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"The Four Nations Agreement?" Elder Wen sneered at Luo Fan. "Shen Yanxiao did not even put the Broken Star Palace in her eyes, do you think that the Four Nations Agreement can bind her? She did not show her might before not because she was afraid, but because we haven’t touched her limit yet. If we continue to target her, and she really decided to take action, do you think her retaliation is something our several cities can resist? Don’t forget, she still has eight Mythological Beasts!"

"The Broken Star Palace will deal with her sooner or later." Luo Fan said, gritting his teeth.

Elder Wen’s politeness toward Luo Fan diminished.

"Then let’s discuss this again after you get rid of her."

"Then I’ll take my leave first." Luo Fan pressed down the anger in his heart. With a taut face, he quickly walked away.


In the ruins of the pavilion, the five members of Phantom and the people of the Broken Star Palace were inseparable. It was clearly ten against twenty-five, but Qi Xia and the others had not fallen into a disadvantageous position. With the cooperation between the animals and their Mythological Beasts, they had stabilized the situation.

The magnificent battle between these two sides directly caused the watching people of the Twilight City to slap the table and shout with praises. They thought that the battle between Shen Yanxiao and Duan Hen was already fierce, but now, seeing the five animals and more than twenty Second Stage Professionals battling up to this point, they could only kneel and wors.h.i.+p them in their hearts.

"Who are those people, all of them are actually Second Stage Professionals?" The crowd, who was busy watching the fierce battle, was extremely curious about the ident.i.ty of the group of people from the Broken Star Palace.

Second Stage Professionals were extremely rare. To think that there were actually people who could dispatch more than twenty Second Stage Professionals. This was simply defying the natural order.

When The Rising Sun City sent out five Second Stage Professional in a single breath, it already shook the entire Twilight City; but now, this was even more outrageous.

There was more than 20 Second Stage Professionals... Wasn’t the known number of Second Stage Professionals in the entire Radiance Continent only twenty or thirty?

"I just heard them mention Broken Star Palace. What is that?"

"Broken Star Palace? I haven't heard of it!"

For ordinary people, the three words “Broken Star Palace” sounded unfamiliar.

However, there was a white-haired old man who seemed to have heard of the name of the Broken Star Palace. He then whispered, "What do you people know? The Broken Star Palace is one of the two most mysterious and powerful organizations on our Radiance Continent, alongside the G.o.d’s Domain. The people who had created the Broken Star Palace back then were the powerful humans who had partic.i.p.ated in the battle of the G.o.ds and devils. Don’t you think that the number of talented human beings have withered over these years? In fact, the real strong humans are being invited by the Broken Star Palace."

"They’re that powerful?"

"You don’t believe? I even heard that the lowest level of people in the Broken Star Palace is the primary-level of Second Stage Profession; otherwise, which other force do you think can send so many Second Stage Professionals in one breath?"

"The lowest is the primary-level of Second Stage Profession..." The crowd swallowed their saliva. After they heard it, they completely felt like collapsing.

Under the old man’s agitating information, a group of people who did not know the truth immediately felt that the Broken Star Palace was so formidable that they instantly put them on the same level as the G.o.d’s Domain in their minds.

There was, however, a young teenager on the side who was very dismissive towards the Broken Star Palace.

"Is that Broken Star Palace really so great? I don’t think so. Just look, they have more than twenty Second Stage Professionals on their side, yet they can’t beat five teenagers of the same level. In the end, they just have a famous name. I think that those five people from The Rising Sun City are the real formidable ones."

The youth’s casual remarks made the people around him all quiet.

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