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Chapter 336 - Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps (2)

Mercenaries were highly valued for their work. Even the smallest mercenary corps would be selected for some huge tasks. And few people would accept a task even without being paid, except for some lone rangers who hadn’t joined any mercenary corps.

Shen Yanxiao ignored the jeers and laughters of the mercenaries, she replied to the woman, "I want to find three kinds of things from the body of a rank five magical beast. Horns, eyes, and bones would do, but the time of death of the magical beast cannot exceed a week.”

With Shen Yanxiao’s remarks, those originally laughing mercenaries immediately stared their eyeb.a.l.l.s out.

Rank five magical beast? That was a mid level magical beast. Without more than ten people, it was difficult to deal with a mid level magical beast. The team of the two mercenaries only had six to seven members, a small mercenary corps. They had no ability to challenge the mid level magical beasts.

"Is this kid crazy? She actually wants to buy some items from the body of a rank five magical beast? Even if it’s not the magic nucleus, the price is also not cheap, ah." A mercenary was inwardly speechless. The magic nucleus of a magical beast was the most expensive thing. Other things like horns, blood, skin, eyes, bones, and hair were less expensive, but definitely not cheap.

The magic nucleus of a rank five magical beast, even the worst quality could also be sold out for thousands of gold coins. And the other things from the magical beast’s body were ranging from a few hundred gold coins to as many as more than 1000 gold coins. This amount of money could already buy one or two low-level magic nucleus.

That little demon didn’t look wealthy but she actually asked for three items from the body of a magical beast, and the time of death of the magical beast shouldn’t even exceed a week?

Wasn’t this just a joke?

The region where the magical beasts dwelled in was at least two or three days away from the Black City. Even the mid-sized mercenary corps would have difficulties finding a mid level magical beast and defeat it within a day. For a week, they could only send out enough members to survey back and forth to ensure that their team could find traces of a magical beast in the shortest possible time, then defeat it after a day or two.

Moreover, in the process of killing the magical beast, a great damage would more or less be dealt to the magical beast itself. It was difficult to guarantee that the body of the magical beast would be intact. In general, there weren’t many things that could be taken out completely after a magical beast had died.

But Shen Yanxiao had asked for three items, which meant that two mid level magical beast should at least be defeated.

This was a very demanding request.

If a mercenary corps accepted this request, the price would be quite expensive.

Those mercenaries were very skeptical. They thought that this little kid couldn’t come up with a large amount of money.

After listening to the request of Shen Yanxiao, the woman said, "Please wait for a moment, I can help you check the things that are being sold by the mercenary corps that had just recently returned."

"Fine." Shen Yanxiao patiently replied.

Those several mercenaries looked over towards Shen Yanxiao’s side even more now. They didn’t hurry to issue their own tasks, they would like to know if this little demon could take out enough gold coins in the end!!

A moment later, the woman looked up, she smiled and said, "h.e.l.lo, are you sure you want the items from a magical beast that died within seven days? If it’s not necessary, as a Mercenary Trade Union, we recommend you to choose some unlimited time items, there will be a great discount on the price. " The woman dutifully recommended a better cost-effective items to Shen Yanxiao.

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