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Shen Yanxiao had completely fainted from extreme pain.

Vermillion Bird was in a tizzy.

"The G.o.d's Seal? Are you kidding? How can this kind of thing be on her?" Vermillion Bird stood anxiously at the bedside.

"I don't know." Xiu shook his head. He was also not clear about where the seal on Shen Yanxiao had come from.

The G.o.d's Seal was composed of several layers of seals superimposed on each other. Each layer was a Seven Stars Locking Moon seal. The Seven Stars Locking Moon seal that Shen Yanxiao seemed to have solved after unlocking its seven layers was in fact only the first layer of the G.o.d's Seal.

This kind of seal was discovered only in the later stage of the battle between the G.o.ds and the devils. This seal had a huge effect, whether it was used against the devils or G.o.ds. And it was also difficult even for the leaders of the two races to break through the G.o.d’s Seal.

However, even in the battle of the devils and G.o.ds, there were not many people who knew of the G.o.d’s Seal, which was the greatest weapon among the two races.

"What will happen to my master?" Vermillion Bird asked.

Xiu replied with a wrinkled eyebrows, "She has just solved the first layer of the G.o.d’s Seal. And the impact of that is much more powerful than the impact from unlocking the layers of the Seven Stars Locking Moon. I’m afraid that she will be asleep for a while."

"Will it cause harm to her?" Vermillion Bird said.

Xiu shook his head.

Only then did Vermillion Bird breathed a sigh of relief.

However, if Shen Yanxiao remained asleep at this time, then...

"Master still has a game the day after tomorrow." Vermillion Bird gritted his teeth as he spoke. Shen Yanxiao valued this tournament very much. If she couldn’t partic.i.p.ate, Vermillion Bird believed that when she woke up, she would definitely regret it.

Xiu didn’t say anything. He just looked at Shen Yanxiao's sleeping face. He thoughtfully reached out his hand and wiped the sweat from her forehead.


On the next day, the members of The Rising Sun City’s team had already arrived in the hall early in the morning, waiting for Shen Yanxiao to appear so that they could go and watch the battle together.

However, after waiting for a long time, they did not see Shen Yanxiao’s figure.

Just when everyone was puzzled, Shen Yanxiao suddenly appeared on the stairs.

"Little Xiao, you’re really slow. If we had waited a second longer, we wouldn’t be able to watch the match." Tang Nazhi smilingly looked at Shen Yanxiao and said jokingly.

Shen Yanxiao glanced at Tang Nazhi and walked into the crowd with no expression.

After Shen Yanxiao appeared, people naturally started walking towards the tournament venue. Fortunately, they were not too late. When they entered the venue, Long Fei and Duan Hen had not yet started fighting.

Shen Yanxiao sat at the most central position, her eyes indifferently looking at the ring below.

Nangong Mengmeng tried to talk to Shen Yanxiao several times, but she was scared back by her emotionless, cold face.

Nangong Mengmeng felt that her master today was a little different. Although Shen Yanxiao gave off a feeling that made people respectful of her, there was still a trace of cordiality. But the feeling that Shen Yanxiao exuded today seemed to have completely changed. From when she had appeared before them to the present, not only had she not said a single world, but she also gave people a kind of indifference that repelled a person a thousand miles away.

It was not only Nangong Mengmeng who had noticed Shen Yanxiao’s abnormality; even the five animals felt that something was wrong with her today.

"What’s up with Little Xiao today? She seems so cold that I don't dare to talk to her." Tang Nazhi casted a glance at the side of Shen Yanxiao's face and secretly shuddered.

Today's Little Xiao was just br.i.m.m.i.n.g with extreme coldness.

"I don't know. But I also feel that she is a bit strange." Li Xiaowei’s face also held a trace of doubt. Although Shen Yanxiao really didn’t speak much usually, she always had a smile on her face. However, today, she seemed cold and unusual.

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