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Chapter 320 - Ending with a Victory (1)

All the eyes that were looking at Shen Yanxiao became extremely horrified.

One was the most powerful Master Pharmacist of Long Xuan Empire, and the other was a new and unknown freshman student of the Pharmaceutical Branch.

The ident.i.ties of these two people that were like heaven and earth were linked together by a bottle of Fake Death Potion.

The mentors couldn’t avoid a.s.sociating this bottle of Fake Death Potion to Ye Qing. But the one thing they couldn’t understand was that how could Shen Yanxiao, who was just a new student, know the new potion that Master Ye Qing had just developed.

Could it be that...

A terrifying thought surfaced in the minds of the mentors. They were momentarily stunned in place.

Shangguan Xiao's face became white because of Pu Lisi’s words. The others might not know the relations.h.i.+p between Shen Yanxiao and Ye Qing, but on that day, he had witnessed Ye Qing accepting Shen Yanxiao as his a.s.sistant. It was likely that Ye Qing had personally taught Shen Yanxiao that bottle of Fake Death Potion.

Shangguan Xiao felt gloomy. Although he had Pu Lisi’s guidance, compared to Ye Qing, what could Pu Lisi amount to?

Had he really lost in the hands of this little brat?

The atmosphere in the stadium was exceptionally strange. The spectating students were nervously watching the situation inside.

When Pu Lisi declared Shen Yanxiao’s victory, everyone was shocked.

Are you kidding!?

That freshman kid’s potion was more powerful than Shangguan Xiao’s Deep Magic Potion?

And when Pu Lisi mentioned Ye Qing, everyone became crazy!

A freshman student had actually concocted Ye Qing’s newly researched potion? Just what was with this situation!

Ye Qing! That was Ye Qing!

The idol in the heart of every pharmacists in the entire Long Xuan Empire. No one could surpa.s.s his existence!

"That Shen Jue, how was he a.s.sociated with Master Ye Qing?" Everyone was dumbfounded. Everything that was heard by their ears seemed so unreal.

"Am I dreaming? Could you pinch me once." Some students even thought they were still dreaming.

And the group of freshman students, who had been low-key this entire time, was stunned after hearing the news.

A freshman student swallowed his saliva with difficulty. He subconsciously pulled the hem of Lin Xuan's clothes and asked with a hoa.r.s.e voice,

"Lin Xuan, what is the situation? Shen Jue ... Shen Jue, how come he concocted a potion that Master Ye Qing had researched?

Lin Xuan was frightened silly by all the eyes directed at him. He always knew that his young roommate was gifted in pharmaceutics, but he had never thought that Shen Yanxiao was actually a.s.sociated with Ye Qing.

"I... I do not know..."

The gap between the two was so great that no one would ever a.s.sociate them.

The entire stadium, both inside and outside, was completely boiling because of this news.

The mentors in the stadium digested the matter with great difficulty before they all looked at Pu Lisi at the same time.

Pu Lisi’s mood was very complicated right now. He had thought that this time, he would see the scene of his disciple, Shangguan Xiao, tyrannically beating this smelly brat Shen Jue. Who knew that the one who would be beaten up in the end was actually Shangguan Xiao. He himself even declared that Shen Yanxiao was the winner.

If he had known that this would happen, he would have beaten him to death already, and he wouldn’t have gone to this compet.i.tion just to be disgraced.

"This Fake Death Potion came from Master Ye Qing’s hands. Consider yourself lucky this time. You won this compet.i.tion. Now I still have something else to do, I’m going first." Pu Lisi had to admit the fact that this matter was already helpless. After declaring Shen Yanxiao’s victory, he immediately left the compet.i.tion area without looking back.

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