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'How does it feel?’ Xiu suddenly asked.

Shen Yanxiao moved her body but did not feel anything different. However, she could clearly feel that the little seed of the source of life had signs of sprouting.

"Although it’s very slow, it’s much better than when I was in the Radiance Continent." Shen Yanxiao replied. Her elf blood had been awakened for some time now, but since she had been staying in the Radiance Continent, the source of life in her body had not changed at all. But now, it was only half a day since she had arrived in the Moon G.o.d Continent and the effect was already good.

Shen Siyu had not lied to her.

‘That’s good. This seal also has seven layers, you have to unlock them one by one with your own strength.‘ Xiu said.

"I know. The effect of a cyan-level city is already this good, I wonder how great the other city levels are." Shen Yanxiao felt a little impatient. The growth of her strength was a great temptation to her. She would like her cultivation to have the same rocket speed as before.

But she also knew that this was not realistic.

The power of her human side had been sealed for more than a decade, and it was only released later. On the other hand, she was starting from the very beginning on the path of the elves’ cultivation.

"Ow. I’m hungry. I’m going to find something to eat." As a strong human being, Shen Yanxiao had never experienced this much hunger. But right now she was just a fledgling elf, the source of life in her body was simply not enough to support her consumption.

Shen Yanxiao could only be reduced to a being that needed food again.

"Chirp?" Little Phoenix heard Shen Yanxiao's voice and opened its eyes. It put on a puzzled look as it tilted its small head and looked at Shen Yanxiao. It didn't seem to want to go out.

Vermillion Bird and Little Phoenix had been together for a long time now, and he naturally knew what it meant.

"This little guy seems to feel the power of the Tree of Life, and it wants to continue absorbing it for its growth. You go ahead, I will look after the both of them here." The original Vermillion Bird, who had been very arrogant, had already gained the consciousness of a nanny under the double training of Little Phoenix and Mini Dragon.

"The Tree of Life also has an influence on magical beasts?" Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows as she asked.

"There will be some, but compared to young magical beasts, its effect on adult magical beasts like me is only very small." Vermillion Bird had a solemn look as he said the fact that he was an adult.

However, Shen Yanxiao’s expression was very complicated. She stared at Vermillion Bird and then looked at him up and down. She smiled and said, “Adult?”

"..." Vermillion Bird gawked slightly before he immediately understood the meaning of Shen Yanxiao.

He instantly frowned and almost howled and pounced onto Shen Yanxiao.

However, Shen Yanxiao did not give Vermillion Bird an opportunity to attack. The soles of her feet immediately escaped from the room.

Just as she heard the door close, Vermillion Bird’s angry roar sounded, making Shen Yanxiao’s mood so good.

Occasionally, she needed to make that tsundere fume in anger to make herself feel good.

Shen Yanxiao hummed a little song and left without feeling any shame.

Qi Xia had prepared a lot of crystal coins for her, enough for her to spend over some time, but to support her for a year was absolutely unrealistic.

Then, why did that poor Third Young Master Qi not provide Shen Yanxiao with coins that could support her for more than a year?

It was because...

A certain fox was very clear that the ability of certain someone that had to collect money was simply too fierce, to the point of being outrageous.

Would Shen Yanxiao ever be short of money? This was definitely the biggest joke ever.

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