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Chapter 283 - I refuse! (3)

But now, how come these two kinds of herbs that constantly gave him a headache had been perfectly combined in the hands of this extremely disagreeable kid?

How was this possible!?

Pu Lisi didn't pay the others any heed and just rushed to the refining medicine table. He took the crystal bottle and observed it carefully.

Faint scent, pure l.u.s.ter. Shen Yanxiao had undoubtedly succeeded!

Pu Lisi looked at Shen Yanxiao stiffly. The expression on his face was utterly distorted.

He suddenly didn't know what to say. The little b.a.s.t.a.r.d that he had despised had actually did it!

Remembering what he had said before, Pu Lisi felt his throat was being jammed.

Shen Yanxiao's success was without a doubt, and even he had no place to question.

"You have succeeded, and in accordance with what I've said before, I now allow you to be my a.s.sistant." Pu Lisi's mood was extremely complicated. He was ashamed that he was actually guided by a junior. But, at the same time, he was excited that he had met such a gifted student.

According to Pu Lisi's thoughts, although Shen Yanxiao had a great talent, she still had a long way to go in her pharmaceutical path. Now, a Master Pharmacist had spoken and accepted her as an a.s.sistant, so naturally she should be grateful and forget about the previous conflict between them, right?

He was a Master Pharmacist, and there were countless pharmacists who wanted his advice.

Him, accepting Shen Yanxiao would naturally make her grateful.

Shen Yanxiao curled up the corner of her mouth. She saw that although there was a somewhat lost expression on Pu Lisi's face, he still displayed his lofty virtues like before. Her eyes slightly squinted and coldly sneered. "Master Pu Lisi, I'm afraid that you are mistaken. I had indeed accepted your request, but I never promised to be your a.s.sistant."

A Master Pharmacist with such qualities was not worthy to be her mentor!

"What did you say?!" Pu Lisi glared at Shen Yanxiao with disbelief, wondering if he had heard wrongly.

He was a Master Pharmacist, and it was rare for him to willingly guide a student. Yet, she couldn't differentiate good from bad and actually refused him!

"Shen Jue, stop talking!" Lou De's mood had been like a roller coaster, going up and down. His original worries had turned into joy after Shen Yanxiao’s success. So, when he heard that Pu Lisi was letting Shen Yanxiao stay in the library, he became even more delighted. But, the thing that he wanted to happen didn't happen. Shan Yanxiao unexpectedly refused Pu Lisi's invitation!

That was an invitation from a Master Pharmacist!

How many people had dreamed of this opportunity that she had refused!?

Lou De wished that he could have immediately squeeze Shen Yanxiao's neck, so that he could stop her from blurting out those words. Although Pu Lisi's temperament was extremely bad, his talent in pharmaceutics was still very good!

Shen Yanxiao took the handkerchief on the refining medicine table and wiped the medicinal herbs’ residue from her hands. Then she lightly put the handkerchief back on the refining medicine table. She walked past Pu Lisi to Lou De's side.

"I'm sorry, I didn't intend to be Master Pu Lisi's a.s.sistant. " Shen Yanxiao halted at Lou De's side, and said with an absolute self-confidence and a hint of disapproval on her lips.

Master Pharmacist's guidance?

Thank you, but she wasn't really interested. If not because the Pharmaceutical Branch was responsible for making the Blood Feast Potion, she simply wouldn't bother with people such as Pu Lisi, who was a narrow-minded man.

For Shen Yanxiao, the strong and mysterious Xiu was her great teacher. And the selfless and sincere Yun Qi was her master.

What about Pu Lisi?

He wasn't qualified nor worthy of her respect!

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