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Chapter 347 - The Seven Wolves (1)

At the plaza, more than a dozen mid-sized mercenary corps had gathered. Every mercenary corps occupied one side of the plaza, and the most notable among them was the group of people in the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps.

The number of Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps wasn’t much compared to the other mid-sized mercenary corps in Black City. It could even be said that their number had always been the least.

However, they were the group of people who had stably occupied the mercenary corps’ top position in Black City. No one dared to challenge the authority of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps.

At this moment, Du Lang was standing in the center of the plaza together with more than eighty men. His body was tall and mighty, and now that he was dressed with a black clothing, he looked even more intimidating. Standing around him were all the elite members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps. Everyone’s eyes were blazing with flames, and their vitality was hundredfold. Each person's chest hung a gold glittering badge engraved with a Wuwei domineering wolf’s head above it.

These more than eighty people represented the city's top mercenary corps. Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps might not be the largest in number, but the member’s individual strength was the strongest throughout Black City.  Also, their strength as a whole mercenary corps was also the greatest.

To say who among in Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps was the most daunting, it would be Du Lang who had the codename, Head Wolf.

Du Lang was currently a rank twelve Senior Swordsman, only one step away from the Advanced Swordsman level.

Second only to Du Lang was the other six Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ members who were also in the Senior level of their profession. And same as Du Lang, these six members also had their own codenames.

Respectively, they were the Senior Knight - Vicious Wolf, Senior Archer - Wild Wolf, Senior Magician - Demon Wolf, Senior Priest - Mild Wolf, Senior Swordsman - Gray Wolf and Senior Archer - Fire Wolf.

These six high-ranking mercenaries together with Du Lang, formed the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps's most elite strength. They completely outranked the other mercenary corps of the same cla.s.s.

Today, the six wolves were surrounded by waves of people, and their upright backs were very intimidating.

In other mid-sized mercenary corps, only one or two people with a Senior level could be found. But in the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps, there were as many as seven people who were in the Senior level of their profession!

These were the powerful seven wolves of Black City’s mercenary corps. Not a single mercenary dared to provoke the seven of them. And even without the strong suppression of these seven people’s strength, the remaining members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps were enough to make people fearful.

They were like real wolves, fierce and heinous.

Du Lang had been looking around since the moment he arrived at the plaza, and the other six wolves around him were intrigued by his actions.

A few days ago, they heard that their leader had invited a person to join their mission. This situation had really surprised the six people. What kind of person was it for Du Lang to extend an invitation? With the current strength of their Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps, almost no one had the qualifications to enter Du Lang’s eyes, let alone extending an invitation to join the task.

They were full of curiosity about this temporary member, but no matter what they asked, Du Lang didn’t specify the ident.i.ty of this temporary member.

Du Lang was currently busy looking around, he should be looking for the figure of that person.

The six wolves couldn’t hold back the curiosity in their hearts, one by one, they also stretched their heads around looking for possible candidates. They were really very curious about this temporary member.

The person who could make Du Lang extend an invitation, they were afraid he was at the Advanced level in his profession, otherwise there was no meaning in his presence in this task at all.

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