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Shen Yanxiao was hidden in the shadows, and she had a foolish look on her face while watching the good shows before her eyes one after another.


One second they walked in, and the next second they jumped out. She really didn't know what kind of dogs.h.i.+t luck these people in black had walked on for them to run into such situation.


And listening to their dialogue, they had clearly investigated the Phoenix before. And after having the precise information, they then prepared to start their work.


But they had never thought that after they had considered everything, in such a crucial time, another Phoenix would unexpectedly abruptly emerge!


Shen Yanxiao secretly prayed to the heavens to make this group of people in black with extreme bad luck unable to make it through from this situation.


'No wonder the fire elements here in Mount Ku Luo are so strange; there are actually two Phoenixes. It seems that these two Phoenixes are a pair. The one just a moment ago is the Feng, and this one is the Huang.' Xiu said.


Shen Yanxiao carefully observed the Phoenix.


This current Phoenix was also at the Mythological Beast level, but compared to the previous Phoenix, its body was a bit smaller, and looking closely, one could see that the Feng's tail had  golden feathers while the Huang's didn't have them.


Seeing the difference was hard if one didn't pay careful attention.


After all, the two Phoenixes looked almost exactly the same.


"I'd like to see how this crowd is going to end up." They had actually gone for wool but came back shorn. Shen Yanxiao at this group of people in black who had planned everything out, yet still encountered such a mishap.


In the face of the Mythological Beast, these people in black didn't have any good methods. Otherwise, they would not find other people to distract the Phoenix and attract its attention.


Now that they were facing the Phoenix head on, they had no other choice but to knock their teeth out and swallow their blood.


But even if they were unable to fight the Phoenix, they still had the strength to escape.


So as soon as they found that everything had gone wrong, more than ten of these people fled in different directions.


Although this method couldn't guarantee everyone's safety, at least it could ensure that while the Phoenix was in pursuit of one of the targets, the other people had a certain amount of time to escape.


Seeing that the humans who had dared to disturb him had scattered around, the Phoenix didn't give up. It immediately stretched its wings and chased through one of the targets.


Coincidentally, the first goal that it had locked on was the head of the people in black —the sanctimonious main leader.


Shen Yanxiao watched the people in black and the departure of the Phoenix. She let out a big sigh.


"Indeed, G.o.d's plans supersede our own. This group of people should have been prepared since the beginning. But they actually didn't think that at the last moment, something like this could happen." Although it was really regrettable, a certain individual's tone wasn't the least bit regretful, but sort of rejoiced in other people's misfortune.


Those people in black were certainly not good crops. In order to achieve their own purpose, they let the lives of thousands of Black City's mercenaries be buried next to the dead. At least, she could punish them in her heart.


Now that it was time to go, Shen Yanxiao's mind also activated up. But before that, she had made a lot of preparations first, then directly summoned Vermillion Bird out. Even if there was still another one in the nest, she had nothing to fear by having Vermillion Bird at her side.


"Is something the matter for you to look for this uncle?" Vermillion Bird's arms were folded on his chest, his chin raised high, looking at his master with his slanting arrogant eyes, and his tone was quite resentful.


Shen Yanxiao smiled and stretched out her hand on the small head of Vermillion Bird, in a tone full of coaxing, she said, "Calling you out is a must. My family's Vermillion Bird is after all an ancient Mythological Beast, so I still need to depend on you during the key moments."


When Vermillion Bird exploded, you just need to coax him and stroke his hair.

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