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This was absolutely the most terrible place in people's hearts, a slight trace of neglect and they would be reduced as food for the magical beasts and demons.

Getting them to enter such a devil's land, they absolutely were not willing.

Shen Yanxiao frowned as she watched the fierce reactions of this group of mercenary heads. Their panic and retreating actions compared to Du Lang’s response before, were simply unbearable to look at.

They were all heads of a mid-sized mercenary corps, but facing such a restricted area like Mount Ku Luo, although there had been a trace of worry, Du Lang still adhered to the principle of mercenaries. Not only did he not retreat, on the contrary, the first thing he did was to let all his mercenaries prepare for the challenge.

On the other hand, these heads, who were in the same position as Du Lang, upon seeing Mount Ku Luo, they didn’t think to coordinate their mercenaries, or to do their best to complete the task, but they directly wanted to take their people out of this terrible place.

Although the employer's deliberate concealment was a rather unpleasant one, when the crowd heard the rich rewards and the traces of the Phoenix, they didn’t care much about the employer's concealment anymore and just thought it was a good thing like a pie falling from the sky.

In the final a.n.a.lysis, the employers had previously shown that the mission was dangerous. Otherwise, they wouldn't hire all the mid-sized mercenary corps in the entire Black City. The concealment of the destination had also been agreed upon by all of them as early in the morning. It was them, people who had been blinded by greed, and had only seen the immediate profits, were the ones who hadn't thought that in this tempting profits were hidden dangers.

Du Lang and the other heads had completely different reactions, which seriously let Shenyin to admire him more.

With such courage and state of mind, she was afraid he could be much more than a mid-sized mercenary corps’ head.

Shen Yanxiao secretly touched her chin. She got another layer of understanding about Du Lang’s nature, and this layer gave rise to an idea in her mind.

If Du Lang and the Cave Wolf Mercenary Corps seriously valued integrity, befriending them would be really worth it.

No one knew better than her how terrifying the dangers they were about to face. In addition to the fierce magical beasts and crafty demons, they still had to face a Phoenix which had reached the level of Mythological Beast!

Although the Cave Wolf Mercenary Corps was brave enough, but after all, their strength was still too weak. In front of the Mythological Beast, their existence was basically just like ants. Apart from the seven wolves, she was afraid no one else could withstand the blow of the Phoenix, let alone being able to retreat with their whole body intact.

These past few days, she had been staying together with the Cave Wolf Mercenary Corps. Although those mercenaries were quite unhappy how Du Lang brought such a drag, they didn’t actually make things difficult for her. On the contrary, after a few days of familiarity, some of these more than 20-years-old mercenaries had treated her as a little brother. Though some would still be disrespectful and immediately turned their backs on her.

Although there were Du Lang’s orders to follow, this group of mercenaries also had their own factors. They were a group of unyielding heroes, so even if they were dissatisfied with the appearance of a drag, their adult minds were unwilling to bully a child. Even though Shen Yanxiao’s existence was a little awkward, their mentality stayed subtle.

This little guy was the one our leader brought in, how could we let other mercenaries bully him!

Therefore, the whole journey, Shen Yanxiao received a lot of private care from these Cave Wolves mercenaries. Those younger mercenaries treated her as their own brother all day long, and those older mercenaries were more straightforward in taking care of her displaying a gentle temperament, as if they were her real family’s elders.


Because of such situation, Shen Yanxiao couldn’t help but remember her past life, her own previous group of partners.

The team of thieves that her previous organization had established consisted of both young and old, with Shen Yanxiao being the youngest. When she had just joined in for the first time, the contempts she had encountered weren’t any less. Even so, most of them just muttered a few words, in fact, whenever she were to meet any danger, they would always rescue her immediately.

At that time, Shen Yanxiao's strength wasn’t the strongest, hence she would occasionally encounter some difficult problems while in a mission. Yet almost every crucial times, a team hiding in the darkness would appear and one by one dissolved the danger.

The Princess Weiyoung

*Meanwhile in the present time*

Vicious Wolf: Why is she just standing there and not moving? It’s as if she’s not here right now *pokes SYX*

Mercenary A: Well we didn’t have anything to do with it! She just suddenly stop moving around.

Du Lang: Hush now, we don’t want to ruin a good flashback, now do we?

Mercenary A and Vicious Wolf: Eh? Flashback?

Du Lang: AH just keep quiet and wait until she came back from her memories!

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