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Moreover, the foundation of The Rising Sun City was still shallow. This tournament was not only based on the strength of one person, but the comprehensive ability of the entire city.

The first game of the Four Regions’ Tournament was the team battle. Each of the four cities sent 100 people to compete in the arena.

"City Lord, we’ll go first." Du Lang stood up. The first game would be played by him and his brothers.

Du Lang’s psychological pressure was not small. Although he was very confident about his mercenaries, his opponent’s strength was unfathomable.

"Go." Shen Yanxiao smiled and nodded.

Du Lang immediately rushed to the battleground together with the other ninety-nine people.

All teams would draw lots to know their opponents. One team against another team. The two winners in the end would play in the finals.

One didn’t know if it should be said that Du Lang's luck was good. He actually drew the team of Magical Fantasy City. Compared with Twilight City and Blizzard City, the team strength of Magical Fantasy City was really in the weaker side.

The first match would be between The Rising Sun City and Magical Fantasy City, and the second would be Blizzard City against the Twilight City.

In terms of strength, team battle could be said to be the biggest weakness of The Rising Sun City. Although the strength of the Cave Wolves mercenaries was good, they were not the finest team. After the city was built, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps was so busy that they didn’t have much time to train. Hence, even though Shen Yanxiao concocted some potions for them to improve their dou qi and magic, their strength was not that much higher than when they had first arrived in the Barren Land.

Although the Magical Fantasy City was the weakest among the other three cities, their members were also elites selected by Geng Di, and because of his father’s position in the Lan Yue Dynasty, he had also recruited a number of experts. They should be better than the mercenaries of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps.

Although the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps was one of the best mercenary corps in Black City, in the whole country, they probably wouldn’t be at the top of the pack.

However, the people they were facing today belonged to the elite team of other countries. This kind of confrontation was really a huge challenge for the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps.

Shen Yanxiao sat in their viewing platform, looking at Du Lang, who was solemnly standing on the battleground. She could see that Du Lang was very nervous. The people behind him were also equally nervous. It seemed that it was really difficult for them to deal with the opponents. However, Shen Yanxiao really did not have any other team to play the game.

And abstaining from the team battle was something she would never do. If they surrendered without fighting, it was not the game that they had lost, it was their dignity.

After the drawing of lots was completed, the process was arranged. The team of Blizzard City and Twilight City left from the battleground, completely giving the entire s.p.a.ce to The Rising Sun City and Magical Fantasy City.

Within the battleground, a huge square platform appeared in the eyes of everyone; the entire ring was enough to accommodate the two hundred people partic.i.p.ating in the team battle.

The winner of the team battle would be the last standing team on the ring, in other words, as long as one team could put all their opponents outside the ring, then they were the winner.

The seemingly wide ring could not only to accommodate the two hundred people fighting in the game, but also their magical beasts!

The two teams set foot on the ring and called their respective magical beasts at once. For a time, tigers’, lions’ and different animals’ roars rang through the entire venue, and the whole ring became crowded in an instant. The s.p.a.ce where they could move became more and more narrow.

However, at the moment when the team of The Rising Sun City and Magical Fantasy City summoned their magical beasts out, there was almost an uproar in the whole venue.

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