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Chapter 44-The Lava Valley Part 2

Since this time’s entrance into the valley held significant importance, Shen Feng had already made all of the proper preparations by the time they set off. These few carriages had all used Ice-Cold Black Metal in order to forge their main poles. Even if they were to be in the most sizzling, hot places, the people within the carriages wouldn’t sense a even a smidgen of the torrid heat.

The construction cost of just this batch of carriages would be sufficient enough to buy out a city. Even if it was the richly provided Vermillion Bird Clan, the clan could only build 10 of these.

Yet this time alone, it’d used 8 of them at once.  

Apart from that Ice-Cold Black Metal that supported carriages that prevented sunstroke, everyone that was proceeding towards the lava valley this time had put on Ice Silk Armour that resisted heat. This was because the nearer they were to the location where the Vermillion Bird lay dormant, the higher the heat they’d actually suffer from. If the Ice Silk Armour wasn’t there to act as protection, it’d be very likely that they’d be roasted till they were dry by the high temperature, when they’d only just tread into the place where the Vermillion Bird lay dormant.

Speaking according to the reasoning that entering an environment that was vile like this and that was a place where dangers lurked on every side, there was no way that Shen Feng would only send 4 retinues to follow them—all of this was the sage’s idea.

In regards to the foreigners, everything about the G.o.d’s Domain was enigmatic. The sage’s capability to rouse the mythological animal was even more of a secret amongst the G.o.d’s Domain. If it wasn’t for the anxiousness that these four young masters and young ladies, which had lived like princes and princesses, would find due to the unbearably long and difficult journey, it was very likely that the people from the G.o.d’s Domain wouldn’t even be willing to have these 4 retinues taken along with them.  

As for its safety…

The G.o.d’s Domain was a very formidable existence, and during this journey, there were as many as eighteen G.o.d’s Envoys of the G.o.d’s Domain. What’s more, was that the person that was still sitting to the front of the carriages was the G.o.d’s Domain’s strongest existence—the sage.

Even if it was a high level demonic beast that wanted to strike this group of people, it was very likely that it’d have to ponder about it.

When surveying the entire Guang Mang Continent, it would also only be the G.o.d’s Domain that would dare to pat their chest and say that there wasn’t even a single strand of demonic beast’s hair that could be seen on their territory.

It had to be known that, the higher rank the demonic beast was, the higher its wisdom was. Not only did a high level demonic beast have tyrannical strength, but it was also as witty as the human race. It absolutely wouldn’t go and attack this kind of troop, that was overseen by an apex expert, and had its life endangered.

Within this carriage itself, the smell of the human race floated out, and when the carriage had just entered the lava valley, it drew out a great amount of inferior demonic beast right away. Although the demonic beasts’ intelligence was very low, they could still distantly feel a formidable oppression that was emitted from the first carriage. Despite how fragrant and sweet the smell was that belonged to the human race, their fears that came from their instincts nevertheless told them that the people within the carriages absolutely couldn’t satisfy their desire for good food.

The demonic beasts had starved for ages, but no matter how gluttonous they were, they too could only distantly hide within the dark, and sniff at that fragrant and sweet smell that they hadn’t smelt of for a long time in order to slightly console themselves.

Counting from the back, the carriage that Shen Yanxiao was currently sitting on was the second within the troop. Although the G.o.d’s Envoys from the G.o.d’s Domain were haughty, they too knew the severity  the head and tail of the carriages held, and they were all left to them to be in charge of, in order to prevent some demonic beasts that hadn’t opened their eyes and had rashly attacked.

“Tch, the scene here is indeed even more wretched, and is similar to it having been bombarded by a nuclear warhead.” Through the window’s tulle in the carriage, Shen Yanxiao observed the outside circ.u.mstances. [TLN: Tch is the sound of clicking a tongue]

Amongst all of the carriages, there was only her herself that’d had her retinue, which had been a.s.signed to her right away, ‘borrowed’ by Shen Jiayi under the reason of ‘not having enough manpower’ on the second day when they were setting off. As for the horses that were pulling the Ice-Cold Black Metal carriages, they were all military horses that were resistant to cold, and had been selected by a specialist. They’d automatically follow the leading horse’s advances. and therefore, simply didn’t need to have any people to drive it.   

In other words, no matter what Shen Yanxiao was doing right now inside the carriage, and so long as she didn’t get out of the carriage, there wouldn’t be anyone that’d her discover, even if she were to do a somersault inside the carriage. Naturally, there wasn’t a need to take note of whether her own words and actions would cause amazement to the other people or not.

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