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Chapter 164th Close the door to beat the dogs (1)

On the one hand, Tang Nazhi lamented the world as the public morals are degenerating with each pa.s.sing day, on the other hand he continue to watch the two ‘lovers’ with amazement.

Until Yan Yu’s face was blue, Tang Nazhi was dragged by him away from the two students. There was only regret as he retracted his line of sight.

“Say, what are you planning to do now?” Shen Yanxiao picked up the 25 badges on the ground and put them inside her storage ring along with the two fools’ badges, then put on a look saying ‘These are mine, don’t you think about it’.

Qi Xia didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Looking at the little guy, he smiled and said: ”What is there to plan? Of course, we’ll carry out the test.”

Yang Xi nodded in agreement: “Before, a lot of idiots added insult to our injury, now it’s time to settle accounts with them one by one.”

Shen Yanxiao’s eyes became distant. She vaguely remembered the scene where 25 juveniles have been frozen by Qi Xia into ice lumps until they were lying on the ground. She doesn’t have any idea if they have already been defrosted at this time!!

“Ha! I’ve long wanted to give them some colors to see!” Tang Nazhi rolled up his sleeves, wanting to go all out in a battle.

Shen Yanxiao threw him a slight glance and calmly said: “You want to kill them with a flask?”

As a pharmacist freshman, was he planning to crush them with a flask or kill them with pharmacology book?

Tang Nazhi was instantly at a loss for words, he put on a wronged expression looking at the poison-tongued Shen Yanxiao, and squat to the side to draw circles.

They were undoubtedly good friends from the same dormitory, why does Shen Jue blows him up to the point of no leniency!?

This unfeeling being, truly unfeeling being ah!

Qi Xia picked up Tang Nazhi who still has a wronged expression on his face, he called the others and then they officially continue their journey into the depths of the dark forest to carry out their inhumane revenge action.

Shen Yanxiao as a new student of the pharmaceutical branch, together with Tang Nazhi, began the glorious days of their soy sauce business.

And Shen Yanxiao finally realized as well, that thing called ‘locusts crossing and not even a blade of gra.s.s grows’.

The three animals are a bit too vicious!

Along the way, no matter what team they met, Qi Xia will directly release the ice and snow magic turning the five members into ice lumps even before they can make any sense of what is happening. And after stealing their badge, they will immediately fled without even considering that the frozen students will be frozen until the end of the test.

The ice and snow magic of the senior magician, in the hands of Qi Xia is not the same magic with frightening magic consumption, he can throw one after another without gasping for breath!

Those students have no ability to resist at all. They can only watch themselves and their teammates as they are quickly being covered by snowflakes, and frozen into ice instantly. A lot of people did not even see the shadows of Qi Xia and the others, only until Shen Yanxiao, the one in the soy sauce business, came to steal their badge, they then realized that they have been attacked by other team!

Apart from Shen Yanxiao who stole their badge, they were not even able to see the other four members of the opposite team, but they actually lose their badge.

Their defeat completely lack suspense.

Shen Yaxiao’s super team can be described as a bulldozer sweeping through the entire dark forest. Occasionally, they will encounter some fishes that slip through the net, Yan Yu will then cast a restriction technique to trap them, and they can only wait for Qi Xia to roast them with flame bombs or to be knocked dizzy by Yang Xi’s s.h.i.+eld.

The priest is definitely not the most offensive profession, however Yan Yu can display his restriction technique to the extreme. So long as the person fall into his view, it is absolutely impossible to escape the close contact of the restriction technique.

[ Soy sauce business: “I’m just here to buy soy sauce” - you’re just at the sides watching the fun, or you have nothing to do with that/it is not your business ]

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