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Aeternatrix: Readies the waterhose to fight off the impending rioters.

Shen Siyu was slightly stunned before he immediately chuckled.

"Why does Little Xiao seem to know something?"

Shen Yanxiao said, "Big Brother Siyu’s grace of saving me at that time, Little Xiao will never forget it."

Shen Siyu smiled and waved his hand.

"Save you? It’s better to say that I have hurt you Little Xiao. I have been thinking that if you had remained as your previous self, ignorant throughout your life, your life should remain very good. Now, you are smart and your strength is enhanced, but I’m not really happy."

Shen Siyu looked at Shen Yanxiao, and there was a faint sorrow in his eyes. He rubbed the small head of Shen Yanxiao with a trace of melancholy.

"Sometimes, the more ignorant a person is, the happier they will be. I wish you could have stayed carefree your whole life; it would be totally fine even if I were to protect you all my life."

"Big Brother Siyu..." Shen Yanxiao trembled a little. Shen Siyu’s words were so genuine; a real concern was overflowing from them.

Shen Siyu smiled bitterly and said, "Little Xiao, I am no one important. You only need to know that I will never harm you. I came today, not only to deliver the matter about Third Uncle, but more importantly because there are some things I must let you know."

Shen Yanxiao was really astounded. Shen Siyu truly loved her, and she would never forget this fact. More so since he had already protected her for more than ten years.

"Big Brother Siyu, how did you know that my elf blood has awakened?" He was her brother; no matter what his ident.i.ty was, this fact would never change.

Shen Siyu sighed and replied, "In fact, as early as when you returned to normal, I knew that some events would occur one day, and your strength would advance by leaps and bounds. You must have now resolved some of the seal on your body."

He also knew about the seal on her body?

Shen Yanxiao’s eyes were filled with shock.

"Little Xiao, about your seal, I was the one who put it on you." Shen Siyu's eyes were filled with sorrow as he confessed. 

“Why?” Shen Yanxiao looked at Shen Siyu in bewilderment. Her ability was sealed and she was reduced to a fool because of Shen Siyu?

Shen Yanxiao found it hard to believe that the state of her body before was all caused by Shen Siyu.

How could it be?

He obviously treated her very kindly.

Shen Siyu looked at Shen Yanxiao’s small face that was full of doubt, “Because if I hadn’t done so, I would have not been able to keep you.”

"Keep me?" Shen Yanxiao couldn't understand more and more. The seal on her body was to actually protect her?

"Little Xiao, when you disappeared for a while before I took you back to the Vermillion Bird Clan, you have no idea how terrible the changes that happened to your body during that time were. You may think that your strength now is powerful, but underneath this kind of power are hidden dangers. When I took you back from the hands of those people, they did something to your body, so that you will only become stronger and stronger; but if you had remained in their hands, you would only become a tool for them." Shen Siyu paused a bit before he continued:

"I brought you back and sealed all the power in your body, hoping that you could live like an ordinary person. Your mental condition wasn’t caused by my seal; those people had damaged your nerves so that you could only become a fool who would listen to them. However, now that your seal has been undone, they will find out about you one day and they will come to find you. You don’t know how important your existence is to those people. Once they discover you, they will do their best to take you back."

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