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"Trust me." Shen Yanxiao smiled and said.

"An Ran, this is a friendly match between Yan Xiao and Shui Ling. If you have nothing else to do, just go back." Qie Er was finally about to see Shen Yanxiao eat a loss; he didn't think that An Ran would run out to mess up everything at this moment.

"Qie Er!" An Ran looked at Qie Er incredulously.

Shen Yanxiao glanced at Qie Er and sneered in her heart. She went straight to the front and said to Shui Ling, "Don't delay, let's get started."

"Very well." Shui Ling laughed, which was incomparably nasty.

An Ran had been unable to stop this battle; he could only watch as the match between  Shen Yanxiao and Shui Ling unfolded.

Shui Ling's talent in archery was by no means less than An Ran's. They were both considered to be mid-level black elves. On the other hand, Shen Yanxiao was only a red elf, and she seemed to not be able to apply the power of her source of life to the bow well. The gap between them was very obvious.

No one believed that Shen Yanxiao could win this match. All the elves were waiting to see Shen Yanxiao become a joke.

The discussion between the elves was simple, but also very vicious.

In an archery match, both elves were to use their opponent as a live target to attack. One might get killed if they were careless.

This was why even though the training camp allowed the elves to learn from each other through an archery match, there were not many elves who were willing to stake their lives and fight.

Shui Ling did not put Shen Yanxiao in his eyes at all. He had already prepared a lesson for Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao and Shui Ling stood opposite each other. They both raised their bows, took out an arrow, and then pulled the bowstring.

Shen Yanxiao calmed her heart and focused her attention to mobilizing the power of her source of life. She felt that the life force in her body was gradually pa.s.sed to her hand, after which it attached to the bow and arrow.

This layer of induction made Shen Yanxiao quite surprised.

Using An Ran's bow, the power of her source of life could finally be combined with the bow and arrow!

The momentary surprise in her eyes was replaced by a hint of ruthlessness in the blink of an eye. Shen Yanxiao looked at Shui Ling standing opposite her, and the corner of her lips hooked up into a vicious smile.

Foolish elf. Just wait for your death!

Shen Yanxiao and Shui Ling almost simultaneously released their arrows. In the next second after releasing their arrows, the figures of the two of them immediately moved, quickly dodging the opponent's attack.

Two arrows pierced through the sky and flew away. No one could successfully hurt their opponent with the first arrows.

However, the battle had just begun!

A quick figure flashed along with the shadow of a flying arrow.

A magnificent and elegant battle between two elves unfolded.

Shui Ling's strength was really good. His attacks and dodges were in place. Sure enough, the strength of a black elf was not something to be taken as a joke.

Even the other elves standing on the side were amazed by the archery skills of Shui Ling. In this group of elves, when it came to archery, only An Ran was comparable to Shui Ling. As for the other elves, even though they were also black elves, they could not perform archery so vividly.

All the elves thought that Shen Yanxiao would soon be defeated. After all, her strength was not comparable to a black elf in the slightest.

But then, an amazing scene appeared.

Shen Yanxiao's figure was like a ghost. Without any difficulty, she evaded all of Shui Ling's attacks. What was even more incredible was that Shen Yanxiao's speed of shooting arrows was even faster than Shui Ling's.

They couldn't see what part of her was just a middle-rank elf.

Every arrow of Shui Ling failed to touch Shen Yanxiao.

It was true that when talking about rank, Shui Ling was better than Shen Yanxiao. But it should not be forgotten that in addition to her elf blood, Shen Yanxiao also had some human blood.

Her archery skills that had acc.u.mulated over time had already sent Shen Yanxiao to the peak of Magic Archer; combined with the instincts of the elves, it could be said that Shen Yanxiao and Shui Ling were actually equally matched.

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