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After Shen Jiayi had been escorted to her place, Shen Yanxiao could not also wait to find an excuse to slip away. Anyway, the Shen father, daughter and son trio didn’t want to see her, and she also didn’t want to see them. So there was no need to bore themselves looking at one another.

Shen Siyu also left with Shen Yanxiao. Compared to Shen Jiayi's admission, he was more concerned about the situation of Shen Yanxiao this period of time.

If it was the usual, Shen Jiayi would probably shamelessy stick behind Shen Siyu when they left. But perhaps because of her encounter with the fresh beautiful young man, her brain was now full of Qi Xia’s delicate and handsome smiles. It was rare for her not to be entangled in Shen Siyu.

The pair of brother and sister left the Magician Branch and walked in the main road of Holy Roland School.

"Now that she’s here, you should appear less in the Magician Branch. Fortunately, you are not in the same branch, I’m not afraid of her bullying you again." Looking at the pet.i.te and thin figure of Shen Yanxiao, Shen Siyu had some worries in his heart. Shen Jiayi's hostility to Shen Yanxiao never subsided, and he really didn't want to see his little sister being bullied again.

Bully her? By Shen Jiayi?

Shen Yanxiao sneered in her heart. Believe it or not, in just a minute’s time, she could pinched that smittened idiot with only one finger.

"Big brother Siyu, you rest a.s.sured, I will do as you say." If she couldn't give that brat some grievances, then she would not be called Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Jiayi had better know her limits and not provoke her. Otherwise, don't blame her for being merciless.

Shen Siyu smiled and looked up at the blue sky.

"You have grown up, unlike before, I am relieved." Shen Siyu said before reaching for the storage ring on his finger and taking out a pure and translucent crystal ball. That crystal ball was only the size of a thumbnail, yet very refined and pure.

"I am not beside you, so you must always be careful. Wear this star bead on your body for the time being. I wanted to give this to you before you went to school, but I got delayed by some things. But I can finally give it to you today." Shen Siyu smiled and put the star bead in Shen Yanxiao's small hands.

She stared at the translucent star bead on her palm and she could feel a warm feeling flowing into her body from her palm.

"What is this star bead for?" Shen Yanxiao could see that this wasn't an ordinary thing. It was certainly a pretty good treasure.

Shen Siyu replied, "Nothing special, but if you encounter a danger, you can crush it in your palm and it may be helpful to you." Shen Yanxiao was full of doubts with Shen Siyu’s vague words.

"Thank you big brother Siyu." Shen Yanxiao didn’t pressed any further and just grinned at the thing on her hand. Shen Siyu would not harm her.

Shen Siyu raised his hand and rubbed the small head of Shen Yanxiao, he said in a warml tone, "There’s no need for thank you between you and I." In those gentle jade eyes, a trace of guilt vaguely flashed, but it disappeared too quickly that people was unable to caught it.

While they were talking, a lazy voice suddenly sounded into the ears of the two people.

“Shen Jue, you won’t introduce us?" No one knew when had Qi Xia appeared not far away from them. He stood under a big tree with his hands around his chest, leaning lazily against the trunk. The bright sunlight coming through the gap between the branches sprinkled on his entire body, making people dazzled.

Shen Yanxiao was surprised for a moment. How come she remembered that someone just ran away on the pretext that his mentor was looking for him? Had he already met with him in that short moment?

"I am Shen Siyu. It’s an honor to meet the third young master of Qilin Clan." Shen Siyu showed a faint smile; it was as if his jade face bloomed upon that joyful smile.

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