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Chapter 229 - Caught (3)

 If she just knew that her curse technique would cause so much trouble, she might just as well have stolen those books since the beginning.

But it’s too late for regrets now. It seems that Ouyang Huanyu had set this trap using perceptual magic as early as half a month ago, waiting for her to take the bait.

However, in the extreme despair of Shen Yanxiao, a bleak figure silently came out of the Warlock tower.

An old man wearing a gray robe, with his back bent had unhurriedly went to the road of the Warlock Branch. Step-by-step, he went closer to Ouyang Huanyu who was standing before the Warlock Branch’s statue, his old face had a hint of frustration.

"What does Dean Ouyang need for visiting the Warlock Branch frequently these past few days?" The old man unhurriedly asked.

Ouyang Huanyu's face had a trace of a smile, he looked at the old man who suddenly appeared and said: "It’s been so many years, how long have you been indoors in the Warlock tower?"

"I don’t remember." The old man shook his head. Today, if it were not necessary, he didn’t want to leave that piece of pure land.

"Yun Qi, sorry to disturb you, but I only came here to catch the Warlock that poses as a student of my Holy Roland School. So if there’s nothing more, you can go back and leave." Ouyang Huanyu’s att.i.tude was very mild, and wasn’t intending to embarra.s.s the old man.

But when Ouyang Huanyu mentioned the name of the old man, Shen Yanxiao who was hiding in the shadows got startled and trembled from head to toe.

Yun Qi!

Wasn’t that the owner of the sheepskin book?

Shen Yanxiao’s eyes that were full of shock fell on the old back figure of Yun Qi. Shen Yanxiao was very clear of how formidable the curse techniques written in the sheepskin book were. But before, Xiu had clearly seen the situation of the old man, there was no trace of magic existing in his body.

He was obviously just an ordinary old man, but how could such a person write out such powerful curse techniques in the sheepskin book?

Shen Yanxiao looked at Yun Qi with extremely complex eyes. The sheepskin book opened the way for her to be a real Warlock, and the old man was likely to be the one who had written the book.

In a sense, Yun Qi was her teacher on the path of the Warlock.

Yun Qi quietly sighed and looked up at the dilapidated statue and said: “What Dean Ouyang’s thought is just a misunderstanding. There is no such poser in my Warlock Branch, but just an ordinary student who wants to embark on the Warlock’s path.”

Yun Qi’s words surprised both Ouyang Huanyu and Shen Yanxiao for a moment.

Shen Yanxiao was surprised because based on the tone of Yun Qi, he was clearly aware of her existence, but when did he found her out?

And why didn’t he say anything if he already discovered her?

Ouyang Huanyu was surprised at the acknowledgement of Yun Qi, admitting that the person who emerged from outside of the Holy Roland School was a student of the Warlock Branch.

One must know that the Warlock Branch of the Holy Roland School had been without a student for so many years, let alone a mentor. The entire Warlock Branch only had one person, which was Yun Qi.

Saying that the person was a student of the Warlock Branch was equivalent to admitting that the person was his own student!

Ouyang Huanyu laughed before his eyes swept over Shen Yanxiao’s hiding place.He thoughtfully looked and said: "Since it is your student, it’s obvious that he’s not some poser. It's naturally a good thing that the Warlock Branch has finally gotten a student, so why must you hide? And you can rest a.s.sured that since I have retained the Warlock Branch, I will naturally give you the power to recruit a student.”

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