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The air in the room seemed to condense into ice at this moment. Shen Yanxiao's eyes flickered as she looked at that pair of eyes that didn’t seem to have any ripples. She vaguely felt that in the depths of those golden eyes, something that had never been seen before was brewing, but that emotion was buried under the glacier and could not be found. 

"What's wrong-" Shen Yanxiao tried hard to find her voice. Her heartbeat was almost about to stop. 

Xiu's face enlarged in Shen Yanxiao's eyes, and without enough time to finish her words, Shen Yanxiao’s lips were covered by his ice-cold mouth. A hint of coolness touched her lips; the ice-cold lips pried open her white teeth, after which a cold tip of tongue ran into her mouth, deepening the kiss. 

Shen Yanxiao stared with her wide eyes. At this moment, her breathing stopped and her little hands on Xiu’s chest trembled faintly. The strength in her body seemed to have been pulled away in an instant. Shen Yanxiao subconsciously dodged backwards, but the arms around her waist pulled her back with a strong sense of punishment, and tyrannically sealed the cry that almost escaped her mouth. 

Even the breathing s.p.a.ce was completely deprived, as their lips and teeth touched each other. Only coldness blossomed on that tip of the tongue, and this hint of coldness slipped through every part of her mouth. 

Shen Yanxiao's chest was completely oppressed and almost out of air. She wanted to breathe, and open even just a little distance, but her body which was locked in Xiu’s bosom was as if bound by a magic spell and unable to move. 

The gradual lack of oxygen made Shen Yanxiao’s limbs weak, and her weakened body could now only stand with the support of Xiu’s arms. 

Just when Shen Yanxiao felt that she was going to die from lack of oxygen, Xiu finally gave up his aggression, the cold tip of his tongue sweeping over his extremely red lips. Obviously, his eyes were very cold, but they seemed to be brewing the desire to devour the world. 

Feeling the fresh air once again, Shen Yanxiao seemed to be drowning. She gasped heavily for air and her eyes were full of steam, looking at the familiar face in front of her, and her slightly open red lips seemed to be issuing another silent invitation.

 "Why..." Shen Yanxiao struggled to open her mouth for her hasty breathing.

It was not their first kiss; nevertheless, it was a kiss that shook her to the core. At that moment, she almost thought she would die in Xiu's arms. 

This kind of kiss made her feel a little frightened. 

The current Xiu also made Shen Yanxiao feel a little unusual. His eyes seemed to be a little different from before, but what exactly was different, she... also could not tell. 

This kiss came so suddenly, and she clearly noticed his displeasure in this kiss. Just what kind of repressed emotions were hidden under his coldness, that he was enduring silently? He just revealed a slight bit of it, yet she was already somewhat overwhelmed. 

Xiu bent down his head. His cold forehead gently touched against Shen Yanxiao's forehead, and his deep eyes with intoxicating charm looked directly into Shen Yanxiao's eyes. 

"Don't do that again." Xiu’s low voice blossomed in Shen Yanxiao's ear, with a strong sense of desire, making Shen Yanxiao s.h.i.+ver slightly. 

"What?" Shen Yanxiao opened her eyes wide and looked at Xiu, feeling perplexed. She did not know what he meant. 

She didn't realize what she had done to make him unhappy. 

Xiu’s eyes hung low. His hands holding Shen Yanxiao's hands gave up their restriction and instead traveled across Shen Yanxiao's back and ran into her dress. His slender fingers gripped the ribbon around her slim waist and gently pulled it. 


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