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"You are human?" Yu Ying looked at the handsome G.o.d-like man before her eyes, totally flabbergasted. She thought that Shui Miao was already a very good-looking male, but the man in front of her was countless times better than Shui Miao. If this man in front of her were compared to the sun, then Shui Miao was just a firefly that ran around the gra.s.s!

Xiu did not pay attention to Yu Ying’s inquiry, but went straight toward the three elves instead.

The three elves were already so close to the enemy, yet they still could not perceive the aura of the "human" in front of them.

In the blink of an eye, Xiu’s figure turned into a white light, like lightning that pa.s.sed through the three elves.

By the time the figure of Xiu appeared behind the three elves, six waves of bright red blood spurted out from the shoulders of the three of them!

In the twinkling of an eye, the six arms of the three elves were cut off soundlessly!

What made Yu Ying feel even more incredulous was that, aside from the previous bloodstain on his shoulder, a second stain of blood could not be found on the body of this human being!

Yu Ying looked up at Xiu, who had already arrived in front of her. Such a handsome man, she was willing to raise her head and look up at him.

However, in the next second, Yu Ying’s eyes suddenly got wider, and threads of blood ran down from her slim neck, dying her white skin red. She hastily covered her neck in horror, but more blood spilled over her fingertips.

The arrogant and insidious female elf fell on her knees with a thump, and a large stream of blood painted the earth under her body red. In a flurry, her whole body collapsed to the ground.

The three elves who had their arms cut off also folded down to the ground due to continuous bleeding.

The swaths of blood painted the ground in front of the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe's gate into a red scene which was unpleasant to the eyes.

The handsome-as-G.o.d Xiu gracefully turned around, his two feet floating in the air, so that even the soles of his shoes were not contaminated with their filthy blood. He slowly "walked" to Shen Yanxiao, stretched out his arms and carried Shen Yanxiao up.

"I don't want to wash clothes." Shen Yanxiao endured the severe pain with great difficulty and looked at Xiu who had a grim complexion. The blood on her body had already stained his white clothes. He clearly did not like filth, so why did he bother carrying her?

"My clothes don't need to be washed." Xiu faintly said, walking toward the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe while holding Shen Yanxiao in his arms.

An Yan and An Feng, who both had been nervous inside the hall all this time, saw a man, who looked like a human being while holding a b.l.o.o.d.y Shen Yanxiao in his arms, come in. No matter how calm An Yan was, when she saw Shen Yanxiao’s injuries all over her body, rumbling sounds immediately echoed in her mind and she almost fainted.

Xiu did not say a word to them and just returned to Shen Yanxiao’s room while carrying her.

The condition of Shen Yanxiao’s arm injury was too heavy. If her arms were not quickly treated, even if they were healed in the future, it would still leave behind some problems.

The ma.s.sive loss of blood made Shen Yanxiao weak all over, so that she could only lean against Xiu’s chest without an ounce of strength.

"There’s medicine in my storage ring." Shen Yanxiao strenuously opened her mouth.

Xiu lifted his foot and kicked open the door of Shen Yanxiao’s room. He then took her to the bed and gently put her down, after which he immediately took Shen Yanxiao’s small hand, which was full of blood, opened the storage ring, and took out all the healing potions inside.

Xiu narrowed his eyes, looking at Shen Yanxiao’s half closed eyes. Shen Yanxiao had already fallen into a semi-conscious state. After opening a bottle of grandmaster healing potion, Xiu suddenly looked upwards and poured it into his own mouth. Sitting on the side of the bed, he moved closer to Shen Yanxiao with one hand on the bed to support his body. His thin lips were both domineering and gentle as they covered Shen Yanxiao bloodless and wan mouth.

[Note: The t.i.tle is an idiom that describes eternal love.]

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