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"It turned out to be him." Shen Yanxiao sneered. This Geng Di was really wise; knowing that he might not be her opponent, he was rus.h.i.+ng to pull allies.

"Little Xiao, you were very bold today, but you must be careful. After all, this is the territory of the Twilight City. You should pay attention everywhere." Although Long Fei commended Shen Yanxiao's practice, he was still worried about her. After all, she was still young. Although her strength was enough, her experience wasn’t.

"Thank you, big brother, for mentioning this matter. But there is one thing I am very curious about. Since the Seven Kingdoms’ Elders Council has been able to control the Twilight City, why should they hand over the position of the City Lord to Duan Hen? His father is dead, he is alone and helpless, and he is young. It is not impossible for the Elders Council to directly seize the Twilight City." Between cultivating a puppet and controlling a city with one’s own hands, the latter was naturally better."

Long Fei hesitated for a moment before whispering, "In fact, the original plan of the Elders Council was just like that. In the past, Duan Wuya was young and healthy, but then he suddenly died of illness. The Elders Council were interested in taking over the Twilight City and put it in their own hands. However, the 10-year-old Duan Hen had somehow incredibly signed a contract with the Mythological Beast— Redflame Beast. With the Redflame Beast to rely on, even the Elders Council did not dare to seize the Twilight City. Nevertheless, even though the surname of the City Lord of Twilight City’s is Duan, he is no different from a puppet being controlled by the Elders Council. Duan Hen has now become a mere figurehead.”

"The people of this Elders Council are also too odious. They are even bullying a child! They are too disrespectful for old people!" Nangong Mengmeng, who was bursting with a sense of justice, immediately exploded in rage.

"The human heart is complicated, and the Barren Land is a big chunk of meat. Although the people who were sent to open up a city in the Barren Land had been successful, they still cannot fully control the resources here. They are desperate to fight the world, but they must give up certain benefits for others. If it were not for their strong background, I’m afraid that the City Lords in the Barren Land would have already changed a lot ot times before." Shen Yanxiao chuckled. It was hard to fathom a person's mind, especially in the face of great interests; if even one’s own brothers could still turn into an enemy, what could be said of others?

Shen Yanxiao said it very calmly, but when these words fell into the ears of Long Fei, they stirred up a series of waves in his heart.

The people who opened up the Barren Land were considered heroes. But the various City Lords who had carried huge benefits had become obstacles in the eyes of many people.

Long Fei was sitting in Blizzard City, relying on the Blizzard Mercenary Corps as a backing force. Geng Di could stand firm in the Magical Fantasy City because he had a father sitting above one million people... Duan Wuya is an orphan adopted by the Elders Council and he was placed in the Barren Land; although he obtained a piece of the world to call his own, in the end he still could not protect himself.

As for Shen Yanxiao...

Long Fei looked at the smiling face of Shen Yanxiao. The most contented among the four cities in the Barren Land was her; she almost broke her connection with the Long Xuan Empire, and as a result, all the resources in the Barren Land were controlled by her. Furthermore, her own strength and the power behind her were not something ordinary people could shake.

It was really enviable.

"That Duan Hen... very poor." Nangong Mengmeng whispered.

Nangong Mengmeng failed to realize that before she knew the truth, she had also poured dog's blood [1] on a certain City Lord. Now that she learned the truth, she felt he was pitiful.

[1] poured dog's blood: cursed

"I agree. I have seen that when Elder Wen is around, Duan Hen does dare to say a word. It's really...Ah." Long Fei couldn't help but sigh. If one day he left, would Long Xueyao become the next Duan Hen?

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