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It had to be said that in such a short period of time, the information Shen Yanxiao had accepted in this different life was still very limited.


So much so that except for those whom she cared about, even the rest of the world were just like fleeting clouds in her mind, with their value being worthless.


Vermillion Bird, who was squatting inside Shen Yanxiao’s body, seemed to feel Shen Yanxiao’s inner fluctuations. In the heart’s lake, he appeared to be quite proud as he folded his arms on his chest and secretly muttered, ‘Now that she knows I’m amazing, let’s see if she will still dare to underestimate me again?’


When Shen Yanxiao had a further understanding of magical beasts secretly, there were also further movements from those ten people in black hidden in the jungle.


The Phoenix had its full attention drawn towards the mercenary corps of thousands of people and gradually moved away from its nest. The people in black saw that the time was ripe and immediately used their fastest speed to rush towards the Phoenix's nest.


"Their goal is indeed the Phoenix's nest, but they take such great risks to go in. What is it for?" Shen Yanxiao touched her chin. After the people in black had left, she decisively poured a bottle of Acceleration potion into her mouth and followed them immediately afterwards.


The front of the Phoenix's nest was filled with ashes. These ashes were valiant magical beasts not long ago, but now, they could only be counted as dust merging into the earth.


The people in black quickly and stealthily entered the Phoenix's nest. Shen Yanxiao didn't immediately follow, but temporarily hid in the edge of the nest.


The next second, another blazing flames spewed out from inside the Phoenix's nest along with the ten people in black who had just entered. But now, traces of burns appeared on those people's bodies, and half of their neat clothes were engulfed by the flames. Fortunately, their strength wasn't weak, so they weren't directly burned to ashes by such flames.


However, the emergence of these flames was far beyond everyone's expectations.


Shen Yanxiao was openly stupefied by this sudden scene. Why was there another sea of fire? The Phoenix had been lured away, right?


Little did she imagine that these questions also existed in those ten people's hearts who were now in a difficult situation. They had intended to use the mercenaries to lure away the Phoenix, and then enter the nest afterwards. They were fully prepared, but they had never thought that there would be a sudden upheaval!


They had just stepped into the nest when the flames came over, and these blazing flames instantly drove them all out.


"What's going on?" the main leader was evidently surprised by the situation, and he couldn't attend to the annoying inquiries of other distressed people beside him.


Those ten people clad in black were unable to make any sense of the matter.


But soon, their doubts were dissolved.


From inside the dark Phoenix’s nest, a fire once again impressively emerged. A magnificent dazzling Phoenix impressively flew out of the nest!


There was actually another one!!!


Everyone turned crazy. How could they not think that within the Phoenix nest, there could actually be another Phoenix in there, and the Phoenix before them was actually also at the Mythological Beast level!


"How is this possible? When we came to see it before, there was only one Phoenix!" The people in black were completely panic-stricken. Although they had the confidence to crush those mercenary corps, they had no ability to resist if they were to face the Phoenix at the Mythological Beast level.


"d.a.m.n! What kind of information have you lot given me! I almost died because of all of you!" the main leader’s face became livid in an instant.


How could these people resist the wrath of the Phoenix on the level of a Mythological Beast!?


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