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When Shen Yanxiao sneaked into the Broken Star Palace, she had wandered through all seven palaces, but she had
not found any figures of dragons at all.
It was not until the Dragon Knight took them to a secret door that Shen Yanxiao realized that there were still a lot of
shenanigans inside the Broken Star Palace.
Just as the hidden door behind a mural was opened, several angry dragon cries came from the inside.
The powerful dragon's might only belonging to the Dragon Race permeated around the dark room. Yang Xi felt his
dou qi constantly boiling almost the first instant he stepped into the dark room.
“What's wrong?” Shen Yanxiao noticed that something was wrong with Yang Xi.
Yang Xi rubbed his nose and said with a bitter smile, “As a Dragon Knight without any dragon mount, you should
understand that the dou qi in my body has always been yearning for a dragon.”

The aura of the dragons had great attraction for the Dragon Knights who had not yet signed a contract with a
“There are still several dragons here who have not yet signed a contract with anyone. If you are interested, you can
give it a try; it's just that these dragons have very bad tempers.” The Dragon Knight looked at Yang Xi and said. He
knew Yang Xi's ident.i.ty and he could understand Yang Xi's abnormal reaction because he was also a Dragon
“Dragons are very aggressive. How did you suppress them here?” Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes. The darkroom
was pitch-black and the path ahead could not be seen clearly. But based on the echoes of the sounds, it could be
guessed that it was very s.p.a.cious.
The Dragon Knight looked somewhat hesitant. He drew his lips into a line and answered after a moment of
hesitation, “There's the heart of an eight-winged golden dragon here.”
“What?” Shen Yanxiao suddenly halted her footsteps and looked at the Dragon Knight incredulously.
The Dragon Knight's face was full of pain. For these knights, dragons were extremely precious. It could be said that
a dragon, for them, was comparable to the magical beast they had a contract with.
“It was Ouyang Huanyu who gave it to the late palace master. Ouyang Huanyu used a special method to release the
dragon might of the dragon's heart. The might of the eight-winged golden dragon can suppress the strength of other
dragons. But in the same way, they will feel the death of the golden dragon of the same race, and the dragons will
became extremely irritable and angry.”
In the Dragon Race, a eight-winged golden dragon had the same status as the Elf King, except that there was not
only one of them.

Imagine if the elves were locked in a darkroom with their Elf King's heart in it. It would be strange to think that the
elves would not go mad directly.
“Was that sc.u.m and Ouyang Huanyu working together in a lot of things?” Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly. Eightwinged golden dragons were as rare as Divine Professionals among human beings. Who was Ouyang Huanyu in the

end that he could even get the heart of an eight-winged golden dragon?
“The transplant technique is something that Ouyang Huanyu also gave to the late palace master. In addition to the
transplant technique, he would also send something else, and in exchange, the Broken Star Palace must give him the
people who had died after going through the transplant technique. I heard from several other sages that the people
who were sent over were used for some experiments; as for the specific details, I am not clear.” The Dragon Knight
told Shen Yanxiao everything he knew. In fact, he didn't like to join in the dirty business in the Broken Star Palace.
He just devoted himself to cultivation; it was also why he was the only one who had signed a contract with a
The dragons were willing to accept him. In a sense, it proved that his character was not too bad. Otherwise, the
dragons would rather die than submit to him.

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