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Chapter 143rd Chirp! I am not a robber! (1)

“Don’t you think you have no sincerity at all?” Vermillion Bird was squatting in Shen Yanxiao’s side. His small body nested into a ball, his white finger was drawing circles on the ground. He had followed a lot of outstanding masters before and never had an owner which is not all-powerful. Shen Yanxiao and they have nothing in common. Not only did she not have any imposing battles, but this goods also love to play some shady tricks, winning the fight without spilling blood. It makes his self-esteem as a Mythical Beast very hurt.

Can you give him a chance to play?!! He also wanted to show some of his glory!

Vermillion Bird’s wish came true!

Shen Yanxiao is nastily looking at some chubby child drawing circles on the ground, crouching under the tree. Her stare caused a chill making all the hair on Vermillion Bird’s body stand.

“What are you planning to do…” Vermillion Bird was s.h.i.+vering from being stared at by Shen Yanxiao. Her despicable tricks have left him a big shadow. Looking back to the day when she tricked him into going inside her body, Vermillion Bird cannot help but shudder.

“Don’t be nervous, I just want you to do me a little favor.” Shen Yanxiao smiled and took out a veil from the storage ring.

Lin Ke crouched under the tree; his ears are full of bell-like laughter. Four of his teammates are enjoying a hot spring bath, and he, the only male, was tasked to stand guard. Looking at the neatly stacked clothes placed beside his feet, Lin Ke can smell a scent of a female body from the clothing.

“Gulp.” Lin Ke swallowed his saliva. His mind involuntarily went into a fantasy where four naked white beauties in a hot spring are doing some slapstick play.

He felt something warm under his nose, confused, he raised his hand to touch it.

A red blood was suddenly on the tip of his finger.

“….” he had a nosebleed!!!

Indecent a.s.sault!


Stop thinking dirty thoughts!

Lin Ke wanted to cry at this moment. He’s just a very ordinary student from the Swordsman Branch. He doesn’t have strength or reputation. Yesterday, when it was time to form a team, he did not take the initiative to find a group who will let him join. He was just silly standing in the square, until a female student from the Magician Branch came to invite him to join her team.

Lin Ke didn’t think too much about it at first. He was not familiar with the other students of other branches anyway, so having had someone invite him was naturally the best.

But when Lin Ke saw his four teammates, he really wanted to cry but had no tears.

Four lively beauties… if this situation happened to any guys, they would be willing to die alive. But the problem is that among these four beauties, one is in the fifth ranked of the Magician Branch, another one is also the top of the Archer Branch. A student like Lin Ke, who has been at the bottom of the rankings of the Swordsman profession all year round, is not enough to be the opponent of these two people. If he harbours evil intentions, he has to think twice.

He can only forget about romance, he was bound to be an errand boy. Gathering firewood, lighting fire, and also responsible for vigil. G.o.d knows how tormented he was while watching the four beautiful faces at night. Even worse, these four female students will also talk in their sleep.

Just the thought of those soft, loveable whispers makes his body hot all over; Lin Ke really wanted to cry but have no tears.

In the midst of being thankful, because his body is still intact, and being depressed, because he has a wasteful life, he heard a shout from a young and tender voice.

“This road is my place! This tree is my plant! If you want to stay, surrender your things at once!”

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