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Chapter 158th Super Team (1)

He’s only 16 years old and has already become a senior magician, such a rarely seen talent in a century. It can be said that he is enough to rival Ouyang Huanyu, the dean of the Holy Roland School!

And what makes them tremble even more is that, from the beginning until the end, they didn’t find Qi Xia carried out any magic chant!!!

All the magic are instantaneous!

This is just unbelievable. Even the simplest magic requires a minimum of one second of chanting time, and the higher the level of magic, the longer it takes one to chant. But whether it was the previous flame bombs or the present ice and snow magic, none of them found Qi Xia chant anything.

Even if it’s a genius with exceptional gift, there should be no such aberrant thing!

A group of magician students who still have some fighting spirit, at the sight of Qi Xia’s high-level magic, has lost all their morale.

Don’t be ridiculous. They are merely a group of primary magicians; the strongest one has yet to break through into intermediate level. For them to fight with someone who’s already in the level of a senior magician? That’s just basically a suicide!

For the rest of the students whose understanding of magic is not as clear as the magician students, they are only frightened to see more and more snowflakes falling. The six swordsmen were already frozen into six ice lumps with only two of their nostrils exposed outside to breathe.

The crowd felt a cold s.h.i.+ver run down their back.

Who’s the fragile magician!?

In just a blink of an eye, the six swordsmen were disposed of!

Where’s the fragile magician!? What about being powerless in close-range battle!

For just a moment, Qi Xia had suppressed all the fighting spirit of everyone; even the dregs were not exempted. The archers cannot break the light s.h.i.+eld’s defense, the swordsmen were frozen into a group of ice lumps, the knights without mounts have no combat advantage, the group of magicians have been scared witless to the point that their legs started shaking long ago. Do they have to rely on the priests and pharmacists to throw stones at the three to kill them?

Stop kidding!

In an instant, the original valiant students were like a flock of birds dispersing from the ground. Fearing that if they run too slow, those three aberrant geniuses will ravage them.

G.o.d knows, if Yang Xi, the top of the knight branch happened to have a mount right now and he was to slaughter them, even if they run with their fastest speed, they will still be properly exterminated ah!

However, Qi Xia didn’t give this group of people the opportunity to escape. Small pieces of snowflakes immediately formed into a large area of snow. Snowflakes falling from the sky soon froze the students who were fleeing desperately.

Just hearing a m.u.f.fled sound, several youngsters’ feet were frozen into ice lumps and they fell on the ground one by one. Pairs of frightened eyes uniformly look at that handsome n.o.ble young master.

“Don’t rush to go. We have yet to properly confiscate your debts.” Qi Xia slightly raised his chin; the smile on the corners of his mouth made people feel extremely creepy.

In the middle of the night, miserable screams sounded from the Dark Forest straight into the sky.

Until the day s.h.i.+nes slightly, five tall and upright figures in the weak morning light left the snowy place.

Qi Xia lazily yawned, his sluggish arm circled around Shen Yanxiao’s neck. He was like a koala on the thin, small shoulder of Shen Yanxiao. In those half-squinted eyes hang a drop of glittering and translucent tears.

“Hard night, so sleepy.” Qi Xia muttered in a languid tone. Shen Yanxiao was thinking whether to throw this animal away from her body.

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