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Chapter 217 - Chapter 217: One-sided (3)

“Ah, how tiny.” Tang Nazhi held the melon seeds in one hand while he used the other to stuff them into his mouth. He didn’t think in the least that a pharmacist student like him appearing at the archer branch to watch their compet.i.tion was somewhat odd.

“It looks like he’s about the same age as Shen Jue.” A certain animal who had slipped in from the priest branch stared at the little guy and said.

“Their size is also similar.” Yang Xi narrowed his eyes.

“Yang Xi, don’t you have a challenge today? Why are you here?” Tang Nazhi threw a baffled look at Yang Xi who had arrived a bit earlier than himself. Even though he sat at the top of the knight branch, the hot-blooded youths of the knight branch were quite terrible. Almost regularly, Yang Xi would appear in a battle.

“It’s over.” Yang Xi shrugged.

Tang Nazhi was speechless and he turned to look at the sky. Judging by the time Yang Xi had come over here, he had beaten his opponent for no more than three minutes…

“Apart from the countenance, this little fellow also resembles our little Jue.” Qi Xia leaned against the wall in a graceful manner, thoughtfully looking at the seemingly familiar pet.i.te figure.

“This fellow isn’t as good-looking as my family’s little Jue!” Tang Nazhi unhesitatingly remarked.

Qi Xia gave him a supercilious look. The only difference between Shen Jue and the little archer in front of them was that the archer was a little darker in colour and had freckles on his face. Nevertheless, they have the same kind of appearance that would be forgotten easily in the crowd.

“Say, why didn’t little Jue come?” Qi Xia swept a glance at Tang Nazhi. As the one who was in the same dormitory as Shen Jue, it was an unforgivable thing not to bring Shen Jue over.  

Tang Nazhi immediately showed a bitter face and said: “I would’ve liked it if he came, too. But I have no idea what that kid has been doing these past few days. Every day, after lunch, there’ll be no traces of him. He’s being mysterious.”

Qi Xia just raised his eyebrows and didn’t say anything else. But his eyes were flas.h.i.+ng with interest.

“Being unoccupied is also being idle. How about we make a bet?” Qi Xia looked at the other three animals.

“What bet?” The trio asked.

Qi Xia slightly raised his chin, pointing to Shen Yanxiao who had walked in front of Wan Li, and then he said: “Let’s bet who has the greater odds of winning, the student from the red cla.s.s or the one from the purple cla.s.s.”

“Are you sure?” Tang Nazhi was in a high spirits.


“Come on, grandpa! I haven’t done this for a long time. I’m itching to make a bet very much.” Tang Nazhi was immediately ready to start the bet.

And because his voice was slightly louder, the other students had noticed the existence of the four animals. When they found out that the four guys didn’t belong to the archer branch, but appeared in the archer branch’s shooting field and started a bet, everyone’s jaw almost fell off.

These four people, do they even have any shame, trying to peep? And not even one of them was from the archer branch, then who were these people that were bustling with noise?

They despised these kinds of people, but when they heard that a bet was about to take place, those students who loved gambling immediately felt an intolerable itch. Knowing that the bet would revolve around Wan Li and Shen Yanxiao, all the students were boiling with excitement.

Was this even a bet? They could already guess who was going to win even if they used their toes to think!

The result of this bet was so obvious. Were they rus.h.i.+ng to send them their money?

Some students who did not intend to partic.i.p.ate at first, heard the contents of the bet, and immediately brandished their purses, asking to join the gamble.

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