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Chapter 350 - Departure (1)

Not a single one from the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps could understand the approach of their own leader.

Nevermind dragging a little burden, but to also especially a.s.signed someone for his safety, this was simply as good as welcoming troubles.

This mission needed the cooperation of many mercenary corps in order for them to deal with the rank eight high level magical beast, and no one knew what danger was awaiting them. So they couldn’t figure out what Du Lang was exactly thinking.

Shen Yanxiao obviously felt the dissatisfactions of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ members about her presence, but because of Du Lang, they failed to refute anything.

Du Lang's commands in the Cave Wolf Mercenary Corps were indisputable. Even if the other members had anything to disagree with, they didn't dare to really say it out loud.

The other mercenary corps’ leaders felt relieved upon seeing that the person Du Lang had awaited was actually a little kid.

For this mission, the employer had long stated that he would only take the Phoenix’s heart, so they were free to distribute the other things among the mercenary corps. The Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ strength was originally already superior compared to theirs, if strengthened even more, the items that could be divided by the rest of them would be a pitiful amount.

One must know that although the reward given by the employer for this mission was very tempting, it was actually the Phoenix itself that was able to tempt so many mercenary leaders to join this task.

Not to mention the magic nucleus, even the Phoenix’s feathers could be sold with a high price.

After all, the Phoenix had almost disappeared in the past few centuries, and nowadays, it was rare to find one. Everything in it could arouse the interest of several buyers.

This was fis.h.i.+ng a little bit more than the normal.

Thousands of mercenaries crowded over the plaza under the bright rays of the sun. All of them had been here for long time and now waiting for their employer to appear.

After a while, a small group of people walked toward the plaza.

The leading man had a tall height and wearing a seemingly plain and simple outfit. But with just a little glance, people could see that the materials used on his clothing were definitely not affordable by any ordinary people. Behind the man, there were twelve black-clothed men, and each of their faces didn’t have any trace of expressions. They neatly followed the man in front of them.

Such a group of people would really be noticeable once they appeared in Black City’s plaza.

Du Lang stared at that group of people with a slight frown. The six wolves standing beside him also noticed the presence of these people.

"Leader, these people are not simple just by seeing their momentum and the way they walked. It is likely that they are also going with us in this mission." Demon Wolf whispered.

Du Lang nodded. No matter how ordinary these people appeared on the surface, their faces seemed somewhat strange. They were definitely not mercenaries from Black City.

"Let’s just wait and see."

A team of thirteen people walked imposingly on the plaza, and the eyes of all the mercenaries in the plaza were locked on the figures of these thirteen people.

The man on the lead looked around carefully at the mercenaries, he slowly placed his hands behind his body then said with a loud voice, "Everyone is here today because of a task, and this task was released by no other than me."

After the man said his words, the mercenaries on the plaza were stunned for a moment, they didn’t expect that this man with a menacing face was actually their employer.

From the thirteen people's demeanor, it wasn’t hard for some mercenary corps’ leaders to see that they were a group of powerful individuals.

The man went on with his speech, "I invited all the mid-sized mercenary corps of Black City for this task. I do not care if you have contradictions and unpleasantness before with one another. In the course of this task, I do not want to see anyone destroying the process of this mission."

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