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Chapter 138th Say Nothing in Everything (2)

Cao Xu was very depressed. He was still fast asleep when Meng Yijun and the others wake him up, he didn’t know what’s the matter. He had a dreamless night but his head is aching.

The few people were uneasy, even after Meng Yijun shouted at him asking for the badge, Cao Xu inexplicably did not know what’s going on.

“Cao Xu, you’re being a bother. Everyone here is your teammate, even if there were some arguments you should still not be joking at this time.” Meng Yijun is still a bit close to Cao Xu. Yesterday Cao Xu and Li Xiang had some disagreement. When Cao Xu finally volunteered to be in charge of the vigil, he felt glad.

But when they got up early in the morning, they saw Cao Xu lying on the ground sleeping, where he should be keeping vigil.

“Who’s joking with you!” Cao Xu unhappily roared.

“Well, that’s pretty much enough of this fuss, quickly hand over the badges already. We are going to find some medicinal herbs today.” Shangguan Xiao is too lazy to go along with Cao Xu’s nonsense. He was unhappy about the fact that Cao Xu was sleeping when he should be watching the night. And even until now, Cao Xu is still messing around, this is really unacceptable.

“Yes ah, there are not many potions left on the hands Shangguan big brother. We have to collect the herbs needed to configure the antidote before he ran out of potions. Otherwise it would be troublesome to meet other teams.” After looking at their current situation, Qian Shanni cannot help but try her best to persuade him as well.

The corners of Cao Xu’s mouth slightly twitched, it is impossible to cooperate with these of group of people!

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Cao Xu, you’re done. Last night you said that you’re responsible for the vigil. As such, we left our badges into your custody. Let’s forget about you slacking off, but you’re still creating trouble right now, are you deliberately making a mess to get us disqualified just so you can be happy!” Li Xiang could not bear it anymore. He and Cao Xu already had a dispute, and if it were not for the others’ requests last night, he would absolutely not give Cao Xu his badge.

“Hold on! Just what are you talking about? When did I say I was going to be responsible for the vigil? Did we not agree yesterday that no one was in charge of the vigil?  Shangguan Xiao, didn’t you took out some swamp potions and made a trap?” The more Cao Xu heard, the more baffled he became. But the badge is indeed very important, once lost they will be in a big trouble.

Meng Yijun knitted his brows, he patiently said: “When we are sleeping last night, you suddenly came out to us and asked for our badges saying you were responsible for the vigil, and to prevent Archers of other teams from crossing the trap and stealing them. I saw with my own eyes when you received our badges and put them in your pocket.”

“Stop joking around! I never said that, you must have been dreaming! Also my badge has always been on my chest, when..” Cao Xu said while pulling the lapel part of his robe for the others to see, but the moment he looked at his chest, his heart suddenly made a thump sound.

His chest is empty, there’s not even a shadow of a badge!

“This… How is this possible? I remember wearing my badge on my chest!” Cao Xu panicked. He could care less about the others but his own badge actually disappeared!

“What did you say? You’re wearing it on your chest? Your badge and ours are inside your pocket right now!” Li Xiang humphed coldly.

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