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Humans' and elves' archery had certain differences. Humans’ attacks were more focused on effects. Every blow was very tricky, and their arrows were aimed at the enemy's vitality, which was due to the killing instincts of human beings. However, the elves believed in the practice of keeping away from the enemy, avoiding a life and death battle. Their archery was more of a pursuit of elegance and precision. They would subconsciously avoid the vital part of the enemy whenever they shot.

This was the nature of the elves.

It was because of this gap between the two races that their attacks had led to completely different effects.

Shen Yanxiao had the killing instincts of human beings, and also the elegance and precision of the elves, which made her attacks look extremely aggressive.

At the beginning, Shui Ling felt that he was handling a butcher's cleaver skillfully[1], but when he realized that every arrow of Shen Yanxiao was moving toward his heart, he was utterly shocked.

He wanted to teach Shen Yanxiao a lesson. But he had never thought that Shen Yanxiao would fight him as if she ruthlessly wanted to put him to death!

Faced with the shadow of death, Shui Ling's mind began to fluctuate.

This was what you called being suppressed!

The elves could never be like humans, who could be very ruthless to the point that one would feel their blood run cold.

Faced with such a battle for the first time, it was difficult for them to maintain a calm heart.

Not to mention that Shen Yanxiao's shooting speed was even faster than his. On one side, Shui Ling was to attack; on the other side, he also needed to dodge. The gap in time gradually expanded, which slowly made his calm mood move toward panic.

"Yan Xiao, do you want to kill Shui Ling?" The elves on the sidelines also saw where Shen Yanxiao's attacks were targeted. Even for those of them who were far away from the battle, such a feeling of suppression was too strong.

"Isn't this just comparing notes? Why is Yan Xiao..." The elves swallowed their saliva. What they were seeing right now was a rabid beast trying to bite her opponent insanely.

Qie Er stood on the side, watching this show that shook him to the core. He would have never dreamed that a minor elf could actually attack so fiercely and cruelly.

At that moment, a thought involuntarily emerged in Qie Er's mind.

This usually quiet elf might actually not be someone good to mess with.

For small things, she might turn a blind eye and endure silently, but once you touched her inverse scale, there was no longer a possibility of maintaining calm and order.

She would fight to the last breath.

Shen Yanxiao's anger would not stop until she ended the whole matter using her own hands!

What she wanted was a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye. If you made her unhappy, she would also do the same, or even make you unhappier!

What was even more frightening was that Qie Er couldn't see that Shui Ling had any advantage in the battle. Under the intensive attacks of Shen Yanxiao, Shui Ling was even a little panicky. Shen Yanxiao's few arrows would directly fly over Shui Ling's arrows, a little bit of carelessness and those arrows would directly pierce through Shui Ling's heart!

On one side was an elf who had been living in comfort for a long time, while on the other side was Shen Yanxiao, who had spent her life in a b.l.o.o.d.y hurricane.

There was a difference in the way the two attacked. Shen Yanxiao’s disadvantage in level was fully compensated for by her actual experience.

Shui Ling's advantage in level became just empty talk. After all, he still couldn't compare with someone who had been honed through the ruthlessness and cruelty of the world.

What Shen Yanxiao wanted was not to beat Shui Ling in a match; what she wanted was Shui Ling's life!

At this moment, Qie Er was in a panic. He wanted to teach Shen Yanxiao a little lesson, but he definitely did not expect that Shen Yanxiao would kill Shui Ling out of anger. If this really happened, he would be punished by Elder Yue!

In the face of a raging beast, the naive elves finally realized that death was hovering over their heads.

[1] doing a job with skill and ease.

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