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Just what was the matter with Du Lang?

It wasn’t only Vicious Wolf who had thought of this. The other five wolves were all equally puzzled. But they would never question Du Lang’s commands.  

Du Lang’s strange commands had pressured each and every heart of the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps. They could only watch the other mercenaries at the front lines arrive at the Phoenix’s nest hundred meters away.

Several mercenary heads standing at the front weren’t totally fools. They had discussed with one another how they would deal with the Phoenix from the nest. After all, the nest couldn’t fit a lot of people, and aside from that they still had their magical beasts.

After their discussion, they dispatched five wind magical beasts to the Phoenix’s nest in order to lure the Phoenix out.

Among all of the magical beasts, the wind magical beasts had the fastest speed. Under the orders of their owners, five half-man tall wind magical beasts immediately went towards the nest filled with fire elements.

All mercenaries’ eyes were now locked in front of the Phoenix nest.

However, just as the five wind magical beasts stepped inside the Phoenix’s nest, a red flame shot out from the Phoenix nest, and this more than ten-meter-wide flames had instantly swallowed up all the five wind magical beasts. The crowd still hadn’t reacted yet when the five wind magical beasts that were known for their speed had been turned to ashes by the sea of fire!

A powerful Phoenix’s cry then resounded straight into the sky!

It made all their eardrums sting!

The temperature on top of Mount Ku Luo instantly rose to an unbearable point; that hot temperature enveloped everyone.  

The earth trembled slightly as a dazzling fire-colored light flew out from the dark cave like lightning.

Like a red sun, it hung high above the head of the crowd.

It wasn’t until the light faded that the huge and magnificent king of numerous birds was in sight of the crowd.

In front of such a beast, this troop of thousands unexpectedly appeared to be so small. The Phoenix’s height had actually exceeded a five storey building.

A huge pair of fire wings stretched out like a big net, blocking the sun and only leaving its brilliant flames!

The magnificent Phoenix’s tail was floating in mid-air, and on those red beautiful feathers, bright flames silently lit up. The beautiful flames of the Phoenix made the group of people unable to turn away their sight. However, in this beauty was also a very deadly power!

"Rank... Rank eight Phoenix? This is a rank eight Phoenix?"

Everyone was completely dumbfounded. In front of their eyes was a huge and dazzling Phoenix. Although this was the first time they saw it in their life, even if they were killed, they wouldn’t believe that such a powerful and suffocating magical beast was only a rank eight magical beast!

At the moment when the Phoenix appeared, the magical beasts that were all standing uprightly at their master’s side all fell to the ground, trembling unceasingly like frightened quails.

"This is a Mythological Beast! This Phoenix is a Mythological Beast!" It was unknown who had shouted among the crowd, but the two words “Mythological Beast” was like a thunder that split the hearts of each person as a series of beating hearts could be heard.

Everyone thought that this moment was a nightmare.

They didn’t think that the Phoenix that they had only thought to be a rank eight high level magical beast would turned out to be something they only heard in legends —Mythological Beast!

Mythological Beast!

It was indeed out of reach, but it was an extremely powerful level that could make valiant men tremble in fear.


"Everyone immediately draw back your magical beasts. Immediately escape from here. The information for the mission was wrong. We cannot stay here!”

Just after the moment Du Lang issued his commands, the Phoenix began to vent its dissatisfaction towards the humans that invaded its territory.

Flames began to descend from the sky, like a rain of fire swaying over the earth. Every flame was the size of the palm of a hand. Whatever it touch, it would soon be engulfed by the blazing fire.

At once, a series of wails filled the entire Mount Ku Luo. The endless horror and devastating disasters let the stunned mercenaries recover their senses, and suddenly fled disorderly towards the direction where they came from.

Phoenix: Feel my wrath! You good for nothings humans! How dare you step on my nest!

Phoenix: Burn in my flames!

Phoenix: Accept your fate!

Phoenix: Who cares if it’s almost Christmas! This shall be my Christmas gifts to you stupid humans who could only be cannon fodders! HAHAHAHAHA!

Mercenaries: (ʘдʘ╬)


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