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Senior Brother Qian had never imagined that there would be humans in this world who would unexpectedly refuse to join the Broken Star Palace. And the reason was actually another organization that he had never heard of before.

"Phantom? What kind of organization is this, I’ve never heard of it before. Who formed it?" They must remove all possible threats.

Qi Xia smiled and folded the fan in his hand. He then pointed it to himself, Tang Nazhi and the rest of the animals, "Me, him, him, him, him, and Little Xiao, the six of us have formed it. What? Could it be that this gentleman is interested in joining?"

The face of Senior Brother Qian suddenly became livid. He was not an idiot. As soon as he heard Qi Xia’s answer, he knew Qi Xia was toying with him.

"Seems like you don't have any sense of shame at all! If not because I saw that the several of you have talent, we would have already killed you. Since you can’t distinguish good from bad, then we don't have to be polite with you!"

Qi Xia smiled and retorted, "By all means, don’t be polite to us; we’d like it more if you are rude."

The people from the Broken Star Palace had been completely irritated by Qi Xia’s words. They had never seen such an unreasonable member of the younger generation, who could not even tell good from bad!

"Kill them all!" Senior Brother Qian immediately ordered his men to slaughter this group of naive people.

Twenty-four Second Stage Professionals rushed to the members of Phantom almost at the same time. Five people resisting twenty-four people was an almost impossible feat. Even if their strength were equal, the difference in numbers was enough to obliterate everything.

"Many bullying the few? I’m so scared, ah." Qi Xia chuckled. The moment when the people of Broken Star Palace charged into the hall, the folding fan in his hand had disappeared and was impressively replaced by a platinum staff. The next second, icicles dropped from the sky and directly hit the people of the Broken Star Palace.

"Ice and Snow Rainfall?" Senior Brother Qian was shocked to see an exhibition of Qi Xia’s high-level magic. He was also a Second Stage Professional Great Magister, and he could also use the same magic, but...

Whenever he used this magic, he needed at least two to three seconds to chant, but this teenager actually casted such a high-level magic by just directly waving his staff...

This fellow was aberrant!

The Ice and Snow Rainfall was not very damaging, but it had an extremely strong deceleration effect.  Although the falling icicles did not hurt anyone from the Broken Star Palace, each of them felt that the earth under their feet seemed to carry a kind of adhesion, so their movements were very slow.

At this time, Yang Xi grasped his heavy s.h.i.+eld and sword, after which his figure turned into a silver light in an instant, just like a sharp blade charging toward the ice-covered group of people from the Broken Star Palace. At the same time, Yan Yu threw out seven totems, covering Yang Xi’s whole body with a tyrannical s.h.i.+eld of light.

"Glorious Shock!" Yang Xi roared in a low voice as he rushed into the enemy like a beast rus.h.i.+ng into its prey. In the blink of an eye, several Second Stage Professional Magisters, who had poor defense, had been knocked away by him upon collision.

It was absolutely a devastating blow when a Paladin, such a st.u.r.dy and highly defensive profession, rushed into the ranks of the fragile Magisters and Archpriests. Hence, the nearby Paladins and Swordmasters on the other side immediately pounced toward Yang Xi.

However, just as they were about to close in on Yang Xi, a bursting sword qi directly opened a crack resembling a long dragon in the ground before them. Tang Nazhi’s giant sword slashed into the earth, tearing the entire ground. His handsome face at this moment carried a crazy smile which was full of excitement.

Meanwhile, the Magic Archers were just about to shoot their arrows when the magic missiles of Qi Xia immediately flew toward them, not giving them any chance to shoot at all.

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