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In the small residence of The Rising Sun City team, the four animals, Nangong Mengmeng, Lan Fengli, and Du Lang were all sitting in the hall. The seven people were discussing together.

"Masters, you said that my master went to the banquet tonight to see Duan Hen’s appearance, right? Master's temper is too soft, wouldn’t she get bullied by people again? It would be nice if I were with her; if someone dare to tell her off with a word or two, I would beat that person up to the point that he needed to find his teeth all over floor!" Nangong Mengmeng was sitting before the table, angrily waving her fists. She was very depressed that she wasn’t able to go to the banquet with Shen Yanxiao tonight. She was afraid that her master's temper was "too soft", that she was too good to talk to, and because of that, she would be bullied by people of the Twilight City.

The four animals, who had a deep understanding of Shen Yanxiao, looked at Nangong Mengmeng with complicated eyes.

Temper was too soft? Good to talk to? Get bullied?

Were these words even applicable to that aberrant Shen Yanxiao?

Could this Nangong Mengmeng ever think of using the opposite words instead?

Shameless, black bellied, cunning; these were more appropriate labels to describe Shen Yanxiao.

Could she still get bullied?

Everyone could already thank the heavens if that little aunt didn’t bully others.

"Miss Nangong, you do not need to be anxious. Young master Qi Xia went together with her, presumably there will be no problem." Even though Du Lang's understanding of Shen Yanxiao was not as deep as the four animals, he also felt that although Shen Yanxiao was really bold, her character was still quite kind and honest to a certain extent.

"Master Qi Xia is smiling all day, I don't see his face stretch at all. He seems like a person who never tries to offend anybody. Will he be able to support master?" Nangong Mengmeng was very uncertain. She also saw Qi Xia as a good man who always had an eternal smile. For people who were gentle and courteous, one would know that they were not quite adept at the battle of the tongue.

The four animals silently turned their faces away, holding back their laughter to the point that their intestines were already tangled.

Qi Xia never tries to offend anybody?

Heavens. This was the best joke they had heard during this time.

That fellow was absolutely similar to Shen Yanxiao. Whether it were his shamelessness or his poisonous tongue, either could make people vomit blood. What part of him never tried to offend anybody? At most, he was a man with a big smile and evil intentions. He could even deceive this young girl Nangong Mengmeng, who had little experience of the world, into thinking like that.

They really wanted to say that Qi Xia definitely had a blood tie with Vermillion Bird Clan, he was truly like Shen Yanxiao's brother. Their temper was almost the same, and their black bellies were on par.

Both of them going together, it was definitely the most ferocious combination in history. If one wanted to gain advantage from the both of them, it was definitely just a dream.

"Well, you don't have to worry at all, they won't have any problems." Yan Yu was the most kind, also knew to appease the young mind of Nangong Mengmeng.

The other three animals had long been suppressing their laughs, so their faces were all red.

"Is it..." Nangong Mengmeng was still not at ease. She looked at Lan Fengli on the side.

"Little master, do you think they will bully my master?" Lan Fengli was the younger brother of Shen Yanxiao, and Nangong Mengmeng automatically regarded him as her small master.

Lan Fengli looked at Nangong Mengmeng expressionlessly and threw a cold response.

"If they dare, I will kill them."

"..." Nangong Mengmeng felt that she had asked the wrong person, as if she had ignited a pack of explosives that should not be lit.

Just when Nangong Mengmeng was uneasy about Shen Yanxiao’s situation tonight, at the entrance of their residence, Shen Yanxiao and Qi Xia unhurriedly walked, sparkling with radiance. Seconds later, Shen Yanxiao and Qi Xia leisurely walked out from the brilliance of light.

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