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The seventh day of the seventh month had finally arrived. It meant that the Barren Land would be divided once again for the power struggle, and it was unclear who would win in the end.

This time, the Twilight City had full control of the tournament. The selected venue of the tournament was the arena at the center of the city. The entire arena could accommodate more than a thousand people; aside from the partic.i.p.ants from each city, there was a large number of Twilight City‘s citizens who had entered the compet.i.tion venue.

The whole venue had already been packed since early in the morning.

As the winner of the last tournament, the City Lord of Twilight City, Duan Hen, was sitting on the west side of the arena together with his group of elites.

The entire arena was divided into the four directions: the south, east, north, and west. The teams from the corresponding areas would be brought to their respective position by a special person.

The audience seats were interspersed between the four teams.

The teams of the Magical Fantasy City, Blizzard City and The Rising Sun City had also arrived. They all sat in their own positions, waiting for the tournament to begin.

Shen Yanxiao was surrounded by the crowd, sitting in the most central position. Coincidentally, across the entire arena, sitting opposite her was Elder Wen whom Shen Yanxiao had angered before.

Elder Wen also saw Shen Yanxiao. He immediately pulled a long face and almost fumed in anger at once upon seeing her. If looks could kill, Shen Yanxiao reckoned that she would have already been executed by Elder Wen’s eyes.

Shen Yanxiao was neither anxious nor annoyed, but just smiled gently and politely.

The team of Blizzard City sat on the north side of the arena. Opposite them was Geng Di, sitting on the south side. If divided by alliance, there were the south and west that was the alliance of Elder Wen and Geng Di, and then the north and the east that was the cooperation between Shen Yanxiao and Long Fei.

The team of the four regions had fully arrived, surrounded by the lively crowds of spectators.

The tournament had not yet begun, but these audience had already begun to gamble in private.

Tang Nazhi’s temper of tending to get in on the action did not change a bit. After asking around with his jolting b.u.t.tocks, he then sat in his seat.

"Guess, which side has the highest winning percentage this time?"

"Of course my master!" Nangong Mengmeng did not hesitate to answer.

Tang Nazhi gave her a supercilious look. Could she act more like a lackey?

"The one who has the highest winning percentage is Blizzard City, right?" Qi Xia asked raising an eyebrow.

Tang Nazhi was slightly stunned before he asked, "How did you know?"

Qi Xia raised his finger and pointed his head.

Tang Nazhi felt that he was insulted.

"Don't you feel weird? The people who are making bets here are citizens of the Twilight City. The result is that they don't put their bets on their own City Lord, but instead place it on Long Fei. This is very strange." Tang Nazhi was confused when he learned of such a result. 

"The last time the Twilight City won was only because of luck, due to Long Fei’s absence. But this time Long Fei was personally leading his team. The one who will be partic.i.p.ating in the team battle is his own elite team. It naturally won’t be the same as before. Geng Di is simply nothing to worry about. As for Duan Hen, although he won the previous tournament, his young age is not enough to convince the public; furthermore, the Twilight City is not so unified on the surface. So there’s nothing strange with such a conclusion." Qi Xia shrugged his shoulders after throwing a brief a.n.a.lysis using his superior brain.

"Hey, Master Qi Xia, why didn’t you talk about my master? My master is not worse than Long Fei." Nangong Mengmeng asked angrily.

Qi Xia shot a glance at the extremely angry Nangong Mengmeng and laughed.

What else could the reason be? After his and Shen Yanxiao’s visit last night to the Twilight City’s City Lord Residence, he was afraid that the people in the Twilight City already hated them enough that they would never bet on The Rising Sun City, no matter what.

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