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Aeternatix: Was gonna draw this out for longer, but 'eh. Subject matter is "Family Dinner"

"Is that true?” Vermillion Bird raised an eyebrow.

"It’s true!” Duan Yuan decisively nodded his head.

"Very well, then I will say this first. For the gemstones, I still want it back as gemstones. The crystal coins should be returned in the same exact amount, don't think about deceiving me. My gemstones are also good things collected from the Radiance Continent. Don’t try to make up the number with some defective goods." Vermillion Bird harrumphed after speaking.

Vermillion Bird’s request caused Duan Yuan to feel a headache. Gemstones were a luxury item that was in short supply in the Moon G.o.d Continent, and the gemstones he had collected from the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe at that time also amounted to a full chest. Not to mention that it was hard to buy them, even if he could buy the same number of gemstones, it was estimated that the price would be something that a small City Lord like him could not afford.

An elf City Lord was not as rich as a human City Lord. They just had more income than the ordinary elves, as for the rest, there was not much of a difference.

Without corruption, there was no wealth.

He could still patch up the amount of the crystal coins, but those gemstones...

Your mother!

What Vermillion Bird wanted were gemstones of the Radiance Continent!

The gemstones of Radiance Continent were more expensive than the ones that originated in the Moon G.o.d Continent!

Moreover, the gemstones trade with human beings was now blocked. Just where could he get so many gemstones of Radiance Continent?

Duan Yuan wanted to discuss this matter further with Vermillion Bird, but seeing Vermillion Bird’s posture, even if Duan Yuan had ten mountains of courage, he would still not dare to speak ah!

And there was also no reason for Duan Yuan to struggle. After all, the things had really lost while under his safekeeping. He could not let his family suffer this grievance which could not be told to others.


Where could he get so many gemstones?

Just when Duan Yuan was entangled with his own problem, Shen Yanxiao, as if she had just discovered Shen Jing, chuckled and said, "You are Shen Jing?"

Shen Jing was slightly stunned. He was just quietly crouching at the side, listening to the gossip. How did the topic suddenly s.h.i.+ft to him?

Looking at the charming and lovely little elf before his eyes, Shen Jing, in conformance with his att.i.tude of appreciating all the beautiful things, smilingly replied, "Yes ah. Child, you have heard of me, eh?"

Shen Yanxiao nodded her head before she said with an innocent look, "Yes, I’ve heard about you. They said that you came to the Moon G.o.d Continent to do gemstone trading, but because you did something bad, you were locked up."

Shen Jing’s expression became a little distorted...


Such a lovely child should not say such hurtful words ah!

He just happened to do something too intimate with some beautiful young lady elf, how did it turn out to be a bad thing?!

Which idiot was spreading this rumor? He would definitely beat him to death once he got out!

To someone who was listening unintentionally, Shen Yanxiao seemed to be just asking questions inadvertently, but when their conversation fell into Duan Yuan’s ears, it actually produced a series of effects.

As a matter of fact, were there not a bunch of readily available gemstones waiting for him?

Duan Yuan narrowed his eyes at Shen Jing.

Shen Jing originally brought a lot of gemstones to be sold in the Jadeite City, but only after a few days, he had been locked up. The gemstones brought by Shen Jing were still in the storeroom of the City Lord Residence.

All of those gemstones were produced on the Radiance Continent!

Duan Yuan’s gaze made Shen Jing shake all over.

Why did he feel that the gaze of his "future father-in-law" was quite horrifying...

Duan Yuan took a deep breath. Facing Vermillion Bird and Shen Yanxiao, he said, "I will handle this matter well. You should take a rest first with the elves of the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe. Later, I will deal with this matter perfectly and meet your expectations."

Shen Yanxiao smiled, hinting to Vermillion Bird that it was now a good time to stop, after which they went to the City Lord Residence with the elves of the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe to eat and drink while waiting for the news.

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