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Because of the situation, Shen Yanxiao couldn’t help but remember her past life and her former group of comrades.


The team of thieves that her previous organization had established consisted of both young and old, with Shen Yanxiao being the youngest. When she had just joined for the first time, the contempt she had encountered weren’t any less. Even so, most of them just muttered a few words. In fact, whenever she met any danger, they would always rescue her immediately.


At that time, Shen Yanxiao's strength wasn’t the strongest; hence, she would occasionally encounter some difficult problems while in a mission. Yet at almost every crucial time, a team member hiding in the darkness would appear and one by one solved the obstacles.


Shen Yanxiao later learned that although this group of people had been trained by the organization, each of them in the team had a deep friends.h.i.+p with one another. Their initial rejection of Shen Yanxiao was mainly because they didn’t have the heart to see such a young girl experience dangerous missions.


Until Shen Yanxiao's strength soared and claimed the t.i.tle of the World’s Number One Thief, she had been forced by the organization to leave the team and have a separate training.  


However, the memories of that time had always existed in her mind.


Now, during these past ten days when she had been staying together with the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps, she actually felt that familiar feeling from before. It was as if she was the youngest little sister whom the group of elders and younger brothers wished to protect.


This complicated emotion really made Shen Yanxiao distressed for a period of time. Soon, they would be facing a lot of danger, but she didn’t know how to remind this group of honest mercenaries.


Seeing how unbearable the other mercenary corps were, Shen Yanxiao had to make a decision. Before, she had thought that with the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ influence, the other mercenary corps would coordinate with them well, and they would perhaps have a chance to survive. But looking at the group of trash in front of her who had already been scared silly even before the war started by just standing in front of Mount Ku Luo, she could tell that they were simply not enough to fight alongside the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps.  


Standing beside Shen Yanxiao was a young member of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps. Seeing how Shen Yanxiao’s brows wrinkled, he whispered, "Little Huo’er, don’t be afraid. If the time comes when we meet a dangerous situation, the other brothers will certainly take care of you. Besides, there is Vicious Wolf at your side to protect you. So you’ll surely escape here in one piece.” The mercenary was only eighteen or nineteen years old, and his strength was only at Primary level profession. Yet, when facing the dangers of Mount Ku Luo, the first thing he had thought of was how to appease the younger brother whom he had just met.


They didn’t want to see this little guy in the beginning, but this little guy wasn’t behaving like a child at all, not acting childish and willful. Rather, he was very quiet these past few days. This made this group of mercenaries suddenly feel compa.s.sion towards this small and fragile thing that they started to take care of her like their junior.  


It must be known that being a mercenary was a profession that licked blood at the tip of the knife, and they might die on a mission one day. These mercenaries were mostly without family or friends. Being unmarried at the age of thirty was a common thing for them. The moment they became a Cave Wolves mercenary, they had long given up the idea of family because if they die during a mission one day, wouldn’t their wives end up as widows?


Besides, these mercenaries were working for eleven months a year, and they had no time to spend with their families. Instead of implicating others, they might just as well support themselves and spend their days with their brothers.


These mercenaries couldn’t help but feel pity and compa.s.sion for this little guy who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.  


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