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Both the priest and pharmaceutical branch students were relieved. They were not going to be universally slaughtered.

“This is interesting. I’m afraid the purpose of this test is not only to a.s.sess individual abilities of students, but also to a.s.sess the strength of their team operations.” Shen Yanxiao’s eyebrows rose.

Currently, all of the branches of the Holy Roland School are taught independently and the students were not familiar with each other. But Shen Yanxiao reasoned that all of the students, once they first step foot outside of school, would indeed have to engage in different forms of cooperation. Honestly, Ouyang Huanyu’s test was the best for their long-run prosperity. This decision would undoubtedly let the students understand and experience working with other occupations.

“Hey hey!” Tang Nazhi laughed evilly, “Shen, we definitely should aim to enter the top of the cla.s.s.”

“How?” Shen Yanxiao glanced at his confident expression. She really did not know where such self-confidence came from… though she supposed that his head was big enough for it.

“You are silly, ah! Five team members, you calculate it. Our place has how many people now?” Tang Nazhi smirked and laughed.

Shen Yanxiao immediately understood his meaning.

In addition to herself and Tang Nazhi there are Qi Xia, Yan Yu, and Yang Xi. While she and Tang Nazhi were in the pharmaceutical branch, Yan Yu was with the priest branch. The three of them would fulfill the requirements set by Ouyang Huanyu. Meanwhile, Qi Xia and Yang Xia were in the magician and swordsman branches, respectively.

They could be considered as the strongest presence of the branches!

Shen Yanxiao’s eyes immediately lit up! Could this be called the legendary thigh holding?? Tang Nazhi dragged Shen Yanxiao among the crowd toward the other three and then carried everyone out.

Their team was approved with little suspense.

Such an amazing line-up, a large portion of the remaining crowd had tears in their eyes. How ridiculous. A single person from that group is enough to give a team a fighting chance. And yet they all teamed up together! Do they not want anyone else to live?

The other students would have protested, but out of fear of their strength, stayed silent. They merely squatted in the corner stewing in their resentment.

But it wasn’t long before an even more shameless act took place. Cao Xu, Meng Yijun, Qian Shanni, and Shangguan Xiao also reached a consensus. Then they pulled a student from within the top ten of the magician branch and formed another very powerful team.

After the top students had formed such a team, people immediately started leaping into action. Who cares if they do not know anyone! As long as they were the same level, pull them into your team!

Undoubtedly though, the pharmaceutical and priest branches were neglected since they did not really play a fighting role. If not for the requirements, I am afraid the other branches would have long put them completely aside.

However, because of the rules, the excellent pharmaceutical and priest branch students were abducted by the stronger teams. This left some new students and poorly performing older students to find a haven in some of the weaker teams.

Pretty soon, the square had filled up with teams. Amongst those gathered, Shen Yanxiao’s and Meng Yijun’s groups were the most dazzling. Laughter and chatter wove through the air, along with a strange excitement.

But… soon no one would be laughing. 

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