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Chapter 249 - Moonlight Necklace (2)

“Then I’ll see my master tomorrow morning.” Shen Yanxiao had thought that tonight was certainly a hopeless night.

"Don’t worry, if anything happens tomorrow morning, I’ll find find a way to immediately inform you of Ouyang Huanyu’s actions..." As the top student of the Priest Branch, Yan Yu was very sure that he would be at the side of Ouyang Huanyu tomorrow morning. Therefore, he would make sure that he wouldn’t suddenly run to the Warlock Branch to catch people.

The five of them had stayed for a long time to discuss the matter together. It was decided that Shen Yanxiao would go to the Warlock Branch tomorrow morning to meet her master while Tang Nazhi would be squatting outside the Priest Branch to wait for Yan Yu’s news, and in case of any accident, he would immediately run to the Warlock Branch to notify Shen Yanxiao.

With the help of Yan Yun and Tang Nazhi, Shen Yanxiao finally felt a little relieved.

The next morning, Shen Yanxiao went to the Warlock Branch under the cover of Tang Nazhi. Anyway, "Shen Jue" had been in a sick leave for a few days in the Pharmaceutical Branch, even if she was absent for one more day, no one would notice.

This time, Xiu had started to watch the surrounding even before they got near the Warlock Branch to know if there would be someone to ambush them. In the end, he didn’t detect anything. It was very obvious that Ouyang Huanyu was greatly interested in Shen Yanxiao, but because he’s also aware of how sensitive were the existence of the Warlocks in the Radiance Continent, he didn’t let other people to be responsible of this matter.

For the first time, Shen Yanxiao entered the Warlock Branch during the day. The white buildings on both sides of the road were covered with vines and the Warlock Branch which hadn’t been visited by people for a long time seemed to be more desolate in the daytime. Pa.s.sing through the dilapidated Warlock statue, Shen Yanxiao quickly walked towards the Warlock tower.

Although it was the daytime, the Warlock tower was still blooming with the light from the light congealing crystals. Yun Qi, as usual was sitting behind the desk, buried in a pile of books.

With careful attention, it could be seen that this seemingly normal old man’s eyes were mingled with a hint of anxiety.

"The little girl has not appeared for three days. She didn’t encounter something, right?" Yun Qi looked down at the files on his hands, his thoughts however had long flew beyond the topmost clouds[1].

Even though the time he was teaching Shen Yanxiao was still not considered long enough, he knew that the little girl really had the mind to painstakingly learn the rough road of the Warlocks. Before, she’d always appeared in the Warlock tower on time but recently, there was no trace of her.

Yun Qi’s heart couldn’t help but feel somewhat troubled. He was afraid that Shen Yanxiao might have encountered some accident.

Just as when Yun Qi was being extra worried, an agile figure sprang into the quiet Warlock tower.

"Master." Shen Yanxiao cleverly stood in front of Yun Qi and her heart held a trace of apology.

According to Yun Qi’s temperament, she’s afraid that everyday, he had waited for her until late at night.

"You came." Yun Qi looked at his student who had disappeared for three days, his heart was finally relieved.

"I’m sorry, a few days ago I fell ill and was not able to come on time. I wanted to come last night, but I did not expect to actually see Dean Ouyang at the gates of the Warlock Branch." Shen Yanxiao explained.

Yun Qi was slightly startled for a moment. Shen Yanxiao's last words really surprised him that his relaxed expression gradually turned into having a twisted eyebrows.


"Master, I think that Dean Ouyang wants to see me, but I was worried to expose my ident.i.ty so I thought of ways to slip away." Shen Yanxiao didn’t reveal the matter about Qi Xia and others. Although she trusted the four of them, she wasn’t sure if Yun Qi would be happy to see her closely related to other professions.

 [1] unimaginably far away

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