a.n.g Ce's face, along with horror and confusion . “Why is it like this? How can it be?!”

The Confucian Mantra's Unbendable Might could temporarily amplify one's combat prowess . It was one of the life-protecting measures of the Confucian sect disciples and was extremely hard to learn .

w.a.n.g Ce possessed incredible talent . Half a year ago, he succeeded in cultivating Unbendable Might . However, now, he discovered that he could not use it .

For some reason, w.a.n.g Ce recalled Xiao Chen's words . The Confucian sect's righteous Qi was about being magnanimous . Even if one had any schemes, one had to declare them openly .

Xiao Chen had said that w.a.n.g Ce was narrow-minded and pretended to be magnanimous . Hence, there was nothing to fear from w.a.n.g Ce .

At that time, w.a.n.g Ce showed disdain for those words . However, those words struck gold . After he killed his fellow disciples, he could not use Unbendable Might .

“Haha! That startled me . It turned out that your conscience is broken, so you cannot use the Confucian Mantra at all . ”

Zhen Xuan laughed loudly and attacked at lightning speed . He injured w.a.n.g Ce so thoroughly that w.a.n.g Ce lost all combat prowess, then ordered coldly, “Search him . ”

Soon, a few monks reported joyfully, “Senior Brother Zhen Xuan, there are five Wisdom Tea leaves in his storage ring as well as Buddhist sect holy pills . ”

Zhen Xuan entered deep thought, then revealed an expression of understanding . “No wonder this fellow even killed his sect mates and violated his conscience . ”

w.a.n.g Ce, who was on the ground, showed an unsightly expression, feeling extremely guilty and boundlessly regretful . However, the claw wound on his chest put him in so much pain that he could not get up .

Zhen Xuan put away the tea leaves and distributed the Medicinal Pills to the others . Then, he looked coldly at w.a.n.g Ce . “You are merely a pitiful worm . Just kill yourself . You are not worth my breaking abstinence for you . ”

Suddenly, Zhen Xuan's expression changed when he felt a terrifying fiendish Qi . He looked around and happened to see the young cat-eared girl, who was radiating an increasingly denser scarlet light as time went by .

Zhen Xuan saw that the young cat-eared girl hid her hands in her sleeves . She ignored him and his fellow monks, just wanting to go past them .

“What a heavy fiendish Qi! Indeed, you Fiendish Demons revealed your true form in the end . ”

Zhen Xuan showed joy on his face . He primarily cultivated beneficence and could not randomly start killing others . However, killing Fiendish Demons could increase his beneficence and had a salutary effect on his cultivation .

Without a second thought, Zhen Xuan spread his arms, and a divine eagle bathed in Buddhist light soared into the sky . With one step, he charged in front of the young cat-eared girl .

“Don't push me!”

The young cat-eared girl did her best to suppress the Fiendish Demon blood in her body, making an unsightly face . When Zhen Xuan charged over, she could no longer control herself .

She let out a terrifying roar . The sound waves propagated and caused the surrounding halls to tremble . The many monks behind all collapsed at the same time, covering their ears in pain .

The young cat-eared girl thrust out her hand, which was hidden in the sleeve, at lightning speed in a palm strike . All her nails were b.l.o.o.d.y red, growing to about sixteen centimeters long and looking incredibly sharp .

The young cat-eared girl's attack landed first despite her launching it later . She pierced Zhen Xuan's chest, and then grabbed, crus.h.i.+ng his heart .

With his heart shattered and a fiendish Qi a.s.saulting him, Zhen Xuan quickly lost lifeforce . Filled with dissatisfaction, he looked at the young cat-eared girl, who had a terrifying expression and radiated a scarlet light from her entire body . Then, he fell over weakly, dying with his eyes open, a regretful death .

The many startled monks behind him went pale . Then, they screamed in horror and scattered in every direction .

A white figure with Buddhist Śarīra Pearls landed silently . Xiao Chen happened to see the scene of the young cat-eared girl killing Zhen Xuan .

She looked at Xiao Chen with red eyes . After pausing for a moment, her figure flashed, rus.h.i.+ng to the back of the temple .

Could it be that the person she chose to use to resolve her calamity was not Xiao Chen?

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