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Chapter 345 - Mercenary Corps’ Temporary Member (2)

The movements of these two people were extremely fast; hence, it didn’t attract any attention. Shen Yanxiao was very attentive and careful in selecting medicinal herbs, and the quant.i.ty of the herbs that were taken away wasn’t that large and it wouldn’t be found out. After completing their task, these two people quickly left the Pharmaceutical Storehouse.

The guards on s.h.i.+ft didn’t notice that someone broke into the Pharmaceutical Storehouse and secretly took out almost a hundred kinds of medicinal herbs. Anyway, since the Pharmaceutical Storehouse had tens of thousands kinds of medicinal herbs inside, it would be difficult for anyone to notice that almost hundreds of medicinal herbs were missing.   

Seeing the medicinal herbs in her hands, Shen Yanxiao slowly put aside her worries. With Holy Roland School’s Pharmaceutical Storehouse being this big, she already got more than half of the ingredients which were needed in concocting the Blood Feast Potion. And now there were only more than twenty kinds of medicinal herbs she still needed to collect.

[TL Sky: I have enough of the numbers already. Good luck trying to do the math XD]

But for now, she had more important things to do.

The invitation of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps was like a pie falling from the sky.


After returning back to the dormitory, Shen Yanxiao laid down in her bed. She went deeper into her mind and entered her spiritual s.p.a.ce to discuss this matter with Xiu.

Looking at Xiu’s ice-cold and unusual yet exceptionally enchanting appearance, Shen Yanxiao couldn’t help but sigh.

"Xiu, what do you think is wrong with this mission?"

Xiu’s strange golden eyes narrowed slightly as they watched Shen Yanxiao before he lightly said,"There are two possibilities, first, the employer doesn’t understand the true strength of the Phoenix, or second, they want to use the support of the mercenary corps to capture the Phoenix. With the current situation, it can’t be the first one. The other side had already known the Phoenix’s traces, and it’s probable that they had already encountered it before, so it’s impossible for them not to know the Phoenix’s rank.”

Shen Yanxiao nodded her head, "I also thought that the second one is the most possible reason. But if the Phoenix is already a Mythological Beast, then even if there are ten mercenary corps, I’m afraid it would still be useless. In addition, one must be at least a Senior level in their profession to be able to damage a Mythological Beast, and that damage is still considered little! What’s more for those mercenaries who are in the Intermediate level of their respective profession? Even if the Phoenix just stay in its place and didn’t defend itself, no matter how much they attack, they wouldn’t be able to hurt even a single hair of it.”

"The other party also didn’t hesitate to invite a lot of mercenary corps. I feel a bit weird about this.” Shen Yanxiao touched her chin. This task was really too strange, daring enough to fight the Mythological Beast, this wasn’t an idea that could come out from a normal person.

‘Just relying on those mercenaries to deal with the adult Phoenix was simply useless. I think the employer must have a trump card in their hands to make this kind of move.’ Xiu said, his eyes squinting.

Both of them were very clever individuals, a slight mention of this matter and they immediately knew that it wasn’t that simple.

"He might have already taken proper measures, anyway I just want the Inflammation Gra.s.s. Whether they live or die while fighting the phoenix, I have nothing to do with that.” Shen Yanxiao didn’t care about this matter. After all, her goal wasn’t the Phoenix but the Inflammation Gra.s.s. With her stealing abilities, she wasn’t a bit afraid of failure. As long as she wanted it, even if the Vermillion Bird tried to stop her, it would still be useless.

Thinking it like this, Shen Yanxiao couldn’t help but look at the side where the quiet Vermillion Bird was standing.

The Vermillion Bird at this time was waiting for her, his face clearly hinting that he was in a bad mood.

He was a Mythological Beast, yet he was being ignored to this extent, this was simply unbearable.

Unfortunately, his master was such a baffling existence. Occasionally letting him move a hand, but if it wasn’t to disguise as a bandit, it was to find a medicinal herb. This wasn’t something a Mythological Beast like him should do!

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