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Chapter 199th A dog’s eyes look down on a person (3)

Shen Yanxiao didn’t doubt him and instead followed the direction Xiu had pointed.

Wan Li and the others watched as Shen Yanxiao silently walked away, and he immediately ridiculed: “I knew that poor kid can’t absolutely afford to buy such an expensive weapon, yet he still insist on inviting disgrace upon himself. On what basis is he deserving of such a good bow? And now, when he was asked for the payment, he immediately walked away with guilty conscience, simply shameless.” Wan Li said, and then he smilingly looked at Meng Yijun: “This kind of good bow, naturally only a genius such as Senior Meng deserves it.”

Meng Yijun had a proud face. He was the top archer student of the Holy Roland School, and naturally must use the best bow. And only his family’s financial resources could let him have no qualms about picking weapons.

“Wrap this bow for me.” Meng Yijun proudly took out a silver crystal card from his storage ring.

Wan Li’s eyes lit up at once.

This crystal card was issued by the banks. People could deposit money in bank and the bank would record the amount of deposited gold coins then store them in the crystal card.

It’s like the credit card of the modern society.

Furthermore, just like credit cards, this crystal cards were also graded. The ordinary crystal card was translucent white and when the amount of gold coins reached 1 million, the bank would automatically replace it with silver crystal card for the guest. This was the so called silver crystal card.

When Meng Yijun took out the silver crystal card, Wan Li and another juvenile’s eyes immediately flashed with incomparable envy.

Their cards were the most common card, white crystal card that only had ten thousand gold coins.

The shop a.s.sistant took Meng Yijun’s silver crystal card and very eagerly went to the counter to deduct the bill.

Wan Li glanced at the local tyrant Meng Yijun and then looked at Shen Yanxiao who’s walking towards the corner of the room, and then he immediately shouted: “This is how a true wealthy person is; they’re not like some people who like to injure themselves by putting on a vain show but don’t really have the capability.”

Yet Shen Yanxiao wasn’t interested in paying an attention to this clamouring, because when she walked towards the place Xiu had told her, her heart gave an inexplicable impulse, as if there was a voice in her mind urging her to quicken her footsteps.

Pretty soon, Shen Yanxiao arrived at the corner of the room. Unlike the luxuries of other places, in there was a very simple shelf. On the shelf quietly sat an ordinary-looking, dark purple longbow. The bow was not as dazzling as a wooden bow nor did it have the luxury of a rank 8 magic nucleus. There wasn’t any l.u.s.tre covered in its body. If one doesn’t look clearly they might even thought that it’s covered with dirt.

Even more strange was that there was not a single magic nucleus on the whole body of the bow.

This was to say that the bow was just a semi-finished product and not a finish product.

For it can only be called a finished product once a magic nucleus was placed in it.

But Shen Yanxiao could clearly felt the excitement within her heart; she subconsciously outstretched her hand towards the bow, gently holding it.

When the cold bow was covered with her warm palms, the calm lake inside Shen Yanxiao’s heart was like being thrown with stones; causing a lot of ripples.

‘It’s your best choice. That’s a resonance.’ Xiu’s voice that was cold and cheerless resounded.

Shen Yanxiao’s eyes lit up. She was sure that this was the bow she wanted, this was her bow!

Without hesitation, Shen Yanxiao grabbed the longbow with her hand and went over the counter to put the longbow on her hands to the one side of the desk, and she said somewhat excited:

“I’ll take this bow!”

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